Whether it’s a percentage off your purchase, a free item, or a special gift, retailers are offering Birthday Discounts to celebrate and thank customers for their valued loyalty. Not only does it show appreciation, but it also encourages customers to shop with them.

🔥 Top Companies That Offer Birthday Discounts

There are many companies that offer birthday freebies or discounts to their customers. Here are some examples:

StoreBirthday Discount Details
AmazonAmazon Prime members might receive a unique birthday offer, like discounted prices on certain products.
Best BuyMy Best Buy members receive a special birthday offer, such as a discount on purchases or bonus reward points.
Cold StoneCold Stone Club members receive a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for their birthday.
DSWDSW VIP members may receive a birthday offer, like a discount on their purchase.
NikeNike members may get an exclusive birthday offer, such as a discount on purchases.
SephoraNike members may get an exclusive birthday offer, such as a discount on their purchases.
The Body ShopThe Body Shop’s Love Your Body Club members get a birthday offer, such as a discounted purchase or a free product.

Types of Birthday Discounts

1. Percentage Discount

A percentage discount offers customers a certain percentage off their purchase during their birthday month. For example, a company might offer a 20% off coupon for a customer’s birthday.

2. Dollar Amount Discount

A dollar amount discount offers customers a specific dollar amount off their purchase during their birthday month. For example, a company might offer a $10 off coupon for a customer’s birthday.

3. Free Gift

For birthday festivities, certain companies provide customers with a free present. They may offer complimentary products, services, or a combination of the two.

4. Free Shipping

Customers can get free shipping on their birthday month when they order from certain businesses.

5. Loyalty Program Rewards

Some companies offer bonus rewards points or other perks for customers who are members of their loyalty program.


On their birthdays, customers are granted a special promotion from some companies – buy one item and get another for free (BOGO)!

6. Limited-Time Promotion

Some companies may offer a limited-time promotion, such as a flash sale or special discount code, for customers during their birthday month.

Why Do Companies Give Coupons or Discounts on Your Birthday?

Stores use birthday discounts or birthday coupons as a marketing strategy to incentivize customers to make a purchase during their birthday month. There are several reasons why stores use birthday discounts, including these four examples.

👍 Building Customer Loyalty

By offering a special discount on a customer’s birthday, the store can show that they value and appreciate their customers. This can help to build a stronger relationship with the customer and encourage them to become repeat customers.

👍 Increasing Sales

Birthday discounts can encourage customers to make a purchase during their birthday month that they might not have otherwise made. This can help to increase sales for the store and drive revenue.

👍 Collecting Customer Data

Stores often require customers to sign up for their loyalty program or provide their email addresses in order to receive a birthday discount. This allows the store to collect valuable customer data that it can use for future marketing efforts.

👍 Standing Out from Competitors

Offering a birthday discount can help a store stand out from its competitors and differentiate itself in a crowded market. It can also help to create a positive brand image and increase customer satisfaction.

Birthday Discount FAQs

How Can I Find Out if a Store Offers Birthday Discounts?

To find out if a store offers birthday discounts, you can check their website or visit their physical location and inquire about any available birthday promotions. You may also find information about birthday discounts by joining their mailing list, signing up for their loyalty program, or following their social media accounts.

Some companies even have a dedicated page on their website detailing their birthday discount policy and how to sign up.

How Do I Redeem a Birthday Discount Once I’ve Received It?

To redeem a birthday discount, first, make sure you understand the terms and conditions, such as the expiration date and any exclusions. If you received a discount code via email, simply enter the code during the checkout process when making a purchase online.

For in-store purchases, you may need to present the email with the discount code, a physical coupon, or your loyalty program membership card to the cashier. If your discount is part of a loyalty program, the discount may be automatically applied to your purchase during your birthday month when you use your loyalty account.

Always read the instructions provided by the company to ensure a smooth redemption process.