Money Quote: My body wants more sleep, but my pocket wants more money.

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My body wants more sleep, but my pocket wants more money.

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  • Most types of work actually require adequate sleep. These are particularly true in high-performance specialized professions like surgeons, athletes, commercial airline pilots and so on. Sleep is needed by the brain to perform properly. If your profession requires a lot of brain power you probably need to get the right amount of sleep everyday.

  • It says a lot that we stress our bodies out just to get more money. It could either mean greed on one person’s part, but a need on the other person’s part.

  • I would definitely not identify with this at all — good sleep is the basis of good health and good performances, and not getting enough of it will unmistakably lead to stress. A bit more money just isn’t worth that.

  • Very true It always seems like there is not enough time to work so we literally burn the midnight oil in an attempt to make more money. But this lack of proper sleep takes a toll on us somehow and we end up yawning and napping more during the day therefore ending up performing way below our optimum levels.

    Why can’t we just be a little bit smart? Why can’t we just get enough sleep at night and be more productive during the day? Unless you are a night owl and you are required to be awake at night, let’s try get our good night rest. Shall we?

  • I can not even tell you how there I am right now. Summer is the hardest, most miserable season of the year. I have the least energy due to constant heat, am busiest at my day job, yet still must keep up my online work on the side because come winter I likely won’t be able to get enough work to cover all my expenses, so I have to save up everything I can now. I am so tired and each day is a struggle counting down to fall and cooler temperatures.

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