Retirement is a huge step in someone’s life. It represents years of hard work and achievement throughout their career, and it’s also the start of a whole new chapter. One of the best ways to begin that chapter is with a special retirement gift, but you might not always know what gifts to give for retirement.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some super retirement gift ideas from trusted stores. We’ll also help you get the best deals when buying retirement gifts, with links to verified coupons and promo codes to cut down the cost of your order.

Top 15 Stores for Retirement Gifts

There are plenty of great sites that sell retirement gifts online, and here are a few of our favorites that will help you get the finest products at the most affordable prices.

StoreStore Retirement Gifts
🔥 Gifts.comSee Retirement Gifts
🔥 EtsySee Etsy Retirement Gifts
🔥 AmazonSee Amazon Retirement Gifts
HallmarkSee Hallmark Retirement Gifts
PandoraSee Pandora Retirement Gifts
Bed Bath & BeyondSee Bed Bath & Beyond Retirement Gifts
Personalization MallSee Personalization Mall Retirement Gifts
ZazzleSee Zazzle Retirement Gifts
Things RememberedSee Things Remembered Retirement Gifts
Uncommon GoodsSee Uncommon Goods Retirement Gifts
Home Wet BarSee Home Wet Bar Retirement Gifts
Edible ArrangementsSee Edible Arrangements Retirement Gifts
Cafe PressSee Cafe Press Retirement Gifts
1800FlowersSee 1800Flowers Retirement Gifts
ShutterflySee Shutterfly Retirement Gifts

🔥 Retirement Gifts

As the name suggests, is a site that is entirely dedicated to gifts. It’s a super place to look for retirement gifts because you can find all sorts of items, from beautiful charms and decorative pillows to travel bags, customized coolers, travel maps, and thank-you canvases. Most items are customizable, too, allowing you to add your own message of love. promo codes and coupons allow you to enjoy serious discounts on all of your orders. Some of the best coupons for this site provide widespread discounts like 20% off the entire store or 15% off all gifts for women. Some deals go even further, with discounts up to and over 50% on selected products.

🔥 Etsy Retirement Gifts

Etsy is an online marketplace where many independent creators and small arts and crafts businesses sell their wares around the globe. Thanks to its focus on small creators and unique goods, this is a super site to buy from if you’re looking for very special, personalizable, interesting retirement gifts to impress your friend, co-worker, or family member.

And if you’re thinking about ordering some crafty creations or personalized retirement gifts at, make sure you check out our page of coupons and promo codes before placing your order. We can help you enjoy a range of deals, including free shipping site-wide and up to 60% discounts on selected items.

🔥 Amazon Retirement Gifts

Amazon is another great place to shop for retirement gifts like T-shirts, watches, decorative items, or even gift cards to let your gift recipient simply choose whatever they want. It’s the biggest online store of them all, with an almost endless catalog of products of all kinds, and the prices are usually quite affordable at Amazon, too.

You can make Amazon’s prices even more appealing with our coupon codes and promo deals. Enjoy discounts of up to 60% on select product ranges, or get $10 off your first order as a Prime subscriber. There are also other impressive discounts available with Amazon coupon codes, and the site sometimes gives out free gift cards, too.

Best Retirement Gifts for Women

Maybe you have a mom or aunt getting close to retirement, or another special lady in your life preparing to bid farewell to the world of work. Here are some fun and interesting retirement gift ideas for women.

#1 Next Chapter Notebook

Next Chapter Notebook

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: newly-retired woman

After retirement, many people find themselves with lots of ideas about things they want to do, and it can be tricky to get all those thoughts organized in their heads. A lovely notebook, like this Next Chapter Notebook from Hallmark, is, therefore, a great gift for a newly-retired woman, giving her a chance to write down everything from vacation plans to daily to-do lists. It has 300 gilded pages and a handy ribbon bookmark.


Tip: Don’t forget to check out Hallmark coupons to potentially cut down the cost of your order.

