Looking for top-notch discounts and the latest deals in the UK? This guide will give you the needed overview for leveling up your bargain hunting. The top list includes only those coupon sites that are a reliable source for improving your shopping experience.

Whether you’re a grocery super-saver, a restaurant regular, or a fashion-forward spender, we’re confident that at least one of the platforms below will become a go-to coupon resource. Now, let’s deep dive into the world of online savings in the UK.

Top Coupon Sites in the United Kingdom


Attention: Coupon sites frequently update their available discounts, deals, and listed stores. Depending on when you’re reading this, the information below might’ve changed slightly. We recommend checking the coupon websites directly.

Site Name
Stores Listed
Important Features
DontPayFull.com35,000+Auto-apply coupon extension, verified coupons, store and promotional event guides, exclusive deals and discounts, newsletter offers, Amazon discount tool, deal alerts.
RetailMeNot.com21,000+Cashback, mobile app, deal alerts, browser extension, verified coupons, user-rated coupons, gift card deals.
VoucherCodes.co.uk1,300+All voucher codes are tested, mobile app, deal finder tool, email alerts, exclusive deals
MyVouchercodes.co.uk1,500+Select deals, wide array of categories, verified deals, email newsletter, mobile app.
Hotukdeals.com1,900+Community-driven deals, extensive user base, voting system, forums, alerts, mobile app.
Savoo.co.uk2,400+Verified deals, email newsletter, in-depth guides, different categories, exclusive discounts, charitable partnerships.
Vouchercloud.com2,500+Wide range of retailers, exclusive discount vouchers, verified offers, geolocation feature, saving tips, email alerts, mobile app.
Topcashback.co.uk20,000+High cashback rates, retail partners, payout flexibility, cashback on both products and services, no minimum payout, mobile app.
Codes.co.uk10,000+Exclusive discounts, daily updated deals, verified offers, email alerts, top codes section, featured stores.
Voucherbox.co.uk2,300+Exclusive codes, verified offers, top discount vouchers section, daily deal alerts, community comments, minimum savings guarantee.
Groupon.co.uk100,000+Local and national deals, frequent updates, special offers, extra discounts and benefits for members, gift options, daily deals.
Wowcher.co.uk38,000+Local and national deals, website wallet credit, loyalty points, daily deals, exclusive offers, mobile app.
Quidco.com5,000+(High) cashback offers, comparison tool, mobile app, top promotions, survey platform where users can earn cash.

1. DontPayFull.com


Yes, we put ourselves at the top, but it’s for a good reason! We take pride in helping our community of 600,000+ registered users take their savings to the next level by finding the best deal possible.

As one of the leading coupon sites in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and beyond, we have been helping savvy shoppers keep more money in their wallets since 2012. DontPayFull is your one-stop solution to access the latest deals for 35,000+ stores conveniently.

Bargain hunters can easily find the lowest price for their desired items on our site, across categories such as fashion, groceries, health & beauty, electronics, home & garden, travel, entertainment, and more. Our brand’s offerings include:

  • Verified coupons
  • Over 2,000 exclusive discount codes and deals
  • Amazon Discount Finder tool
  • Coupon code browser extension with an auto-apply feature for 10,000+ stores
  • Over 35,000 retailers listed
  • We add 22,500+ new codes & deals every week
  • Email newsletter to keep you in the loop
  • Saving tips and guides

2. RetailMeNot.com


RetailMeNot.com is a popular coupon site for online coupons, discounts, and cashback offers for UK and international brands. The online platform helps savvy shoppers with saving money in a wide range of sectors. They partner with over 21,000 retailers across the globe to offer customers an extensive selection of offers, promotions, and in-store coupons.

RetailMeNot verifies its store coupons, reducing the risk of invalid deals at checkout. It also offers deals on gift cards from various retailers for an added layer of savings.

Top features include:

  • Cashback
  • Mobile app
  • Deal alerts
  • Browser extension
  • Verified coupons
  • User-rated coupons
  • Gift card offers

3. VoucherCodes.co.uk


VoucherCodes.co.uk is a trusted coupon site that helps UK shoppers unlock significant savings on their purchases. The website partners with a multitude of retailers across the country, offering its community an impressive range of discounts, promotional offers, and exclusive offers. 

