Money Quote: Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.

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“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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  • Small expenditures will definitely add up over time. There’s so many monthly subscriptions that we have that sometimes we might forget how much money we’re actually spending.

  • This is true mostly because it’s the little things- the little expenditures that you mostly don’t notice until it’s too late and you’re steeped waist-high is debt. It’s best if early on you make it a habit to list all of your expenses, no matter how small.

  • Absolutely. Even if you can see it as little, little by little leads to a lot. Just like a ship, when you see a small hole that’s leaking water and you live it, or perhaps just stand there looking at it and support it metaphorically, it’s going to lead to a bigger leak, and eventually sink.

  • Oh my, what a great reminder! This stands true for so many things in life. All the little things we try to put off until later could at times become big things we can not put off at all.

  • Yes! So much money is lost because small expenses are never calculated in a budget! It’s like — “Oh, my daily frappé is just a few bucks” — and people cannot count and realize that it will make a huge difference, especially when you also don’t count drinks out with friends or new apps downloaded or whatever!

  • This is a very good piece of advice. Today we can call it the Latte Factor, or the Tobacco factor, or probably several other things that are common spending habits and addictions that appear to not be significant, but add up to a substantial amount of money over the course of a month. People often don’t realize that something like a daily latte or smoking can be the one thing that is preventing them from having something to save or being able to pay off a debt.

  • I couldn’t agree more. How often do I hear my mother’s voice in my head reminding me that cents quickly add up to dollars? My bank fees are one that I have to watch out for these days. I used to work as a server so I always had tips and didn’t have to use my bank card. Now I am working at a job with just a bi-monthly paycheck and boy do I feel the difference. I developed some real sloppy spending habits when I had a constant flow of cash coming in. Now I have to revamp my spending routine and put a budget into place once again. My recommendation to myself and others is to take out as much as you think you will need for one weeks worth of spending and then stick to it. Make yourself a budget for the week listing all the stuff you plan on buying as well as your gas, and any miscellaneous payments you may have to make like contribution to the coffee fund at work. Avoid counting on “extra” money that is supposed to come to you during the week, unless you have it in your hand at the beginning of the week when you start your budget, don’t calculate it in.
    I must have paid and extra $20 -$30 in bank fees because I wanted to keep my money in the bank rather than take out what I needed, thinking that I would be less likely to spend if I didn’t have it on me. In a year’s time that would add up to $240 – $360, that’s a heck of a lot of money just to access money that is already mine. Banks are rich enough already, don’t let them get more from you than you need to.

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