6 Quick Ways to Save Money on Easter Parties

Written by Oana Schneider

For the year 2016, Easter is celebrated on the 27th of March. It’s a Christian/cultural celebration which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. Depending on your family traditions, Easter means hunting for Easter egg, gift giving, going to church service, having family meals and capping it all off with an Easter party. Here, we will take a quick look at what Easter celebrations are all about, and dish out tips on how you can save money when planning Easter parties.

The Celebration that is Easter and All the Quick Ways to Save Money

Every year, the date of Easter celebrations can actually be moved because it is not fixed in relation to the calendar. The holiday is held on the first Sunday after the full moon, following the March equinox. As mentioned earlier, the date for 2016’s Easter celebration is the 27th of March. On 2017, it will be on April 16th.

The reason behind the celebration is the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in Christian communities, Easter mass is one of the well-attended year-round. According to the Scripture, Jesus was raised from the dead three days after his crucifixion. This is why Easter Sunday is celebrated three days after Good Friday, which is when the death on the cross of Jesus Christ is remembered.

If Good Friday is a day spent in fasting, repentance, prayer and meditation, Easter Sunday is all about celebrations. The start of the Holy Week celebrations in Christian communities is actually Ash Wednesday. The 40-day period of fasting, moderation, repentance and spiritual discipline is held in preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ. If Ash Wednesday is when Lent begins, the end is Easter Sunday. In some Christian churches, Easter is also called Resurrection Day.

save money on Easter parties

How About Some Homemade Goodies?

During the Easter Sunday celebrations, there are actually two parts of the holiday that you can participate in. First, there’s the religious part where you have to hear mass in church. Second, there’s the unfortunately commercialized part of the celebration where Easter parties are held, Easter egg hunts commence for kids, and other types of celebrations ensue.

If you’d like to bask in the religious part of the celebrations, you should definitely re-read the Easter story in the Bible to relive what the holiday is all about. You can also spend the day in prayer. More importantly, you can share the Easter spirit with friends, family and the needy by participating in fun yet meaningful activities.

A Multitude of  Quick Ways to Save Money on Easter Parties

Now that you already have an idea about what Easter celebration is, let’s dish out tips on how you can save money while planning an Easter party. You’d want the party to be fun and meaningful, but there is no need for you to spend an arm and a leg just so that you can relive that Easter spirit. By unleashing a bit of your creative juices, you can celebrate Easter holiday in style but without having to spend an arm and a leg planning a lavish party.

Here is a multitude of ways on how you can save money on Easter parties:

Make the Easter eggs colorful – and edible!

What is the significance of Easter eggs behind this colorful holiday? Without Easter eggs, the holiday will not really be that recognizable because Easter has become synonymous with colorfully-painted eggs. Easter eggs are actually a popular symbol of new life in Poland, as well as other countries where Slavic traditions still thrive. You need some quick ways to save money, don’t you?

For the past few decades, Easter eggs are made using dyed and painted chicken eggs – which could be hard boiled, or with the contents inside already thrown out so what you are left with are just basically egg shells. If you would like to save money on your Easter parties, you can make the Easter eggs colorful and edible.

Instead of throwing away the egg yolk and white inside using some well-known kitchen techniques, you can bring the eggs to a hard boil instead. After decorating, the eggs can be served as snacks for your Easter party. We all need some quick ways to save money, right?

save money on Easter parties

Don’t Forget To Save Money, Even If It’s Easter Time!

Aside from hard boiled chicken eggs, similar items used for Easter egg hunts are colorful eggs made from chocolate, or plastic one which are filled with candy like jellybeans. You can also opt to use the plastic eggs filled with candy to make the hunt more exciting for kids and adults alike.

Make your own Easter basket.

An Easter egg hunt is not complete without having colorful, intricately-woven baskets where the eggs are placed. There’s no need for you to buy these Easter baskets from crafts stores where each one can cost you a pretty penny. Using old newspaper or magazine pages, you can actually make your very own woven paper baskets for Easter.

Go online and watch the YouTube tutorials on how you can make a woven paper basket, an origami basket and other types of paper baskets. Before Easter, gather the kids around so you can teach them how to make these baskets. After the weaving process is done, you can use paper paint, crayon and other art tools to make the handmade paper baskets even more colorful. The cost of making these paper Easter baskets? Nothing! For more quick ways to save money, keep reading!

Reuse your Easter holiday decorations.

Let’s say that the Easter party is being held in your front lawn. What can you use as decorations? After hiding the Easter eggs safely, you can decorate the venue using the materials that you already have. You might have some décor left from the birthday party of your son, or you might have kept those old Christmas decorations in the attic. Check out your stock party decor materials and see what you can reuse so that you won’t have to spend a penny on Easter party decorations.

If the Easter party is going to be attended by mostly kids, use pink, yellow and green as your color theme. Pink represents Easter bunnies, green is for fresh grass and yellow is for baby chicks. You can make paper cut-outs of these objects and hang them on trees or plants outside the lawn to solidify the theme of the party. Colorful ribbons, balloons, paper napkins, tablecloths and other items that you already have on stock can all be used to decorate the party venue.

