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  • How cute is this baby? The world can try to change a lot about a person, not just change the smile. There are many challenges to overcome in life, but even though sometimes things can get a little tedious, It’s good to (try to) keep a smile on your face.

  • Smiling in spite of hardship really helps you and the people around you look on the bright side of the issues at hand. A positive outlook also helps you think more creatively and find better solutions.

  • Well, if the world was trying to take away my smile, this cute baby would be enough to bring it back as bright as it ever was!

    It is a good quote to remember to soldier on with love. I like it.

  • Optimistic people and people with cheerful dispositions are a joy to be around. They are a great reminder that life may get you down, but there is always a bright side to everything. If not, it is in your power to make your own bright side.

  • That’s so true! It’s good to smile and beat this world with whatever it has to offer and say I’m stronger than this world and I will not allow it to take my smile away 🙂

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