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20 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Vegas, the city that seems to have been designed with only one purpose in mind: emptying your pockets! But while it’s easy for the unwary to use up their life savings in a matter of hours, “sin city” offers plenty of free and not-so-sinful activities for you to enjoy.

Sure, you’ll have a flutter on the tables, but when you’ve spent your gambling budget, there’s no reason to be bored. Lots of the extravagant spectacles put on to attract visitors to the plushest hotels can be viewed for free – and nothing says you have to stay on the strip all day and all night! Check out these fun activities that cost you nothing.

Check out Casino and Hotel Attractions

1. See the Bellagio Fountains

Watching huge jets of water shot into the air set to music is a must when you’re visiting Las Vegas – and it’s free too. Visit the Bellagio Fountains by day or by night. There are shows every 15-30 minutes, so you won’t have long to wait. If you’re with someone special, it’s sooooo romantic! On your own? It’s still cool!

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2. Kaboom! Watch the Erupting Volcano at The Mirage

OK, so it’s not a real volcano – all the better! The Mirage sets itself apart with its man-made volcano right in front of the establishment. Visit after dark. There’s a spectacle to see for free every half hour – and you don’t have to worry about being blown up or covered in molten lava.

3. Caesar’s Palace: The Fall of Atlantis

You have to go to Caesars while you’re in Vegas, even if it’s only to look. If looking’s your thing, don’t miss the Fall of Atlantis at the Forum Shops. Statues come alive and talk and at the end, there’s a “real” fire-breathing dragon. Alright, it’s not exactly Shakespeare or even Spielberg, but it’s still fun to watch and it doesn’t cost a cent.

4. Visit the Flamingos at The Flamingo

Your evenings are going to be pretty full while you’re in Vegas, but don’t turn nocturnal just yet – at least – not until you’ve seen the gorgeous little wildlife habitat at the Flamingo. See turtles, big, fat Koi fish, and of course, flamingos in a pretty setting that includes an artificial waterfall and an island.

Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

5. Check out the Floral Displays at the Bellagio

Even if flowers aren’t usually your “thing”, you’re going to be impressed by the display in the lobby of the Bellagio. Bring a camera and get your picture taken against a backdrop of flowers – but know that a lot of people are going to have the same idea.

6. Rock and Roll Down Memory Lane at the Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has assembled a collection of memorabilia from the stars. It’s on display right in the lobby, and you don’t have to pay to walk around and look at the clothes and musical instruments on display.

7. See Fish and Mermaids at Silverton

At Silverton Casino, a huge salt-water aquarium hosts a rainbow of tropical fish. As if that wasn’t enough, “mermaids” go for scheduled swims among the fish, adding extra magic to an already-remarkable spectacle.

8. The Circus at Circus Circus

Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Circus Circus has free circus acts on view from a 60-seater arena. Shows happen from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays and continue till midnight on weekends. Arrive early if you hope to grab a seat. New displays and death-defying stunts happen every 10 to 30 minutes.

9. Free Gaming Lessons

Whether you want to prepare yourself for a first-ever flutter on the tables or just want to see how it’s done, several casinos, including Circus Circus and Excalibur, allow you to get gaming lessons for free. Do you want to roll the dice like a pro? Now’s the time to get tips from experts.

Beyond Hotels and Casinos

10. Sights and Sounds on Fremont Street

There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Fremont street. Apart from getting a chance for some people watching, you’ll hear plenty of street performers. Don’t miss the Viva Vision Light Show. Like everything else in Las Vegas, it’s bigger than life and quite spectacular. The light show is run once an hour starting at dusk.

11. Start Your Day at Red Rock Canyon

Although Las Vegas makes the desert bloom, the desert has a beauty of its own. Escape the city lights and take in Red Rock Canyon. It gets really hot during the afternoon, so chose an early morning for your back to nature jaunt.

12. Join the Block Party

The first Friday of every month sees an arty block party in the downtown Arts District. There will be music, there will be art exhibits. It may not be Vegas as you imagined, but hey, everyone has a sensitive side, right?

13. Get Fabulous

The iconic “Visit Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is a landmark that just about every visitor to Las Vegas gets photographed with. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but you do want to take that one picture home with you.

14. View City Center Art

Although Vegas might be better known for artifice than it is for art, you can still track down the real thing without having far to look. The City Center campus and the Crystals mall offer a look at some truly spectacular works of art.

15. Kids and Adults Enjoy the Downtown Container Park

Yep, it’s a mall made from shipping containers! There’s a cool playground for kids, and there’s usually some kind of free entertainment for adults too. We’re talking about free concerts and movies – so don’t miss out.

16. M&M’s World and Hershey’s Chocolate World

Entry is free-provided you can withstand all the chocolatey temptation! Wanna see a giant Statue of Liberty made from chocolate? This is the place to go!

17. The Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

If you can resist the choccies, your tour is free, plus you get to explore a truly amazing cactus garden. If you’re in Vegas around the festive season, the giant cactus in the garden is decorated with lights. Who said you can only decorate conifers at Christmas?

18. Get a Dose of Culture at Free Museums

The Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History is free to visit, but try to save a couple of dollars for a donation. You’ll want to give something after seeing the detailed displays. You’re sure to learn something too.

The Neon Museum is an open-air display of historic neon signs from Vegas’ past. You’ll find them on Fremont Street on any night of the week.

19. Visit the Xeric Garden and Get to Know Desert Plants

East of the strip, on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Campus, you’ll find an arboretum stocked with nothing but desert plants. The entrance is near the Natural History Museum, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

20. Visit the Hoover Dam

It may be way off the strip, but the sight of the towering dam wall is well worth travelling out of town for. You will have to pay an entry fee to see the power station, but just looking around the visitor’s center is free.

General Vegas Free Entertainment Tips

In Vegas, events are a daily fixture. Some of them will be free, so be on the lookout for once-offs. As for looking around, it’s free. With all the hotels and casinos vying with each other for the most spectacular features and displays, you’re bound to see some really cool stuff for free just by walking into a random lobby or atrium. Go ahead: try it!

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Free Things to Do in Las Vegas