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10+ Frugal Facebook Groups You Need to Join Immediately

10+ Frugal Facebook Groups You Need to Join Immediately
Written by Oana Schneider

DontPayFull took a short trip to the world of frugal Facebook groups and came back with a bag full of knowledge, interesting people and Facebook groups that you need to follow immediately!

There are a few reasons why joining one of these groups will be life –changing for you: you won’t be alone in this (in case you are dealing with something major, like a huge debt), you can ask questions anytime and expect a quick response and you can exchange your life experience with other people in the same situation. Without further ado, these are the best and the brightest of them all when it comes to saving money: 

Coupon Mamas 

Number of Members: 7433
Topic: Couponing for moms, DIY and saving tips
Overview: We really love Coupon Mamas! Not only that people are always helpful and ready to give you a hand in case couponing is really not your strongest suit, but we very much appreciate that they post pictures with their purchases and how many items they were able to buy using coupons. If you are a struggling with your bills and need some help, all you have to do is ask. These generous mamas will guide you step by step. Isn’t that wonderful?

Discount Thrift Shop 

Number of Members: 7314
Topic: Second hand items, discount, tips and tricks on how to save money
Overview: In case you are looking for second hand items, join this group and you will have plenty to choose from: furniture, household items, baby cribs, electronics and even clothing. The prices are more than reasonable, so check it out! Plus, this is how we found out about a few stores that we absolutely love now! Join: you’ll do yourself a favor!

Penny Pinchers

Number of Members: 1775
Topic: Money saving, Tips and tricks, DIY, thrift store items
Overview: If you’re not a penny pincher yet, this group will definitely convert you! Just look how much money they save by…doing things themselves! If you need help with your financial situation, this is the place to be: ask the other members for advice and start a new and improved life right now! We recommend this group for its freedom of speech and for giving everyone a chance to save money the right way. It’s perfect for young families and single parents, so check it out! Oh, and good job, Amber!

Frugal and FabuLESS 

Number of Members: 3353
Topic: Beauty and makeup, Money saving, Frugal living.
Overview: Yes, you can be beautiful on a tight budget, so go do something about that hair! There are so many people who can guide you in this group that beauty and makeup will become your next best thing in the world. Plus, if somebody hears about a hot deal, they will share it with everybody, so get your daily scoop on sales and promotions! All you have to do is join Frugal and FabuLESS!

Couponers United 

Number of Members: 5121
Topic: Couponing, Money saving, Personal finance, Advice, Online shopping
Overview: Welcome to Couponers United, the only place on Earth where couponing is a way of living! In case you really want to use those coupons you found on and are new to the hold couponing world, this group will help you out a lot. For starters, you can post here your questions or get in touch with people who share your passion for discounts and deals. Plus, if you want to share a special offer with other people, this would be a great place to do it! All you have to do is just join! Have fun!

Don’t Pay Full – Coupons, Deals and Money Saving Tips!

Number of Members: 43 331
Topic: All you need to know about money, coupons, tips and tricks on how to spend less, cheaper life.
Overview: Well, not to brag too much, but we welcome anybody who’s ready to make the most of their money instead of spending it recklessly! Basically, you can post your question, your offer or just a fun quote, if you feel like it, and we’ll be there to guide you through whatever it is that you need. Join our group today and let’s start saving money together! Plus, you can reach out to us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. We are always there for you when the money is running out. I guess that makes us great friends, right?

Mile High Coupons, Deals, & Savings 

Number of Members: 2322
Topic: Money Saving, Coupons, Personal Finance, News
Overview: In case you are looking for printed coupons, welcome to Mile High Coupons! Here, you can exchange your extra coupons for ones that are missing from your binder. Plus, post here your questions, funny pics and anything that is related to the topic. Most people are looking for deals, discounts and coupons, but we guarantee you that they will help you in case you need some advice! Join this group now and you’ll see what really means to save money!

Frugal Christmas

Number of Members: 4977
Topic: How to save money and still enjoy your Christmas
Overview: This is a very nice community, so if you love Christmas and also saving money, you’ve come to the right place! The members are mostly women, but both men and women are very nice, helpful and always engaging in conversations. If you want to ask something or need some help, you can just post in the group and wait for somebody to come to your rescue. However, try not to be spammy and respect the group’s subject: it will win you brownie points with pretty much everybody there.

