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15 Shopping Strategies That Will Help You Save Money at Target

Shopping Strategies That Will Help You Save Money at Target

Few stores offer a range of products as wide as Target’s. From sporting equipment to furniture to regular groceries, you’re almost sure to find just about anything you need at Target. Of course, it’s also known for reasonable prices, but a clever shopper can get even better prices at Target. It’s just a matter of implementing some easy strategies and doing a tiny bit of homework before you shop.

Target really goes the extra mile in offering you opportunities to save, and we’ll be looking at some of the ones you could easily miss out on if you aren’t careful.

1. Start Online

If you’ve never visited Target’s website, you’ve probably missed quite a few sweet deals already. You need to get online and check it out every single week because that’s how often they refresh their special offers.

  • Hit the home page: Right at the very top of the home page, the first thing you see is the weekly specials. If you don’t visit Target during that week, you don’t get the bargain. Pay special attention to the deals and clearance links.
  • Now check the weekly ad: No need to buy the newspaper for this one. It’s right there on Target’s website for all to see. You will find additional offers that are only available in your area here, so don’t think you’ve seen it all just because you checked the home page. There’s a little countdown timer on the page that tells you how long the offer is valid.
  • Grab coupons: Still on the website, but rather less obvious, there’s a coupons page. Coupon junkies will have an absolute field day!
  • Follow Target on Facebook for even more deals. You’ll also get alerts if you follow Target on Twitter.

2. Use Your Phone – and Get the Cartwheel App

Do you want your Target coupons sent direct to your phone? Just set up your mobile text alerts from Target, and you’ll never miss another coupon.

You definitely want to get the Cartwheel App too (iOS | Android). It offers discounts of between 5 and 50 percent. Add them to your personal barcode, and use your discounts by having your barcode scanned when you shop.

3. Actually Look at Your Receipt

Most people stuff receipts into their purses and then throw them away without ever looking at them. You could be throwing away your next discount at Target along with that receipt, so if you’re shopping in-store, take a quick look to see if there’s a discount for your next shopping exhibition.

4. Get Your REDcard

Your Target credit or debit card gives you 5 percent off every single time you shop at Target. But that’s not all, you’ll get exclusive coupon offers that nobody else does. If you’re not good at paying credit card debt down to zero before you get hit with interest, you’ll spoil your savings, so pick the debit card instead.

5. Stack REDcard and Cartwheel

Now that you’ve got Cartwheel, use it in conjunction with your REDcard discount. That’s even bigger savings than you had before. You have to like the way Target makes saving easy for those who take a few seconds to use extra features.

6. Use and Stack Manufacturers’ Coupons with REDcard and Cartwheel

Apart from accepting its own coupons, Target accepts manufucturers’ coupons that you’ll find on their websites and in print advertising. Do a triple-decker stack with these, your REDcard and your Cartwheel barcode. You could end up paying next-to-nothing.

7. Always Check the In-Store Clearance Section

Even if you already checked for clearance items online, you may have missed once-offs that are specific to the branch you’re shopping at, so don’t miss sniffing around the clearance area.

Shopping Strategies That Will Help You Save Money at Target

8. Check the End Caps

The shelves at the end of each row are prime marketing space that’s usually occupied by brands and premium seasonal goods, but sometimes, you’ll find clearance items there too. Take a peep. You wouldn’t want to lose out.

9. Price-Match

Don’t you hate it when you thought you had a bargain only to find a better price elsewhere? Even if you already bought the item, Target will price match for up to 14 days after you made you purchase.

You can read all about how to price match at Target on its website, and your comparison shopping could save you in a big way as long as the items you find are identical to Target’s.

10. Get Yourself a Gift Card

Target sometimes gives away gift cards with certain items, so check it out online and remain alert when you’re in the store.

Although Target seems to sell its gift cards only for their face value, you can also visit websites that sell discounted gift cards. You never know until you look.

Shopping Strategies That Will Help You Save Money at Target

11. Your Wedding Registry or Baby Registry Gets You Discounts

When you create a wedding or baby registry, Target is one of the best places to use. Apart from giving you 15 percent off any items you want and need but didn’t get from friends, it also has bonus gift offers when folks buy certain listed items.

Expecting a baby? Your registry gets all the benefits of a wedding registry plus extra coupons to the value of $50 plus free loot in the form of product samples.

12. Shop After Special Days

This applies to just about any store, but it’s worth mentioning. Christmas, Easter, Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Thanksgiving and so on are all times when stores stock up with event targeted merch. After the special event, they clear the stock at low prices with the lowest prices about a week after the holiday or celebration.

13. Buy the House Brand

Did you know that house brands are often made in exactly the same way in the very same factories as big name brands? One thing is sure, they’re usually a lot cheaper than the branded version.

14. Go Goodwill

Another reason why we like Target is because the retailer donates unsold stuff to Goodwill. So shop for a good cause and get Target stock at super-low prices.

15. Bring Your Own Bag

Most outlets will give you five cents for every new shopping bag you don’t use. Sure, it’s not a lot, but five cents is five cents and it’s good for the planet too!

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Shopping Strategies That Will Help You Save Money at Target