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How to Save Money at Walmart: 10 Best Tips and Tricks

How to Save Money at Walmart

Did you think that the prices at Walmart are already as low as they can go? We have to admit they’re pretty good, but you can do better with these easy tips and tricks. Put your savings towards that special purchase or life-changing savings account and reach your dream faster! You’ll find all the tips and tricks you need right here.

1. Price Match Is for Real

Walmart is among the stores that offer price match opportunities. Make your shopping list over the weekend and use the supplements from your local papers to find great deals. But instead of going to several different stores to get those bargains, simply bring the ads along and compare prices. If Walmart’s price is higher, simply produce your ad and show it to the cashier.

But it gets better.

Walmart will also match online prices, and it will even match its own online prices in store. So before you shop, check out online pricing for the items you plan to buy. Just bookmark the pages so that you can give the cashier the details needed to cut the price as low as it will go.

2. Alternative: Shop Online and Collect at Store

How to Save Money at Walmart

Some people find in-store price matching a bit too much like hard work. If this is you, try the alternative. If the Walmart online shopping price is the best, you can get, shop online, but collect your shopping so that you don’t have to pay for shipping.

There’s a “Free Pickup” option once you’ve filled your virtual shopping cart, and you can choose the outlet that’s most convenient for you.

3. Let Savings Catcher Do the Work

The Walmart app is good for folks who want to compare on and offline prices, but it does more than that. Use the Savings Catcher feature. Enter the receipt number or just scan your receipt.

Now Walmart gets to work, doing your price matching for you! It will look at other advertised specials, even when they’re not from one of its stores, and it will price match everything for the lowest price automatically.

Claiming your savings is easy! Walmart issues you with a gift card that works just like cash.

4. Get to Know Your Store’s Clearance Spots

We hunted about to see if Walmart has a clearance policy, but it seems that new items are placed on clearance on just about any day of the week. Different stores decide on their own clearance areas, but most of them will expect you to bypass all the full-priced items before you hit the bargains. As a result, check the back end caps of shelves as well as shelves near the rear of the store.

Remember, there may not be a clearance sign up, so check the prices carefully. After a while, you’ll get used to your local branch’s clearance areas, and you’ll head straight for them before you continue to shop.

5. Yes, You Can Use Coupons

Sorry folks, no doubling or coupon stacking, but if you have a manufacturer’s coupon handy, they’ll honor it. The cleverest shoppers will visit Walmart’s own online coupons page before they hit the shops. We checked it out at the time of writing, and there were more than four pages of coupons available.

6. Be There at Opening Time

How to Save Money at Walmart

No matter where you shop, the staff does its markdowns, particularly those on perishable items, in the mornings. The early birds catch the best prices. You won’t have much of a shelf-life, but if you use them fast or get them into the freezer, you can pick up some very sweet savings.

Don’t forget the bakery. It will be selling out yesterday’s bakes at low prices, and you can always freeze bakes like bread and muffins and toast them for the table when you need them.

7. Get Cash Back

This doesn’t just apply to Walmart, but it can boost your savings. Checkout 51 offers you after-purchase cash-backs. And there’s nothing to stop you from couponing a purchase and then applying for cash back rewards.

8. Get Refurbished Electronics

Enter “Refurbished Electronics, Walmart” in your search bar and you could snatch $100 off or more on refurbished electronics. Look out for deals like $200 off on an all-but-new TV set.

9. Black Friday and Seasonal Bargains

Walmart does Black Friday in a big way, but they’ll often have bumper shopping days or weeks at other times of the year. It’s worth looking out for these. In the past, July has been a hot-button month. Will it happen again? Be on the lookout!

10. Price Match on the Go With Shopular

Although Savings Catcher will do much the same thing, you only get your discount after the fact. Now, you can price match on the go with Shopular, a price comparing app. It also points you towards discount coupons and advertised specials.

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How to Save Money at Walmart