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10 Things You Can Buy Cheaper After Christmas

Best Things to Buy Cheap After Christmas
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Have you ever noticed that a lot of things, even non-seasonal items, seem to be more expensive in the run-up to Christmas? It’s not just your Christmas budget pressures that make you think so.

Instead of maxing out your budget (including January’s budget) by the 24th of December, save some money for after-Christmas and post-New Year spending. You could enjoy some fabulous savings just by hanging on until the festive season is officially over. Check out this list of post-Christmas savings opportunities.

1. Get wrapping paper and Christmas cards for next year

All the seasonal gift wrap and stationary items will be priced down to the bone once Christmas has passed. Grab as much as you need for next Christmas, and stow it away. Look out for cut-price ribbon for making up gifts or for rounding off home-crafted items, and check out those bulk packages of tape. You’ll often find them at a good discount after the festive season.

2. Christmas decorations and lights for Christmas 2017

If your Christmas decorations are looking a bit tarnished, and your Christmas lights stock could be better, this is the time to get them cheap. Stores will be slashing prices to get rid of stock.

3. Winter clothing

Now that midwinter has passed and everyone (except you) has spent all they can and more, stores will be cutting the prices of winter clothing. January sales are a fantastic opportunity to stock up on winter clothes at low prices. The same goes for baby clothes. Once the Christmas gifting season is over, the prices go way down.

Best Things to Buy Cheap After Christmas

4. Consumer electronics

Since items like TVs and Blu-ray players are Christmas gift favorites, they’ll be selling at premium prices before Christmas. But now that Christmas is over, stores want to turn stock into money. To encourage you to spend, they cut the prices. You get a much better price after Christmas than you would before. Wait till after New Year, and it could get even better!

5. Gift sets

Do you want to get really nice toiletries and beauty products cheap? Stock up after Christmas! It’s also a good idea to stock a “gift box” with a few nice items that you can use as gifts for friends and colleagues throughout the year.

6. Seasonal foods and drinks

All those Christmas themed tins of cookies, Christmas cake, Christmas mince pies and Foodie gift hampers are going to be reduced as soon as Christmas has passed. Remember, you can freeze some items if you don’t have a use for them right away. If you’re into baking, you should find certain ingredients and even items like baking trays at better than usual prices.

Extra tips: this is a great time to pick up cut priced chocolates! Wait till after New Year, and you’ll be able to get discounted wine and bubbly too.

7. Toys

If you have a good stashing spot, you can get cut priced toys for your children’s next birthdays, and if you have a large extended family with lots of nieces and nephews, you can be ready for their birthdays too – and even next Christmas.

Best Things to Buy Cheap After Christmas

8. Get fitness equipment cheap

At New Year, just about everyone with a pound or five to lose will resolve to lose weight. You’d expect the post-new-year demand to boost prices, but everybody’s broke in January, so that’s when fitness equipment gets marked down. If you wait a little longer, two or three months will do, all the people who bought fitness equipment they never used will be selling it off on Craigslist.

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9. Cars

Here’s the thing: buy it before Christmas, and it’s this year’s latest model. Hold off until after Christmas and New Year, and it’s last year’s model. Car dealers need to make room for the latest stock, so they’ll be offering good deals as soon as New Year has passed.

10. Homeware

Just like the other stores, homeware shops stock up for Christmas and start clearing in the new year. Even if you don’t need anything yourself, you could get great deals on items intended as wedding gifts for friends.

You can also find cheap party equipment: pretty paper plates, paper napkins or seasonally themed crockery for next year. Even tablecloths and table mats are often marked down after New Year, and you can look out for reduced prices on home bar accessories too.

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Best Things to Buy Cheap After Christmas

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