Frugal Homemaking Chat 

Number of Members: 3411
Topic: Maximizing every penny, good investments, DIY, home cooking
Overview: If you like knowing that every penny you spend was all worth it, this is the group for you! There are many members in this community, so make sure you don’t post random things that have nothing to do with the topic: you’ll be waiting everybody’s time! But if you are looking for tips and tricks on how to save money, cooking recipes, last-minute deals and your share of fun, try Frugal Families!

Couponing at Target 

Number of Members: 64 818
Topic: Deals, discounts and coupons for Target, Money saving, Bulk sale
Overview: There are so many people in this group that you really need to join! Obviously, something is going well! First of all, although the name says it’s only for Target, people take the liberty of posting other types of coupons and offers, which will help you a lot in case you don’t find your items at Target. Try getting in touch with a few members and you’ll see how easy it is to shop cheap when you know people!

Join one of these groups or all of them and get all the support you need when dealing with a huge debt, a double mortgage or increased family expenses: your life will be great again, just have patience!

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  • This is so helpful! Thank you so much for posting this and for taking the time to find these Facebook groups. I plan on joining most of them–especially penny pinchers. I’m always looking for groups and articles related to this topic. I was literally on Pinterest a few hours ago searching for money saving hacks. Thanks again!

    • Pinterest is one of my favorite sites for getting DIY ideas and money saving tips. It’s an incredible website, no matter how you pronounce its name! I’ve been a user on Pinterest for months now, and it has paid dividends and then some as I’ve been looking for ideas and tips on just about everything.

  • I had never heard of any of these groups. Upon reading this post, I have checked them out and I consider them to be useful for what they are. I joined one or two! Because I am not a saving momma, for example 😉 But I think this post is rather helpful and will make people join these great groups of people fighting to save some pennies.

    As they say: Not a penny wasted!!

    • You don’t need to be a “saving momma”, whatever that is, to join these groups. Men and women alike engage in couponing and deal searching every day. There’s nothing wrong with a guy jumping into the action and saving money for themselves or their families. If you can save thousands of dollars each year, then why wouldn’t you?

  • I’m glad you guys liked this article. We know how important it is to have somebody to talk to, especially when life throws financial problems at you. If you can’t join a support group, a Facebook group could be just as good.

  • Thank you for sharing this impressive list with us. That is one thing I always forget about doing is just going ahead and checking facebook groups. Anyhow I will be checking these out to see which ones have good info I can use.

  • There are tons of great Facebook Groups out there for couponing, and they range in size from a dozen members to thousands. I’ve joined some of them in the past with varying results, but I know people that love these groups and swear by them. For that reason, I can recommend them to everyone without hesitation.

  • Thanks for posting this! I am on Facebook a lot and always looking for ways to save money as well as finding other people who are interested that can teach me things. I will be adding more than half of these groups to my Facebook page.

  • Oh I really wish these groups worked for me but since I don’t live in the US, it feels like most coupons would not really be of any use to me! But the positive thing is that there are many similar groups in different regions of the world, where you can trade or give away things and share advices. 🙂

  • I found this post really helpful! I had never really thought of using coupons before, but I mean, who doesn’t like saving money right?

  • I have to say that I love the frugal pages, because it means that they will post whenever there are any new coupons available, or things like that. I often print these things off because it gives me the chance to really save a lot of money. I don’t follow any pages that post spam, though, only those ones that give me great deals on the types of things that I am interested in. I like the ones where you can save money on supermarket shopping, as that is something that I do all of the time whether I’m saving money or not, so it really is an incredible bonus for me.

  • Thoise groups lok really interesting, thanks for sharing! I’m going to check some of them out right now – and hopefully save a few dollars in the process!

  • I’ve never even heard of most of these groups. I know a lot of people who are into these kinds of groups, so I’ll definitely pass this article along to them.

  • I remember when I had Facebook it was interesting for me to join but I haven’t heard of these ones and it seems really interesting. I love to spend my time on useful things like these. Very enlightening

  • I love finding out about deals in time to use them, and enjoy hearing about other ways in which I can save money. I’m glad I read this article, so I can check out some of these Facebook groups and hopefully save some money. I don’t currently use coupons much, but am always in the market to save money with discounts and deals.

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