#2 Retirement Schedule Mug

Retirement Schedule Mug

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: teachers

Funny gifts often go down well with new retirees, and this cute and humorous mug from Etsy is a super present to share with someone you care about. It’s fully customizable, so you can include the retiree’s name at the top, and it features a “Weekly Schedule” for retirees, reminding them that they can do whatever they want as they’re free from the routine of work, once and for all.


Tip: Maximize your savings by using Etsy coupon codes.

#3 Picnic Time Tote

Picnic Time Tote

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: outdoor lovers

Many newly-retired people like to spend more time outdoors in their own backyards, tending to their gardens and growing new life. If that sounds like someone you know, this Picnic Time tote from Bed Bath & Beyond could be the perfect gift! It comes with a range of essential gardening tools for backyard work, including a digging trowel, planting trowel, and steel cultivator, as well as plenty of pockets and storage compartments.


Tip: Take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond coupons to enjoy great savings.

Best Retirement Gifts for Men

You might also have a man in your life who is nearing the end of his working days, like a father or brother. Here are a few great ideas for retirement gifts for guys from sites like Uncommon Goods and Snack Nation.

#4 Golfers BBQ Set

Golfers BBQ Set

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: chefs and home cooks

A lot of retired men are happy to have more free time to focus on two of their biggest loves: sport and food. Well, with this affordable golfers BBQ set from Uncommon Goods, you can combine both of those passions into one product. This set features stainless steel barbecue tools like tongs and a spatula, designed to look just like golf clubs. This is a great choice for a man you know who loves sport and enjoys standing by the grill and cooking up a storm.


Tip: Use Uncommon Goods coupons to maximize your savings!

#5 Chess Board

Chess Board

Cost: $$$
Best retirement gift for: chess fans

Perhaps your father, grandfather, uncle, or other male relative enjoys the game of chess. If so, retirement will give them plenty of time to fine-tune their skills and develop their strategy, and what better way to enjoy the great game than with a fancy new board courtesy of Chess House? This store offers lots of wonderful chess boards, including themed boards with Roman soldiers and Civil War fighters.


Tip: To save money don’t forget to check out for available Chess House coupons.

#6 Custom Fishing Lure

Custom Fishing Lure

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: fishing lovers

Do you know a newly-retired person who loves to go fishing? If so, this gift might just make their day! It’s a custom fishing lure that you can design to suit their tastes and preferences. You can add up to 500 characters of text, like a personalized message of good luck and health in retirement for your loved one. Any anglers out there will be able to use this lure and always be reminded of your love and care. In addition, if you know someone who really loves to fish, take a look at Berkley Fishing for professional fishing gifts at the most enticing prices.


Tip: Look out for Berkley Fishing coupons to boost your savings.

Unique Retirement Gifts

If you really want to make an impact with your retirement gift, you might want to ignore the traditional ideas and pick something truly special. Stores like and Uncommon Goods are great for unique retirement gifts, and if you plan to use either of these sites, remember to look for discounts and coupon codes beforehand to save some extra cash.

#7 My Life Story So Far Book

My Life Story So Far Book

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: writers

By the time a person reaches the age of retirement, they’ve lived a lot of life and got a whole lot of stories to tell. So why not give them the chance to write those stories down with this My Life Story So Far book? It’s filled with prompts and ideas, designed to be filled in by the owner to share the tale of their life up to that point. The great thing about this gift is that it’s fun for both the retiree and their family, as you’ll be able to read the book later on and find out more about the person you love.

#8 Cork Globe

Cork Globe

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: travellers

Retirement is a great time of life to travel, and if you know someone who is getting ready to set off and see the world, this cork globe could be a great gift to share with them. It comes with 25 little red pins that the user can stick into places that they’ve already visited or places they hope to visit in the years ahead to help with planning their future travels. Plus, the base can be customized with a loving message or the person’s name.

#9 Meditation Box

Meditation Box

Cost: $$
Best retirement gift for: creative professionals

Retirement is a time for people to relax, forgetting the worries and stresses that they might have endured during their working lives. This Meditation Box is a nice little item to have around to help people with their mindfulness and general state of mind. It features fine grains of sand and a stylus for the user to write their own messages. They can then place the box somewhere prominent, like a nightstand or shelf, and enjoy its soothing reminder on a daily basis.

