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Baby Freebies: How to Get Free Baby Stuff

Baby Freebies: How to Get Free Baby Stuff

Having a baby may be the most natural thing in the world, but it’s an expensive business. As a result, moms will be looking for ways to save money every step of the way. But what if you could get free baby stuff? You wouldn’t say no to that, would you?

We’ve searched high and low and guess what? You can get tons of baby loot for nothing, nix, nada, absolutely for free. Check it out, momma!

Free Diapers

  • Free samples: Back in the day, everyone used cloth diapers, but washing them is yukky! Nowadays, just about everyone uses disposable diapers, and boy, the cost adds up fast! Diapers companies know that, and they’re eager to get you buying their products. So, they give out free samples. Huggies is the big one here, but Drypers and others do so to. Shop around for free diaper samples and save.
  • Join rewards programs: When choosing a brand for your baby, check for rewards programs. You’ll have to sign up – not much work for free diapers, right?
  • Talk to your medicos: Pediatricians, clinics, and hospitals often have free diapers to give away. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  • Use and stack coupons: Coupons only give you a discount, but if you can stack them, you could even get diapers for free.
  • Low income family? Get donations: Single moms and low-income families can qualify for diaper donations. Find out what’s available in your area.

Free Formula

If you can breast-feed, do so! It’s better for your baby and it’s free! But if you’re looking for free formula, you’ll find free samples, rewards, and donations in much the same way as you get free diapers.

When it’s weaning time, you can look out for free baby food, too.

Baby Freebies: How to Get Free Baby Stuff

Free Advice from Experts

Baby mags are the way to go, and you can get FREE subscriptions to some pretty cool ones. Check out the Parents magazine. OK. There’s a lot of advertorial content, but knowing what’s out there is good too. Informed shoppers are the best shoppers.

Check out your public library too. They usually have piles of mags, and they often give away the older ones for free.

Create a Baby Gift Registry

Create an online baby registry, but check to see what free stuff it offers before you choose one. Some registries will give you free stuff when your friends buy the gifts you need. Others will give you a pack of free samples just for creating a registry, and some offer discounts on any items you wanted but your friends didn’t buy. And of course, some do it all! Target is great, but a lot of people are talking about Amazon’s baby registry too.

Seriously, Have a Baby Shower!

A baby shower is your friends’ and family’s chance to help you get started with loads and loads of baby stuff. You could end up with months’ worth of diapers, cool baby gear and more: and if you create a registry, you can be sure of getting what you need.

Plus, baby showers are fun! Don’t miss out!

Baby Freebies: How to Get Free Baby Stuff

Get Free Baby Stuff with a Little Help from Your Friends

If your friends have kids, they’ve probably got oodles of baby stuff packed away and waiting for someone who needs it to come long. A little networking can go a long way, and you could end up with strollers, carry cots, clothes and more!

Don’t forget to pass it forward when your baby’s done with the items they gift you.

Ask at Second-Hand Sales

Whether it’s a garage sale or a Craigslist advert, there’s no harm in asking if you can have any free baby stuff left overs. These people want to get rid of baby stuff they’ve been storing – and you could use a stash of baby stuff. That’s a good relationship right there.

Sign Up

There are tons of sites where expectant moms can sign up for free baby stuff. The sooner you start, the more you get. Try BabyCenter for a start. BabiesOnline has also got free offers ranging from mags to diapers. Sign up for free baby stuff. Would you look a gift horse in the mouth?

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Coupons may not get you baby stuff for free, but they will cut the cost of things you’d have to buy anyway. Track them down and save them. It’s free money! Add up your savings, and you might as well say you got a bunch of stuff for free.

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Baby Freebies: How to Get Free Baby Stuff