Location-based mobile coupons are a type of coupon delivered to a mobile device based on the user’s location. These coupons are distributed through mobile apps, text messages, or push notifications when the user is near a specific location, such as a store or restaurant.

The coupons may be triggered by the user’s proximity to a specific geographic location or behavior, such as when they visit a particular shop. Once the user receives the coupon, they can redeem it for a discount, free item, or another promotional offer.

Companies are increasingly utilizing location-based mobile coupons to expand their customer base and bolster sales. These coupons enable businesses to connect with customers in the vicinity, offering custom-tailored discounts that match individual tastes and preferences. From a user’s perspective, leveraging location-based mobile coupons is a great way to maximize savings and discover hidden gems in their neighborhood.

How Does a Location-Based Mobile Coupon Work?

Location-based mobile coupons work by using a mobile device’s location tracking capabilities to send a coupon or offer to the user when they are in close proximity to a business or store. Here is an example of how a location-based mobile coupon works:

  1. Users have a mobile app installed on their phones that includes location-tracking functionality.
  2. The user enters a geofenced area, a pre-determined virtual perimeter around a specific location, such as a store or restaurant.
  3. The app detects the user’s location and sends a push notification with a coupon or offer that is specific to that location.
  4. The user can then redeem the coupon or offer by presenting it at the point of sale, either by showing it to the cashier or scanning a QR code.
  5. The business can track the success of the coupon or offer and use that data to refine its marketing strategy and offer more targeted promotions in the future.

Mobile coupons based on a user’s location can also be activated when the user engages in certain activities, such as making a purchase or interacting with a brand on social media. These coupons will then be sent to their device when they are close to the business at a later time.

What Stores Are Using Location-Based Mobile Coupons?

From retail stores to local eateries, there are numerous businesses offering location-based mobile coupon deals. Here are a few examples of stores that have offered such coupons:

  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • McDonald’s
  • Walgreens
  • Subway