Funny Retirement Gifts

Some people can be a little nervous or apprehensive about retiring, so why not ease their mood and make them smile with a funny retirement gift? And when it comes to funny retirement gifts, Zazzle is one of the best stores to shop at, with amazing discount codes and coupons all through the year to help you enjoy free shipping and serious price cuts.

#10 Ping Pong Paddle

Ping Pong Paddle

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: sports fans

Many retirees like to take up sports and games to keep themselves busy and active as they get older, and this is a great gift to choose for an active retiree. It’s a ping pong paddle, emblazoned with the hilarious message, “I don’t want to. I don’t have to. You can’t make me. I’m retired.”

#11 Retired Apron

Retired Apron

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: chefs

Here’s another hilarious retirement gift, courtesy of Zazzle. It’s an apron, decorated with the message, “I Thought I Retired, But Now I Just Work For My Wife”. This gift is sure to put a smile on the face of any grill-loving retiree and their wife, and it’s easy to clean, too, perfect for cooking up backyard BBQs.

#12 Retirement T-Shirt

Retirement T-Shirt

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: retro enthusiasts

There are lots of funny retirement T-shirts you can buy and gift to older people you care about. This is a great example of one that is sure to make anyone smile. It features an adorable cherub-like boy, whistling a tune beside the words, “Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work no mo!” This shirt really sums up the fun side of retirement, and you can pick from various sizes to suit all body types.

Retirement Gifts for Co-Workers

Is someone at your office finally saying farewell? Well, when it comes to retirement gifts for co-workers, most people like to choose affordable, simple gifts that anyone would like. Amazon is a great place to shop for those kinds of gifts, offering quick delivery and a huge range of items! Just remember to make the most of Amazon gift codes and coupons to get the best deals.

#13 1001 Fun Things To Do Book

1001 Fun Things To Do Book

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: book lovers

Give your co-worker some inspiration and ideas on how to spend their newfound freedom with this book called 1001 Fun Things To Do In Retirement. Written by Mike Bellah, this book provides more than a thousand fun ideas of things that retirees can do, from surfing in California to meeting sled dogs in Alaska. It’s a fun read and perfect for adventurous souls.

#14 Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: artists

One of the first things that many people notice after retiring is that they suddenly have lots of free time that they need to fill with all sorts of activities, from sports and walks to more casual distractions, like this retirement coloring book. Ideal for arty and crafty people, this book is filled with detailed, intricate patterns that your friend or family member can fill in to pass the time whenever they’re in the mood.

#15 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: all

When you want to buy someone a retirement gift, but don’t quite know what you should get them, an Amazon gift card is a great option to choose. This is ideal for co-workers you care about, allowing all members of the team to pitch in $5 or $10 and letting the recipient simply use the card to buy something that they really need, rather than getting a gift they might not have much use for.

Personalized Retirement Gifts

If you really want to impress someone special with a retirement gift, make it personal! Personalized gifts are a wonderful way to show just how much you care, and thanks to sites like Things Remembered and Personalization Mall, these kinds of gifts are more accessible and affordable than ever before. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

#16 Monochrome Pen

Monochrome Pen

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: teachers and writers

Everyone needs a pen from time to time to write down notes or make a to-do list, and you can impress your retiring friend or loved one with this fabulous monochrome pen from Parker. Available in various colors, this pen is fully customizable.


Tip: Remember to consult our Things Remembered coupon codes to get the best price for this product and others.

#17 Crystal Clock

Crystal Clock

Cost: $$
Best retirement gift for: all

Clocks are also essential everyday items, and this crystal-arched clock will be a fine addition to any mantelpiece or office desk. Beautifully designed and fully personalizable, this clock will remind your friend or family member of all those hard years of work, building up to their well-deserved retirement. It’s a wonderful memento of their working life and a symbol of their dedication.

