Money Saving Quote: A penny saved is a penny earned.

Benjamin Franklin Quote

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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  • This is so true! My favourite frugal motto is “Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”!

  • This is probably one of my main mottos in life without even realizing it! I am a major proponent of saving change. It’s a way to make money passively. Keeping change takes no effort. There are people who act like their coins are a burden and want to be rid of it; then there are people like me who collects even every single penny. I’ve gathered up to $150 before in a year.

  • This is great motto to live by, one that my grandfather said to me each time I found loose lying around while I was a child. Whenever I had change, whether if it’s change from shopping or change I find on the ground, he would always tell me not to put it in my wallet. Instead, he told me to throw it into the bottom of my purse or into my pocket. He had me keep a jar in the laundry room so that whenever I emptied out my pockets to throw my pants in the wash I can put the loose change into the jar. As for my purse, he had me clean out my purse at the end of every month and that change would go into a jar that was in my bedroom. The bedroom jar went into savings while the laundry was for rewards like candy or a toy. However, most of the time I elected to put that into savings as well.

  • Great quote. You know often at a car wash near me, I can walk by the vacuums and find pennies all over the ground. People clean out their cars and I suppose throw out the random penny they come across. I’m always surprised how many pennies I can find that no one wants to bother picking up. It’s so funny how people have such differing views on money.

  • Even the smallest of savings means a lot. I live by this. I gather all my change into one spot and then when I need money I just go to that little jar and count my good earnings. People don’t do this for some reason, thus when they’re short or need what some call “beer money”, they do not find it in their pockets.

  • Yup. My mom always looked tightly over her money, and a few cents difference made a big difference to her. “Cents become dollars” and all, and dollars become ten dollars and then hundred. It’s easy to not notice it accumulating when you are wasting it, but when you are carefully saving the pennies, eventually it become clears that the resulting amount is considerable.

  • Absolutely. I think it is good to save, but always to make sure not to be a materialistic person because a penny can surely lose its value anytime. Putting our hope in a penny after a penny is not always the solution because after getting a million pennies, it could lose its value and become worth a penny before it lost its value.

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