Money Quote: Rule No.1 Never lose money. Rule No.2 Never forget rule No.1.

Warren Buffett Quote

“Rule No.1 Never lose money. Rule No.2 Never forget rule No.1.” ~ Warren Buffett

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  • Yes, this is a good rule. Sometimes people underestimate money, or they say crazy things like “I hate money”, but money is a necessity, not a luxury.
    You need money to live, and it is a good thing to learn how to take care of it and not lose it.

    • I completely agree but I guess those people that say I hate money they probably lie to a certain extent, or say it emotionally but not really meaning it deep down.

  • This is a good rule, but sometimes a person “loses” money for reasons outside their control. I think a better way to put it is “Never waste money.” That way you don’t end up feeling guilty if something happens and you lose money on a deal gone bad or something that wasn’t in your power to avoid, or occurred because you did not have all the information available to you.

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