Funny Money Quote: I hate math, but I love counting money!

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I hate math, but I love counting money!

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  • Well, in order to count money, one has to be at least somewhat good at basic math. And the more money one makes, the more math is involved. People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet I’m sure have at least one accountant that overlooks all of the percentages, divisions, ups and downs in the market, and on a certain deal. When money grows larger, more math comes in to play.

  • I think that’s truenof all of us. No matter how bad you are at the complicated math subjects, necessity forces us all to learn to count our money so we know how much we have. I admit as a kid I definitely did enjoy counting my money.

  • I guess in a way it is true, I would rather just count it. However I do not mind doing basic math sometimes. No body wants to say their greedy and counting money doesn’t mean you are, its how you go about it and how often you do it.

  • This made me laugh! I absolutely dislike math, but I would not mind counting my money all day. Even so, I would hate counting money that didn’t belong to me. I would only enjoy counting money that belonged to me.

  • Paradoxically, my love for money has made me into something of a math genius! I can do my taxes just like that. Doing math that involves money offers the added incentive that I need to look past the tedious exercise. I suspect that’s why we had word problems in high school that involved money.

  • Who doesn’t? Everyone likes counting money but I think we should control ourselves to an extent because its value could completely drop and it becomes nothing. We need to be careful when it comes to counting money but saving money wouldn’t hurt I guess.

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