Money Quote: Never let love blind you from the money, or in other words don’t let an attraction be a distraction.

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  • It depends on how you set your priorities really, and on what phase you are in your life. If you want financial security at the moment, go for it. It’s very important. Love is important for most people as well. The ting is, these two things aren’t necessarily exclusive. You can love and follow your dreams. You can follow your heart and get rich while doing it. it may not be a distraction as much as it is an inspiration.

  • I mean, it actually depends. If you find fulfilment and happiness in love and in someone, then why shouldn’t it distract you from the money? I mean, money isn’t everything and it can’t buy you happiness when it comes to materialism, because, materialism doesn’t satisfy like love would.

  • Is this serious? Money is not really a big part of happiness — as long as you’ve got enough, you’re fine, and then it plateaus. Better values to have, really!

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