Join us on a journey to uncover the top coupon sites in the United Kingdom. Our guide offers an indispensable overview of the most reputable platforms, helping you make the most out of your shopping experience. In today’s economic climate, everyone is on the lookout for ways to save some pennies.

This article will explore the finest platforms for UK-based coupon enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse range of sites providing great offers and discounts. Whether you’re a grocery super-saver, a restaurant regular, or a fashion-forward spender, go ahead and bookmark this one as your go-to resource for the top coupon sites in the UK. Join us as we dive into the world of online savings and unleash the power of the coupon!

Top Coupon Sites in the United Kingdom

🏷️ Site🛒 Stores🔥 Important Features
DontPayFull.com7,000+Verified deals, shopping tools,000+Coupon extension,500+Community codes
Hotukdeals.com4,000+Community-driven platform, product deals,200+Verified deals
Vouchercloud.com12,000+Local coupons,000+Coupon extension, cashback,000+Coupon extension, verified deals deals, although primarily recognized in the US market, extends its money-saving benefits to people in the United Kingdom as well. With an impressive monthly visit count of approximately 150,000 UK users, has firmly established itself as a go-to destination for savvy shoppers.

For over a decade, has been an active player in the UK coupon site landscape, making significant contributions to the financial well-being of British consumers seeking online shopping savings. Its long-standing presence and dedication to serving the needs of UK shoppers have earned it a loyal following.

One notable aspect of is its arsenal of tools designed to empower users to make smart purchasing decisions, particularly on the largest online retailer, stands out from other featured coupon sites in this article by offering an extensive range of discount codes and deals for over 7,000 UK stores. This impressive breadth of coverage ensures that shoppers have a wide array of options and opportunities to unlock significant savings across various retail categories. is one of the most visited voucher sites in the UK. It wouldn’t have it any other way, as it’s basically RetailMeNot’s little brother. The site was acquired for £40,000,000 and is now in the Ziff Davies portfolio, along with other major sites such as RetailMeNot, PC Mag, Mashable, and 

One of the strengths of is the accuracy of the coupons on the site. Representatives of the coupon site have confessed that all codes and vouchers are checked every time and that absolutely all codes on the site work. The site also contains old-school printable coupons for those who want to save money, like in the old days.

With a London-based team of 100 dedicated individuals, collaborates with over 2,000 shops, resulting in astonishing savings of £57 million, as proudly stated on their site. The popularity of their Google Chrome extension, boasting over 100,000 users, further contributes to these remarkable savings., which was launched in 2006 with a humble investment of £300, has achieved astounding success. In 2021 alone, it saved its users an incredible £45 million. With a continuous flow of approximately 13,000 deals and discount codes available at any given moment, caters to a vast network of 1,500 stores, ensuring a wide range of savings opportunities for its users.

Based on the information found on the site, we’re told that it’s the oldest coupon site in the UK, but looking at what the folks at Hotukdeals say a little further down, it seems that’s not the case. 

In 2014 the site was acquired by the company Montise, which in turn sold the site 3 years later to GoCo Group. was again acquired in 2020 by Giant Future plc, which paid £594 million for all GoCo Group assets. That’s quite an investment considering the site was let at just £300!

Mainly it is a platform that lives large thanks to the community of users who post and upload deals, coupons, or discounts. According to the people who run the coupon site, 2.5 million people are part of this community. The site is owned by Pepper Media Holding GmbH, which operates in several countries with platforms similar to There is also an app in the Google Play Store that has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times. With discount codes available from approximately 4,000 stores in the UK, the site offers a comprehensive range of savings opportunities.

If we look at the timeline presented on, we see that the site was launched in 2004, making it the oldest coupon site in the UK, having been founded two years before has established itself as a prominent online coupon and discount site since its launch in the UK in 2009. However, its influence extends far beyond British borders. It has successfully expanded its presence into several countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Canada, and the United States, where it operates under the name

One standout feature of is its strong commitment to charitable causes. The platform allocates a portion of the commission it earns from partner stores to support various charities. This dedication to giving back not only sets apart but also appeals to users who want to make a positive impact while enjoying significant savings.

The popularity and relevance of are further evidenced by the substantial number of monthly visits it receives. According to SemRush data, the site attracts around 600,000 visits per month, indicating a large and engaged user base.

With approximately 1,200 stores featured on its website, presents an extensive selection of deals and promotions. Whether users are seeking discounts on fashion, electronics, travel, or other categories, strives to cater to their diverse needs and preferences. collaborates with nearly 12,000 stores. The site is present not only in the UK but also in ten other locations, including Germany, Netherlands, and Ireland. In addition to discount codes and vouchers, the site also offers users the possibility to set price alerts on their favorite products. 300,000 people follow on Facebook, 10,000,000 have downloaded the app from Google Play and the App Store, and over 20,000 deals and coupons are added every week. These are just some of the figures boasts. 

Another feature is that the site’s users get local offers. If you go to the site and enter your zip code or city, you will be presented with local businesses that offer coupon discounts, just like the giant does.

At, the focus goes beyond just offering coupons for over 2,000 stores. True to its name, the platform excels in providing cashback opportunities to its users. Alongside these two money-saving features, also offers a convenient Chrome extension, enhancing the user experience. Notably, the platform has expanded its presence into the Chinese and Indian markets, catering to a global audience.

On the website, you’ll find testimonials from satisfied users who proudly share their substantial savings, ranging from £1,000 to £3,000. Since its launch in 2005, has rapidly grown, reaching an impressive milestone of 10,000 members by 2007. Presently, the platform boasts an incredible community of 15,000,000 members worldwide, highlighting its widespread popularity and trust among users seeking to maximize their savings.

Although it is a considerable distance away from the performance of the above sites, has made its way into our top list by the simple fact that absolutely all the coupons we tried were valid. This means that the people at do a good job and respect their users. The site also has a Chrome extension that has gathered 4,000 installs. is an online platform that assists users in saving money on their purchases. According to the information provided on their website, Voucherbox tests 45,000 vouchers each month. The platform is part of Webgears GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and Götzis, Austria.

The platform operates in four countries (UK, Germany, France, and the United States) and collaborates with popular online stores like Debenhams, ASOS, and Amazon.

Since launching the site in 2013, it has saved around £140 million for its users.


Who Is the Oldest Coupon Site in the UK?

As debated in the main article, two sites claim to be “the oldest in the industry” – MyVoucherCodes and Hotukdeals. Taking into account the information present on the sites in question, we can say that the oldest coupon site in United Kindom is Hotukdeals, which was launched in 2004, two years before MyVoucherCodes. is the UK’s most popular coupons and deals site. According to data provided by SimilarWeb, the site has approximately 20,000,000 visits each month.

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