Friendship Quote: Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.

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“Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.” ~ Samuel Butler

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  • So true, we need to teach out children when they are young that in order to have good friends for years to come, they have to invest in the relationship, make an effort to spend time with their friends, to really get to know them and what their emotional needs are, and to really be there for their friends when times are tough.

  • I agree, friendships can be easier made than kept, that’s for sure, especially if the person we are calling a friend is actually just an acquaintance and not a friend at all. People say quickly, “That’s my friend” when really they are just two people who kind of know each other.
    If, through their actions over time, a person seems like they could be a good friend,one has to make time for the friendship. Nurture it with phone calls, and conversation, spending time together, being honest, trustworthy, and loyal. Real friendships take work.

  • It’s sometimes hard to keep friendships, I totally agree. We are more connected than ever with social media and the internet, but nothing beats face to face interaction. Just a few months out of town, and I already feel like I’m missing a huge part of my friends’ lives. It’s sad, I can’t wait to go back.

  • I don’t agree with the friendship part. I don’t make friends this easy, but when I do, I know that even if I don’t talk to them for years, when I see them again they’ll still be my friends. And with just a bit of effort, we can make up for any bad patches.

    The money part though… true! Money slips so easy from your fingers!

  • Like friends, if you do not take care of your money, they can simply go away. Slipping between your fingers and give you bad memories of their departure. You then wonder where they went and why they are now gone. We meet money during our pay days, say hi, but money then goes away during bills.

    When translated to friends, bills are expenses that we pay when we commit a wrong. Debts are emotional bills that are too much to handle..

  • As an introvert, this hits home. Keeping friendships requires a lot of hard work for me. Sure it’s nice when I’m with them and I’m totally into doing stuff with them sometimes, but some of my friends don’t get exhausted at all socially. It’s like they thrive on going out every night, and to me that’s just too tiring. True friends though are understanding and like you for you.

  • Wow, that’s so true. I could really relate to that wise word of yours. I think it’s really difficult to keep a friendship and money is the same because in the end, a lot of the money you have you cannot keep due to the pressures in life, I would say friendship could be the same.

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