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The Best Strategies for Getting Free Walmart Samples


Put your hands up anyone who doesn’t like free stuff! Nobody? Well, that’s hardly surprising. You probably like paying less for stuff too, and that’s one of the reasons why you often shop at Walmart. So, what could be better than getting free stuff at Walmart?  Double whammy!

Of course, free samples aren’t the only way to save at Walmart, but they’re among the things to stay alert for. So, today, we’re going to talk about free Walmart samples and how to get them.

Free In-Store Samples at Walmart

In-store Walmart free samples are the hardest place to start, so let’s begin there. When a manufacturer wants to boost sales of an existing product or is introducing a new one, free samples are one of the strategies they can use to get you to try products you wouldn’t ordinarily buy

It’s a win-win situation because if you like the product and it’s reasonably priced, you’ll buy it for money once you’ve been impressed by the free sample. Of course, if you don’t like the product or like it but find it too expensive, you won’t ever buy it. If there’s any “risk,” it’s really the manufacturer who is taking it.

In-store free samples are usually coupled with promotions, and there’ll be personnel around to offer you the samples and tell you a little about the product. That makes them reasonably high-profile and easy to spot.

Walmart Shopping

You’ll see some people steering clear of promotions because they just want to get on with their shopping, but it is worth checking them out in case promos offer free samples. They might not, but it only takes a minute to find out.

Because manufacturers who are running free sample promotions will want high-profile exposure, they’ll usually choose a peak shopping time, often over weekends. You have to shop anyway, so consider choosing a busy shopping day, and keep your eyes open.

There are also times when you get free samples along with a purchase. Sometimes, it will be enclosed in a magazine, and at others, the sample will be offered along with a product you usually buy. Obviously, you shouldn’t buy something that’s overpriced or that you don’t want just because it comes with a free sample but being alert can pay off.

Free Walmart Samples by Mail

This is where things get interesting.  Walmart wants you to buy more products. Manufacturers want you to buy their products. So, Walmart partners with brands to get you free sample boxes that come to you in the mail. 

It’s a pity they don’t pay the postage, but the current $5 shipping fee isn’t bad, especially if you’re in the market for something new. You don’t want to waste money going through a trial-and-error process with full-size packs of products you might not like. Samples let you check out new products for free – and they often go further than you might expect.


We’re hoping that the strategy is working for Walmart and the companies who supply the samples because there are some pretty awesome offers on right now. When they change up the promotion offers, which they no doubt will from time to time, you could be in for a wide range of free product tries.

At the moment, there are two Walmart free samples by mail offers that we think are keepers. First up, they’ve been running these two offers for quite some time already, and there’s no sign of them shutting them down any time soon.

Second, they consist of samples for products most people prefer to try before they buy. So, it makes sound marketing sense to give you free stuff. It allows you to try products you may have hesitated to buy without a trial. If you like them well enough, you might be willing to pay for them later.

The Walmart Beauty Box: Looking Good

Here’s one that any lady will love. We like to pamper ourselves with high-quality beauty products, but beauty products don’t come cheap. When we’re in doubt, we just go with what we know – unless we get a chance to try for free.

But here’s the sneaky part. We don’t have to buy the full-size versions of the products at all, and those free samples will be just the thing to dig into when you need a bit of a confidence booster.

What’s in the box? It’s a surprise! But judging from the brands advertised on Walmart’s Beauty Box Page, you’re going to get a wide range of cool stuff. And those sample sizes are going to be an ideal handbag or travel toiletry size too.  By the way, there’s also a gifting option, and although it’s only a $5 gift, it’s a nice thought that your friends will appreciate.

Walmart Beauty Box

How it works:

  • Sign up. Doing so means that you’ll get one beauty box per season – four a year. But you don’t have to opt for the whole package. You can opt out – but remember to do so if you don’t want the full package.
  • Give your age. No, Walmart isn’t nosy. The website explains that the beauty box is tailored according to the age of its recipient.
  • Next, indicate your style choice: Are you classic, trendy or a natural? Once again, you’ll get samples that match your choice. At least you know you’re not going to get something that’s totally not you.
  • The questionnaire continues. What’s your race? What are your skincare concerns? As you can see, you’re highly likely to get samples that are going to work for you!

Baby Box: From Pregnancy to Tot

If you’re about to have your first baby or already have a new family member to care for, you have almost as many confusing choices as you do in the beauty department. The Walmart Baby Box offer helps you to decide what works for you and your baby.

And even if you’re an experienced mom, you’d probably like to try a few new products but might hesitate at the cost. Now, you can test a whole bunch of new products thanks to your free samples from Walmart. Once again, shipping is the only cost, and the overall package looks like extremely good value and features some really popular brands.

Walmart Baby Box

How it works:

  • Sign up. When you do so, you’re only committing to one box, but if you don’t cancel, you will get new boxes every time your baby enters a new life stage. Opt out if you don’t want to go through the whole series.
  • Fill in the questionnaire. The offer gets started while you’re still pregnant. If your baby is due in one to six months, you can already get your first Baby Box. The next box covers the 0-11-month stage of your baby’s life. And the last one covers the 1-3-year toddler stage.
  • Give your payment details and don’t forget to cancel later if you only want a once-off.

Don’t Miss Your Freebies! Final Free Sample Hacks

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: following stores on social media and getting the app (if they have one) is an awesome way to look for savings.

Yes, we know that you already have a lot of apps and your Facebook feed is pretty cluttered, but people who have the app or who keep tabs on social media will be the first to know about free samples and other great money-saving offers.

No surprises: Walmart is all over social media, and there is an app. You might not get ALL the news – some offers are too localized to be part of a big marketing campaign, but there’s a very good chance you’ll know about most of them before anyone else does!

Now get out there and grab some free samples from Walmart!

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How to Get Walmart Free Samples