Buy Online, Pick up In-Store (BOPIS) allows customers to order products online and conveniently pick them up at a nearby store. This combines the ease of online shopping with the immediacy of in-store pickup. This business model improves customer satisfaction and drives in-store traffic, which can lead to more sales opportunities for retailers.

Implementing BOPIS requires an integrated retail system that seamlessly connects online orders with in-store inventory.

Key Takeaways

  • BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In-Store) allows customers to order products online and pick them up at a nearby store. This blends online shopping with the ease of in-store pickup.
  • This model improves customer happiness and drives in-store traffic, potentially leading to more retail sales opportunities. However, it also requires an integrated retail system that connects online orders with in-store inventory.
  • The BOPIS process starts with online shopping, selecting the pickup option during checkout, and ends with the pickup itself. BOPIS comes in different types: in-store, curbside pickup, and locker pickup. Each fits varying customer needs.
  • BOPIS offers simplicity, cost savings, time efficiency, flexibility, and improved order accuracy. For businesses, BOPIS increases foot traffic, reduces shipping costs, creates customer loyalty, improves inventory management, and lowers return rates.
  • Click and collect, sometimes used instead of BOPIS, extends the model by offering more pickup points at external locations.
🏬 Store Name🚗 BOPIS Details
CVSBOPIS available across all departments. See more details about CVS’s Store Pickup option.
GAPBOPIS for clothing and accessories. See more details about GAP’s Store Pickup option.
Kohl’sBOPIS available across all departments. See more details about Kohl’s Store Pickup option.
Macy’sClothing and home goods available for BOPIS. See more details about Macy’s Store Pickup option.
Old NavyAffordable fashion available for BOPIS. See more details about Old Navy’s Store Pickup option.
SephoraBeauty and skincare BOPIS options. See more details about Sephora’s Store Pickup option.
TargetClothing and home goods available for BOPIS. See more details about Target’s Store Pickup option.
Ulta BeautyBOPIS available for beauty items. See more details about Ulta’s Store Pickup option.
The Home DepotHome improvement goods available for BOPIS. See more details about The Home Depot’s Store Pickup option.
WalmartBOPIS available across all departments. See more details about Walmart’s Store Pickup option.
Best BuyBOPIS for laptops, smartphones, TVs, and home appliances. See more details about Best Buy Store Pickup.
NordstromBOPIS for fashion and beauty purchases. See more details about Nordstrom BOPIS.
PetSmartFor pet supplies such as food, toys, and grooming products. See more details about PetSmart In-Store Pickup.
Lowe’sPickup options for home improvement and DIY products. See more details about Lowe’s BOPIS options.
StaplesGet office supplies today (printers, paper, etc). See more details about Staples In-Store pickup.

BOPIS Origins


Tip: Retailers use BOPIS to boost in-store visits, potentially leading to more purchases. By integrating online and offline experiences, BOPIS supports a continuous shopping journey.

The concept of BOPIS emerged from the need to integrate online and offline retail channels. Initially adopted by major retail players like Target and Walmart, BOPIS gained traction as it addressed key consumer pain points: convenience and speed.

Its popularity grew with the increase in e-commerce, prompting many retailers to implement this strategy. Over time, technological advances enabled smoother implementation. The approach has become a staple in the omnichannel retail world, helping stores adapt to changing shopping behaviors and improve customer satisfaction.

Types of BOPIS

Buy online, pick up in-store comes in several forms. Each is tailored to meet different consumer needs and preferences. Here are the primary types:

Standard BOPIS

In this traditional model, customers order online and pick up their products at a designated in-store counter. This method often involves minimal wait times and is ideal for shoppers who prefer to avoid shipping fees and delivery delays.

Curbside Pickup

A more recent version of BOPIS, curbside pickup, allows customers to collect online orders without leaving their vehicles. Retail staff bring the purchased items directly to the customer’s car, making it a preferred option for those seeking maximum convenience and minimal physical interaction.

Locker Pickup

Some retailers have introduced secure lockers where customers can retrieve online orders using a unique code. This method is particularly useful for shoppers who cannot pick up their purchases during regular store hours, as lockers are often accessible 24/7.

How Does BOPIS Work?

Step-by-Step Process

  • Online shopping: consumers browse the retailer’s online store and add items to their cart.
  • Select pickup option: during checkout, they choose the “Buy Online, Pick up In-Store” option.
  • Order processing: the retailer processes the order, and store staff prepares the items for pickup.
  • Notification: once the order is ready, the customer receives a notification (usually via email or SMS) with pickup instructions.
  • Pickup: the customer goes to the store to collect their order, either at the counter, curbside, or locker, depending on the chosen method.

Benefits of BOPIS

🛍️ Benefits for Consumers

  • Convenience: BOPIS offers the best of both worlds – an online shopping experience with a simple in-store pickup.
  • Cost savings: customers can avoid shipping fees and sometimes take advantage of exclusive in-store discounts when picking up their orders.
  • Time efficiency: shoppers can bypass delivery wait times and have their items ready for pickup within hours.
  • Flexibility: with different pickup options like curbside and locker, customers can choose the method that best suits their lifestyle.
  • Improved order accuracy: with BOPIS, there’s no risk of getting the wrong item or shipping it to an incorrect address as you pick up the purchases in person.

🏬 Benefits for Businesses

  • Increased foot traffic: BOPIS brings customers into stores, where they may make additional purchases.
  • Reduced shipping costs: retailers save on shipping expenses by leveraging their existing store inventory for order fulfillment.
  • Improved customer loyalty: offering BOPIS can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a convenient shopping option.
  • Improved inventory management: retailers can better manage their inventory and reduce overstock issues by tying online orders to in-store stock.
  • Fewer returns: BOPIS customers often have a chance to review and ensure satisfaction with their purchase before leaving the store, which can reduce the number of returns and associated costs for retailers.

Click and Collect

What Is Click and Collect?


Tip: Often used interchangeably with BOPIS, “click and collect” is a service where customers “click” to purchase items online and then “collect” them at a physical store. 

While the core concept is similar to BOPIS, click and collect can include pickup points at locations other than the retailer’s store, such as collection centers or lockers.

How It Improves BOPIS

Click and collect extends the BOPIS model, offering extra pickup options. For example, retailers might partner with external locations to increase the number of pickup points, making it easier for customers to collect their items at a time and place that suits them best.

Buy Online, Pick up In-Store FAQs

What is BOPIS?

BOPIS stands for “Buy Online, Pick up In-Store.” It’s a shopping method that lets customers purchase items online and collect them from a physical store.

Is BOPIS Available for All Products?

Availability varies by retailer and product. Some items, especially large or perishable goods, may not be eligible for BOPIS.

Can I Change My Pickup Location after Placing an Order?

This depends on the retailer’s policies. Some stores allow changes before the order is processed, while others may not.

Are There Any Fees Associated with BOPIS?

Most retailers offer in-store or curbside pickup for free. This helps customers save on shipping costs, as driving to the location will likely be more budget-friendly than waiting for a courier to deliver your order.

How Long Do I Have to Pick up My Order?

Pickup windows vary by retailer, ranging from a few days to over a week. Be sure to check the specific store’s policy.

What Happens If I Miss My Pickup Window?

Retailers generally have policies for uncollected orders, including canceling and issuing a refund. If the item goes out of stock afterward, the retailer might restock the item.

Can Someone Else Pick up My Order?

Many retailers allow you to choose a person to collect the order on your behalf. They need to bring their ID and the order confirmation number.

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