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20 DIY Boards on Pinterest You Need to Follow Right Now

20 DIY Boards on Pinterest You Need to Follow Right Now

A big part of our lives is made of things that we build ourselves, although many people think that this is a waste of time and that we should buy as many things in order to save up time. But how about save money and include your entire family in process of decorating your house, cooking a nice meal, polishing the floors and so on? If you have some time on your hands and follow these DIY boards on Pinterest for guidance, that’s all you need! 

Martha Stewart Living 

Number of followers: 797.9K
Argument: We begin our countdown of DIY boards on Pinterest with the queen of crafting herself! Who doesn’t like Martha Stewart? If you are interested in turning your house into a craft bonanza, you’ve come to the right place. There’s enough inspiration on this board to last you 20 years! Here, you can find anything, from how to braid your hair to how to decorate your house for Halloween! The best thing is that most of the pins are original, not repins, which gives it a plus of originality.

Martha Stewart Living

Real Simple: New Uses for Old Things 

Number of followers: 423.8K
Argument: Next on our list of DIY boards on Pinterest is a serious contender for the gold medal! Prepare to enter a world of ingenious crafting, with beads, DIY projects, recipes and decorating ideas! Original content, fresh ideas, and all you need to improve your life as we speak! You will enjoy following this board because Real Simple keep pinning new pictures constantly. You won’t be bored: on the contrary!

Real Simple Pinterest

Brit + Co: To Make 

Number of followers: 20.3K
Argument: If you are a young lady looking for some really cool items, you came to the right place, because Brit + Co has many things in store for you! For starters, if you love headwear, wristbands and you want to start making them yourself, you’ll be provided with all the tutorials and guides you need. This beard has a very young and interesting beat that you will enjoy no matter what your age is! Brit + Co land on number 3 in our DIY boards on Pinterest list.


LearnVest: DIY Lifestyle Inspiration 

Number of followers: 9K
Argument: We move on to the next interesting items on our list of DIY boards on Pinterest. If you are a fan of the good ol’ South, you will enjoy this board a lot! Not to mention if you’re organizing your own wedding, because here you have everything you need for one: starting with the cupcake tutorials and ending with how to make sure you look your best on your wedding day, LearnVest’s got you covered! Plus, if browsing through all these pics will make you feel exhausted, you also have cocktail tutorials, so cheers!


AllYou Mag: DIY and Crafts 

Number of followers: 93K
Argument: Following this board will be a feast for your eyes, trust us! You have hundreds of pins to choose from and make your inspiration, so why not give it a try? You’ll find out new ways to repurpose your jars, plastic bottles and pretty much everything else you were going to through away! If you’re in the business of saving money, missing out on what’s happening on this board is nothing but a deadly sin! Most DIY boards on Pinterest are just fascinating!

All You Magazine

Young House Love: Inspiring Things 

Number of followers: 829.5K
Argument: Welcome to the land of infinite imagination, where everything can be achieved! First, how about we craft a nice photo frame and then move on to a beautiful lamp shade? And that’s not all! We like its originality, spunk, and desire to invent new things. We appreciate the fact that all the pins represent days in the life of a young family, a life full of color, sparkle and smiles! Follow it and you’ll see for yourself! Know any other DIY boards on Pinterest? Follow them!

Young House Love

The 36th Avenue: Crafts 

Number of followers: 192.8K
Argument: Fort those of you who want to improve their crafting, this board couldn’t be better. First of all, there are many items to choose from as your inspiration, which means that you will be guided through the process of DIY. Learn how to refurnish your couch, to polish your hardwood floors, to paint your walls an interesting color, to create cut out decorations for the holidays and so on. Check it out! When following DIY boards on Pinterest, we look for ingenuity and easiness! 

The 36th Avenue

Savings Mania: DIY/Crafts/Cleaning 

Number of followers: 21.4K
Argument: We like this board because it features numerous ways to reuse jars, plastic bottles and other recyclable items. Plus, it tells you just were to get the cheapest paint, fabric, and glue for your DIY projects and for us that is amazing! Not only you are given the advice you need, but there’s enough information about the products to make your life easier than ever! Plus, there are over 1200 pins to choose from as your inspiration! Do you have any interesting DIY boards on Pinterest that you’d like to share with us?

Savings Mania

Jo-Anne Fabric and Craft Stores: Easy DIY Projects

Number of followers: 172.8K
Argument: Next on our list of DIY boards on Pinterest we have Jo-Anne Fabric! For starters, we want to tell everyone that Jo-Anne Fabric is in the business of turning everyone into a crafter: you can choose from over 20 boards whose main theme is DIY. However, if you are a newbie just starting to cut out paper and experimenting with glitter, this board we’re talking about has designed for you! Learn to decorate your kitchen, to personalize coffee cups, coffee tables, candle holders, your old boots, add some sparkle to your high hills and even sew a few clothing items yourself. Doesn’t that sound great?

Jo-Anna Fabric

A Subtle Revelry: Create

Number of followers: 38K
Argument: Basically, each and every single thing you can create using paper is featured on this board, so gather your friends and start folding, cutting and gluing. You’d be surprised how many things you can make! From origamis to giant flowers or even an entire Christmas tree, you’ll find it in here, so don’t miss out on the fun! Of all these DIY boards on Pinterest, this one is probably our absolute favorite! 