One of the standout features of VoucherCodes.co.uk is its code verification process. The site provides customers with reliable and verified offers to guarantee a seamless experience of saving money. The platform also offers unique features such as “DealFinder,” a browser extension that automatically applies promo codes during online checkout.

Top features of the UK site include:

  • All codes are tested
  • Mobile app
  • Deal finder tool
  • Email alerts
  • Select deals

4. MyVouchercodes.co.uk


MyVoucherCodes.co.uk helps shoppers in the UK secure significant discounts on their purchases. The website collaborates with a wide array of retailers. It offers its users access to an expansive range of bargains, exclusive offers, and promotional offers. 

MyVoucherCodes.co.uk covers various categories, including fashion, electronics, restaurants, travel, and home & garden. What sets the platform apart is its commitment to providing reliable and verified discounts, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience for its users. The coupon site also regularly features “Deal of the Week” and “Top 20” sections, highlighting the most attractive offers.

Top features include:

  • Select deals
  • Wide array of offer types
  • Verified deals
  • Email newsletter
  • Mobile app

5. Hotukdeals.com


Hotukdeals.com is the UK’s largest deal-sharing community and a popular coupon site. Users share the best deals and promotional codes available on the market. The site brings together millions of users who discover, share, and rate hot offers and discounts across various products and services from UK brands. 

Covering categories from electronics and gaming to fashion, beauty, travel, and groceries, Hotukdeals.com offers shoppers an all-inclusive platform for all their savings needs. The website thrives on the collective knowledge of its community, which posts, comments, and votes on offers.

Top features include:

  • Community-driven deals
  • Extensive user base
  • Voting system
  • Forums
  • Alerts
  • Mobile app

6. Savoo.co.uk


Savoo.co.uk provides shoppers with a comprehensive collection of discounts, vouchers, and special offers from various online retailers and service providers. The site is carefully curated, enabling customers to save money on a wide array of goods. This includes fashion, electronics, travel, beauty products, and much more. It is a convenient one-stop shop to find the best offers and make online shopping more efficient and wallet-friendly.

Savoo.co.uk also offers cashback rewards, giving customers even more value for their purchases.

Top features of the UK site include:

  • Verified deals
  • Email newsletter
  • In-depth guides
  • Various categories
  • Exclusive bargains
  • Charitable partnerships

7. Vouchercloud.com


Vouchercloud.com is an online hub that offers many discounts, vouchers, and select offers from multiple global brands. The site covers a variety of sectors, including food & drink, travel, fashion, electronics, and more. The platform is a great resource for shoppers seeking to find the best deals and make their wallets happier. 

Aside from providing access to considerable savings, Vouchercloud.com also empowers its customers with product reviews, brand overviews, and insightful shopping advice. As an added benefit, users can earn G-points for using the mobile app, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

Top features include:

  • Wide range of retailers
  • Exclusive vouchers
  • Verified offers
  • Geolocation feature
  • Saving tips
  • Email alerts
  • Mobile app

8. Topcashback.co.uk


Topcashback.co.uk is one of the UK’s most generous cashback and voucher websites. It helps savvy deal hunters make significant savings when shopping from 20,000+ retailers. The platform offers a comprehensive range of cashback opportunities and promotions. Covered categories include electronics, fashion, travel, and home & garden. The site rewards its users with a percentage of their online purchase cost returned to them, creating a budget-friendly shopping experience.

Aside from hosting great cashback offers with many withdrawal methods, Topcashback.co.uk also has a comparison tool for insurance, energy, and broadband providers. 

Top features of the UK site include:

  • High cashback rates
  • Retail partners
  • Payout flexibility
  • Cashback on both products and services
  • No minimum payout
  • Mobile app

9. Codes.co.uk


Codes.co.uk specializes in offering vouchers, discounts, and deals from various online retailers across the UK. The platform’s mission is to help British consumers to save money on their online purchases. It has a vast range of product categories, such as fashion, electronics, groceries, and travel. By streamlining the process of finding and using promotions, Codes.co.uk enhances shopping experiences and makes them affordable and convenient.

The coupon site keeps its content updated with the latest offers and promotions from UK brands, so that users always have access to current savings opportunities.

Top features of the UK site include:

  • Exclusive discount codes
  • Daily updated deals
  • Verified offers
  • Email alerts
  • Top codes section
  • Featured stores

10. Voucherbox.co.uk


Voucherbox.co.uk is one of the best coupon sites in the United Kingdom. It serves shoppers seeking the latest discounts, vouchers, and savings from a broad spectrum of brands and retailers. The online platform covers various categories including fashion, electronics, travel, and food & drink, among others.

