An automatic discount is a promotion applied at checkout when certain conditions are met without needing a promo code. Basically is a Cart Discount that applies automatically without any customer input.

Businesses can use automatic discounts to make it easier for customers to buy and make checkout faster. Additionally, they can be a useful way to incentivize spending.

For automatic discounts to be successfully applied though, it’s important that all items eligible for the discount are added to the cart before they reach checkout. This means that any items they need to buy, in addition to any items they get as part of the promotion, should already be in their carts.

Additionally, remember there can only be one active automatic discount applied per order – this takes precedence over discount codes, so customers cannot use multiple discounts on a single order.

How to Create Specific Automatic Discounts?

  1. Determine the type of discount: Businesses can offer a range of discounts, from percentage reductions and flat-rate discounts to free shipping, BOGO deals, and loyalty rewards. Select the one that best meets your company’s objectives.
  2. Set the criteria: To qualify for the discount, customers should meet certain requirements. This may involve placing an order of a certain value, buying particular products or categories of products, or being part of a loyalty program.
  3. Create the discount code: Generate a unique discount code that customers can enter at checkout to receive the discount.
  4. Set the expiration date: Determine how long the discount code will be valid.
  5. Set up the automation: Set up the e-commerce platform or plugin to automatically apply a discount code when the customer meets its requirements.
  6. Test the system: Test the system to confirm that the discount is being properly applied and the coupon code is active.

Automatic Discounts Can Be Used Even Thru Email Marketing

After customers purchase something, take a survey, or complete a certain action on a website, businesses often send them an automatic email with a coupon or discount code to encourage them to make more purchases. This is a simple way of incentivizing customers to buy more items. 

An email marketing platform or e-commerce system typically sends the email automatically based on predefined triggers or rules, such as a certain amount spent or a specific product purchased. The coupon code included in the email can be a percentage or dollar amount discount or a free gift with a purchase.

This marketing strategy works well, as it encourages repeat customers and builds loyalty. It is also a useful tool for businesses to measure how successful their email marketing has been. They can see this by tracking the number of coupons that have been redeemed.

However, it’s important for businesses to ensure that the email containing the coupon code is well-crafted and not seen as spam and that the terms and conditions of the discount are clearly communicated to customers to avoid confusion or disappointment.