A Subtle Revelry

Buzzfeed DIY: DIY Projects

Number of followers: 190.3K
Argument: If you are a girly girl, this board is for you! Buzzfeed will guide you through making necklaces, decorating your fridge, building a pet station out of an old dresser, adding rhinestones to your shoes, lace to your shirt and the list goes on. There are almost 900 pins to choose from, so what are you waiting for? Not all DIY boards on Pinterest are as interesting as this one!


Handmade Charlotte: DIY Crafts and Tutorials

Number of followers: 620.3K
Argument: In case you are a stay-at-home mom with small children, this board is for you! Handmade Charlotte will teach you how to knit a nice blanket for your daughter, how to bake a fancy cake for your baby, how to make the nursery look expensive in just a couple of hours and so on! Did we mention the princess tiaras and the superhero outfits that Charlotte will teach you how to make? You’re welcome! Give it a try, would you! All DIY boards on Pinterest are worth a shot!

Handmade Charlotte

Bright Nest: DIY Projects

Number of followers: 21.7K
Argument: Here’s a good news for your pets: Bright Nest has many things in store for them! Of course, you’ll have to do the entire work, so get ready! In case you didn’t think you could make chew toys yourself, you were wrong! Don’t worry, you’ll be provided with all the information and guidance you need! Just clear up your schedule and get ready for some pet love and Pinterest browsing! Who doesn’t want to check out DIY boards on Pinterest that could improve your pets’ lives? 

Bright Nest

Craftsy: Craftsy Blog

Number of followers: 158.1K
Argument: Most of these tutorials are for household items, so if you feel like taking on a big DIY projects, this is for you! Who doesn’t like blankets, comforters, pillows and rugs? Well, if you like them just as much as we do, Craftsy will help you make each one of them. You get a wide range of step by step tutorials for every object, so check it out and see how it goes!


Lauren Conrad: Craft

Number of followers: 866.6K
Argument: The queen on all braids and festive hairdos is here to teach you how to prepare for a winter wonderland, Halloween on just a random family celebration. If you like her style, you’ll also appreciate her board, so check out her DIY balloons, cookies, casseroles, pet costumes, wrapping techniques and so on. It’s all worth it! Make these DIY boards on Pinterest your best friends from now on!

Lauren Conrad

P.S-I Made This: DIYs

Number of followers: 131.9K
Argument: Welcome to a world where everything can be crafted…literally! The pinner who started all this crafts frenzy can be seen on Tori Spelling’s TV show, Craft Wars, and that’s the living proof that crafting can make you famous. If you always wanted to know how to make your own, hand chain bracelet, headband, wallpaper, bedroom sheets, this is the place to go to. Plus, many storage ideas are waiting for you right here! For more DIY boards on Pinterest, keep reading!

P.S- I made this

Jill Nystul: Bright Ideas

Number of followers: 292.9K
Argument: Dear pinners, Jill means business! Follow her board to find out how to improve your cooking skills, make your kids enjoy a nice photo shoot, fix your own hair for any kind of event, turn old kitchen cabinets into new ones etc. However, her strong suit are homemade cookies! Not only they seem tasty, but they are so much fun to look at! With over 2700 pins to choose from, Jill can fulfill everyone’s crating dreams! Don’t know which DIY boards on Pinterest to follow? You’re welcome!

Jill Nystul

A Beautiful Mess: Craft Night

Number of followers: 193.6K
Argument: If you’re the indie pop type, this is the place to be at! Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has put together a list of DIY tutorials for young crafting enthusiasts. If you see too many coffee-related tutorials (shirts, jeans, wall pictures, shoes, refrigerator magnets etc.), don’t be worried! Plus, a few tips on how to fix your hair on a bad hair day, so this might come in handy someday! Other tutorials: DIY mirror, carpet, sofa blanket, jewelry box, cake plates, skateboard and so on. Aren’t these the best DIY boards on Pinterest? We sure think so!

A Beautiful Mess

Popsugar Smart Living: DIY Love

Number of followers: 58.9K
Argument: In case you walk in the same rhythm with the pop industry and what happens in Hollywood is always on your mind, this board is for you! For starters, let’s talk about what you can find: you have over 1200 pins to choose as your inspiration for Christmas sweaters, matching shirts, cool lighting, dollhouse, mirror frames, interesting cocktail recipes and the list goes on! Check it out! Follow all the DIY boards on Pinterest if you can! 


DontPayFull: DIY And Crafts

Argument: Our unique and interesting board promises to take you on an adventure through everything that the beautiful minds of many crafters have created. This can only mean one thing: get ready to learn how to make bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cool chandeliers, living room rugs, holiday decorations, how to turn a bunch of forks into the most interesting piece of lighting you’ve ever seen and so on! We made sure that all our pins are actually…doable, and not just a slap in the face of those who want to try making items that are factory-made, like it usually happens! Follow us and you’ll never regret browsing through all our ideas! Stay tuned and start crafting!