Voucherbox.co.uk continuously updates its database with fresh deals. This ensures that users can always find the most current and applicable savings opportunities. 

Top features include:

  • Exclusive discount codes
  • Verified offers
  • Top vouchers section
  • Daily deal alerts
  • Community comments
  • Minimum savings guarantee

11. Groupon.co.uk


Groupon is a renowned global online marketplace that connects bargain hunters with local merchants. It offers an array of goods, services, and activities at discounted rates. Groupon.co.uk is where British consumers can discover the best their city has to offer, be it restaurants, health & fitness centers, beauty spas, or exciting events. The vast selection spans local offers, travel destinations, products, and services, making it a comprehensive resource for great deals and unique experiences.

Beyond just being a discount platform, Groupon.co.uk helps local businesses attract and retain customers by providing them with customizable and scalable marketing tools and services.

Top features include:

  • Local and national deals
  • Frequent updates
  • Special offers
  • Extra discounts and benefits for members
  • Gift options
  • Daily offers

12. Wowcher.co.uk


Wowcher.co.uk has various daily deals that cover categories such as travel, beauty, home essentials, electronics, and more. The platform connects consumers and businesses, offering attractive discounts that enable savings on products, services, and experiences. With Wowcher, customers get the opportunity to explore local attractions, shop for coveted items, or book getaways – all at significantly reduced prices.

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious spa experience, a new fitness class, a quality home appliance, or a weekend getaway, Wowcher.co.uk is likely to help you.

Top features of the UK site include:

  • Local and national deals
  • Website wallet credit
  • Loyalty points
  • Daily offers
  • Exclusive offers
  • Mobile app

13. Quidco.com


Quidco.com is a cashback and voucher code website that provides shoppers looking to save money with an easy and efficient way to get bargains for their online purchases. The site partners with 5,000+ top retailers across industries like fashion, technology, travel, and utilities, helping users earn cashback on their spending. By turning everyday shopping into an opportunity for savings, Quidco.com has established itself as a trusted tool for budget-conscious consumers.

Top features include:

  • (High) cashback offers
  • Comparison tool
  • Mobile app
  • Top vouchers
  • Survey platform where users can earn cash

Best Coupon Sites UK FAQs

What Are Some of the Best Couponing Sites in the UK?

Some of the best coupon websites in the United Kingdom include HotUKDeals, MyVoucherCodes, VoucherCodes, Groupon, TopCashback, Quidco, Wowcher, MoneySavingExpert, and DontPayFull. They have plenty of popular coupons which you’re sure to find useful as well.

Are Coupon Websites Reliable?

The above-mentioned sites are generally considered reliable and legitimate. However, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully before making a purchase. Sometimes, expired coupons and offers can remain listed even after they become unusable. 

How Often Do Coupon Sites Update Their Offers?

They usually update their offers daily. Some sites may even update multiple times a day. However, this may vary depending on the website and the type of deals they offer.

Are There Any Charges to Use Coupon Platforms?

Most coupon code websites are free to use. They generate revenue through affiliate marketing, meaning they earn a commission on purchases made via their links or codes. However, some websites may offer premium services with a subscription fee.

Do Voucher Websites Require Registration?

Most promo code websites will allow you to browse offers without registration, but you might need to sign up to access certain features or offers. Registration is typically free.

Can I Find Coupons for All Types of Products?

Yes, you can find coupons for a wide variety of product categories on the websites above – from groceries and clothing to travel and technology. This is true for most sites built for bargain hunters as well.

Do Coupons Have an Expiry Date?

Yes, most coupons will have an expiry date. This should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the coupon. Not all sites may indicate expiry dates the same way though.

What’s the Best Coupon Website in the UK?

Determining the “best” website for discounts and deals depends on various factors. For example, the type of offers you’re looking for, the user interface you prefer, and the frequency of updates. Hotukdeals.com is generally a crowd favorite, but we advise checking the popular coupons we have here on DontPayFull as well.

Do You Have Any Suggestions?

We're always looking for ways to enrich our content on DontPayFull.com. If you have a valuable resource or other suggestion that could enhance our existing content, we would love to hear from you.