The Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) business model is an increasingly popular practice among consumers who want to enjoy the convenience of shopping online combined with the immediacy of in-store pick-up.

This type of shopping experience eliminates the need for customers to wait in lines or worry about shipping costs. With BOPIS, customers can order their items online and go directly to the store to pick them up.

StoreBOPIS Details
CVSBOPIS available across all departments. See more details about CVS’s Store Pickup option.
GAPBOPIS for clothing and accessories. See more details about GAP’s Store Pickup option.
Kohl’sBOPIS available across all departments. See more details about Kohl’s Store Pickup option.
Macy’sClothing and home goods available for BOPIS. See more details about Macy’s Store Pickup option.
Old NavyAffordable fashion available for BOPIS. See more details about Old Navy’s Store Pickup option.
SephoraBeauty and skincare BOPIS options. See more details about Sephora’s Store Pickup option.
TargetClothing and home goods available for BOPIS. See more details about Target’s Store Pickup option.
Ulta BeautyBOPIS available for beauty items. See more details about Ulta’s Store Pickup option.
The Home DepotHome improvement goods available for BOPIS. See more details about The Home Depot’s Store Pickup option.
WalmartBOPIS available across all departments. See more details about Walmart’s Store Pickup option.

Benefits of Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Buy Online, Pick up In-Store is a shopping strategy that combines the convenience of online shopping with an in-person pick-up. There are several benefits of BOPIS for both customers and retailers:

👍 Convenience

Customers can shop from the comfort of their homes and have the ability to pick up their purchases whenever they want without having to wait for shipping.

👍 Speed

Picking up in-store can be quicker than waiting for an item to ship—sometimes same-day pick-up. This is especially beneficial for customers who need their purchase immediately or want to avoid potential shipping delays.

👍 Cost Savings

BOPIS can save customers’ shipping fees and potentially minimize return shipping costs. Retailers can also save on shipping costs and possibly increase in-store sales through impulse buys when customers come to collect their items.

👍 Increased Store Foot Traffic

When shoppers come to pick up their online purchases at a physical store, they may be encouraged to browse and make additional purchases, boosting in-store sales.

👍 Inventory Management

Retailers have better control over their inventory through BOPIS since they can manage and allocate it more efficiently.

👍 Reduced Returns

BOPIS customers often have a chance to review and ensure satisfaction with their purchase before leaving the store, which can reduce the number of returns and associated costs for retailers.

👍 Enhanced Customer Experience

BOPIS allows retailers to provide an omnichannel shopping experience for their customers, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

👍 Improved Order Accuracy

With BOPIS, there’s a lower risk of shipping the wrong item or shipping to an incorrect address as customers pick up their purchases in person.

👍 Personalization and Upselling Opportunities

When customers come to pick up their orders, retailers can use the opportunity to provide personalized recommendations or offer additional products based on the customers’ preferences and purchase history.

👍 Better Customer Data

Retailers gain valuable customer data through BOPIS transactions, which can be used to optimize their marketing strategies, target promotions, and personalize the shopping experience.

👍 Environmentally Friendly

BOPIS reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping individual packages to customers’ homes. By consolidating multiple pickups in one trip, customers can also minimize their own transportation-related carbon emissions.

How Does BOPIS Work?

For Customers

BOPIS, or Buy Online, Pick up In-Store, provides a convenient shopping experience for customers by allowing them to browse and purchase products online and then pick up their orders from a physical store location.

To use BOPIS, customers simply visit the retailer’s website or app, browse the available products, and select their preferred items. During the checkout process, customers choose the “pick up in-store” option, which often displays available pickup locations and estimated pickup times.

Once the order is placed and ready for pickup, customers receive a notification—typically through email or text—informing them that their items are available for collection at the selected store. Customers then visit the store, often within a designated pick-up area or counter, and provide their order confirmation or identification to collect their purchase.

This process allows customers to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online shopping while also taking advantage of quicker pick-up times and potential cost savings, such as eliminating shipping fees or taking advantage of in-store-only promotions upon pick-up.

For Retailers

For retailers, incorporating BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In-Store) into their sales strategy begins with integrating their online platform and inventory management system. This allows customers to view product availability and select items to purchase online.

When the customer chooses the in-store pickup option, the retailer’s system identifies the store location and allocates the existing in-store inventory for the specific order. Retail employees then receive a notification to prepare the selected items for customer pick-up, which may involve packaging the order, marking it as ready, and placing it in a designated pick-up area.

BOPIS offers several advantages to retailers, including increased foot traffic to their physical locations, enhanced inventory management, and cost savings on shipping. Additionally, by providing an omnichannel experience, retailers can cater to customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping while still fostering in-person connections and upselling opportunities.

When executed effectively, BOPIS can enhance customer satisfaction, and loyalty, and help retailers better compete with online giants by delivering speed, convenience, and a seamless shopping experience.