Have a potluck lunch or dinner where everyone can bring their own family specialty recipes.

Naturally, no party will ever be complete without food and drinks. Since eggs are the hero of the day, you can make recipes using hard boiled eggs as the main ingredient. Other quick ways to save money: invite the neighbors and close relatives over to your house so you can host a potluck lunch or dinner. This way, you would not have to spend so much on feeding everyone because all families can bring their share of the Easter grub. Give the moms a call in advance so that you would know what each of them would bring, and only fill in the items that would not be present at the party.

save money on Easter parties

Try Decorating Your Front Door Yourself!

Other money-saving ideas for planning your Easter party.

How about when you’re planning the games for kids? After the Easter egg hunt, there are many other parlor games that you can plan where the kids can have lots of fun. One example is a spoon-and-egg race. You can either use plastic or real eggs. Have the kids teamed up in two, and there can be a relay of eggs on spoons where they walk from the starting point to the finish line. The first team to have all the kids walk through without having the egg fall wins.

You can also setup a table where the kids can paint and decorate their very own Easter eggs. Prepare plenty of washable, non-toxic paint that the kids can use. For the girls, you can ask them to bring headbands which they can decorate with bunny ears, chicks or Easter egg cut-outs. If there’s someone in the house who is the artsy type, you can make a life-size drawing of an Easter bunny and set up a photo booth where the kids and parents can have fun taking pictures. Gather more information on these quick ways to save money and start counting every penny!

Finally, prepare a goody bag which the kids can bring home after the party. You can purchase them at dollar stores so you won’t have to spend that much. The items inside can be plastic dinosaur eggs, notepads shaped like chicks or Easter bunnies, colorful pens – any item that you think the kids would like.

As you can see, there’s no need for you to spend so much money when planning an Easter party. By using the items that you already have at home, you can decorate the venue, have food to serve the guests, and plan games that the kids will love – maybe even more than the Easter egg hunt. So what are you waiting for? Start sending out those hand-made invitations for your Easter party now, apply these quick ways to save money to your budget, and look forward to celebrating the occasion with friends and family!

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6 Quick Ways to Save Money on Easter Parties

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  • Potlucks are a relatively easy and very effective way to save some money during Easter parties. The best thing about potlucks are that they get everybody in the community involved. You’ll get to know and interact with your neighbors a little more by having something to talk about.

    • Potlucks are one of my favorite ideas when it comes to saving money. Not only does it provide a large and diverse quantity of food for everyone, but everyone also seems to enjoy it as well. It help me personally, feel like I’m not freeloading off of others.

    • There’s never a bad time for a potluck, although I’m sure there are some bad times for them. ;] Potlucks are great for large gatherings around Easter so that everyone can celebrate, and everyone can help reduce the costs for the other people in attendance. It fosters a sense of community and helps everyone enjoy the holiday without spending a fortune.

  • I am always reusing decorations for all holidays although I do not do much decorating for Easter. I also reuse baskets if their still in good enough shape since their out long enough just to accommodate gifts normally or eggs.

  • Reusing decorations are something I have always done, and I love it. Making my own Easter baskets are a wonderful idea and so is the potluck. I can’t believe I have never actually though of having a potluck for our parties. They are so great, and I love trying out everyone else’s secret little recipes, and I can’t wait to try this out this upcoming Easter.

  • If you let the kids create their own Easter baskets, then they’ll enjoy them so much more than the store bought ones. You can encourage them to create healthier baskets that still taste and look better. It’s a nice little project that won’t necessarily break the bank either.

  • There are lots of things that you can do at an Easter party that don’t involve money at all, and playing games with the children is a great idea. You could do a version of musical statues, where people have to pretend to be bunnies hopping around until the music stops. That can be entertaining, and can certainly pass a fair amount of time as well. You could buy biscuits to decorate, but they don’t even have to be in specific shapes. Instead, you could use a simple, plain biscuit and buy some coloured icing so that the children can decorate them. This is something that they would be proud of, and would therefore be more than happy to take home to their parents at the end of the party.

  • Yeah, there are so many things one can do to just brighten up the holidays and not all of them are expensive! At, we encourage people to use asa many coupons as possible to purchase the ingredients and bake goodies themselves. There are so many recipes on Pinterest just waiting to be turned into delicious dishes! Here are our fav recipes ever:

  • Coloring Easter eggs can be a really fun and inexpensive activity for kids. You really don’t have to buy a lot of things to do it. If you don’t want to do real dipping dyes, you can just use the markers you already have. Then they can eat them later and you have no waste.

    • Yeah, I loved that advice, too. My family and I have done that, last year, and it was awesome: we had a lot of fun, and some eggs turned out better than the ones you can see in any shop. We wrapped some of them with some spare wrapping paper we had left from Christmas, kids loved them.

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