Money Quote: I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.

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“I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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  • I like this, because the poor generally have a better appreciation for the little things in life that people with money take for granted. It would be nice to be able to appreciate every little thing, and also not have to deal with the struggles that come from living in poverty.

  • I have friends who literally do this. You’ll never even know that their networths are over $20 million because they just wear white wife beaters and shorts to the mall. They bike all over town and eat at fastfood joints. They only time they’ll suit up is when there’s an important function or business meeting. And boy do they suit up.

  • Only the rich can afford to live in the sort of poverty the rest of us have to struggle with everyday. Maybe the poor do tend to appreciate the things that really matter in life, but that’s because they are left with little choice. I’d like to see the uber-rich live on a fixed income…or being stuck homeless, working a shit job just to try to survive, etc. They couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do it. I think Picasso was being cynical and scathing when he made this statement.

  • Well, I would like to differ with such point of view. As a poor man, you would not get to see the life and its many charms. You don’t get thrifty to see development. You got to invest money to see the returns. Money begets money.

    For instance, put up with your old dial-up broadband wired modem to do your online gigs, on the other hand, splurge on a super fast optical fibre to get the same work done by a bunch of individuals, by setting up a home office. Your turnover time is less, you get more work done with a little more investment. You stand to gain, your employees like you and so is your customer. You got to lead a rich man’s life to unravel the full potential of life. However, wasting resoureces, has to be curtailed.

  • I think this has a very deep meaning. I could interpret it as being poor in heart and being poor in appearance, but inside very rich, of money metaphorically. But it also could be physical where the wise uses his money and he is rich not spending on a lot of things, while he appears to be poor, he has enough money to live on for all his life, without even needing pension, haha.

  • Is this not the definition of a miser? I do not want to live exactly as a poor person, but I am content to live very modestly. If I had lots of money, I would like to use it to support missionaries at home and abroad and be able to help individuals in need in my community as they work toward getting back on their feet.

  • This points out the beauty of simplicity and not being too flashy when it comes to your riches. I know some rich people who live simply despite their status in life and many people admire them for that. A boastful personality can only earn you haters and get you into trouble.

  • I like the thinking behind this, and I do agree with it to some extent. It’s almost as though you feel that you want a simple life, but without actually having to worry about what you’re going to have for your next meal. If I had a lot of money, I genuinely don’t think that I would be buying a lot of things all of the time, and would instead be more likely to save it (perhaps for my children’s future) and only buy the things that I know I needed. Being sensible with money is key, and frittering it away – no matter how much of it you might have – can never be a good thing.

  • I do live a very simple life but am not rich with money but rich in other ways. The times I actually had money it always good used on emergencies. I hope in the future to make a bigger fund for that. Growing up I lived beside an old neighbor in a run down house. He died with $80,000 in his bank. He just saved his money and rarely bought anything. Or in my terms lived simple which is my plan. I don’t need a bunch of technology or gadgets to be happy.

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