#18 Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: all

Wind chimes are a super addition to any backyard space, porch, or deck. Not only do they look pretty, but they make lovely music all on their own, any time the wind blows. Strong and durable, these wind chimes are built to last for years of use and enjoyment, with a personalized tab dangling at the bottom that you can customize with your own special message of love and support for your newly-retired friend.


Tip: Check our Personalization Mall coupon codes to get the best price.

Retirement Gifts for Specific Jobs

Depending on what kind of work your retiring loved one does, you may want to buy them a special gift that matches with their job and passion. Here are a few examples of great gifts for teachers and military veterans.

#19 Teacher Retirement Gifts

Teacher Retirement Gifts

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: teachers

Teachers dedicate their entire lives to educating young minds and giving children and teens the best chance of success in the future. They tend to be very selfless people, so they deserve a special treat whenever they decide to retire. A lovely and meaningful gift to consider is this Mentor Necklace from Amazon, featuring two linked circles to represent the bond between a teacher and their students.


Tip: Remember to check for teacher discounts to save extra money.

#20 Police Retirement Gifts

Police Retirement Gifts

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: police officers

Police officers put their lives on the line to defend the general public, ready to sacrifice it all to save lives and fight crime. It takes a special kind of character to go into such a demanding job, and retired officers deserve great gifts to honor their efforts. This customizable Police Officer Sign is a great option. It features the officer’s name and their department name, perfect for hanging in pride of place in the home.

#21 Nurse Retirement Gifts

Nurse Retirement Gifts

Cost: $
Best retirement gift for: nurses

In a way, nurses are like angels. They watch over people in their toughest moments, doing all they can to help those who are suffering or struggling with illnesses and other health problems. So, if you’re planning a retirement gift for a nurse, this Guardian Angel Figurine from Hallmark is a lovely choice, representing the loving care they have shown for so many patients over the years.


Tip: With Hallmark coupons, you can buy this item and others for a super low price.

#22 Military Retirement Gifts

Military Retirement Gifts

Cost: $$
Best retirement gift for: military members

Members of the military are some of the bravest people of all. They boldly go where others won’t, fighting to defend their countries and protect the people they care about. You’ll want to choose a truly special gift for a military veteran, like this Flag Display Stand from Amazon. This stand features an American flag at the top and space underneath for a certificate or military memorabilia like bags and patches. It’s a great way to honor a person’s service.

#23 Firefighter Retirement Gifts

Firefighter Retirement Gifts

Cost: $$
Best retirement gift for: firefighters

Just like members of the military and police officers, firefighters are brave individuals who take on one of the toughest jobs in the world, risking their own lives and safety to help others. A good way to honor a firefighter’s service is with a retirement gift that celebrates their time as part of a fire department, like this customizable Firefighter Clock from Zazzle.


Tip: With our Zazzle promo codes and coupons, you can get items like this at unbelievable prices.

#24 Luxury Retirement Gifts

Luxury Retirement Gifts

Cost: $$
Best retirement gift for: fancy people

Do you have a retiring friend who enjoys the finer things in life? If so, you may want to consider a luxurious retirement gift for them, like a fancy bottle of wine or champagne, or perhaps a decorative fruit arrangement, like this one from Edible Arrangements. This arrangement is filled with pineapple, strawberries, and other fruit items, adorned with chocolate to form a tasty, colorful bouquet.


Tip: Maximize your savings by using Edible Arrangements coupons and deals.

Retirement Gifts FAQ

How Much Should I Contribute to a Coworker Retirement Gift?

In general, anywhere from $5 to $20 is an appropriate amount to contribute towards a group retirement gift for a co-worker.

How Much Should You Spend on a Retirement Gift?

It depends on who you’re buying for. If you’re buying for a casual acquaintance or co-worker, a simple $5 or $10 gift should be fine, but for someone closer, like a best friend or parent, anywhere from $50 to $100 or higher may be appropriate.

Is Champagne or Wine a Good Retirement Gift?

It certainly can be, as long as you are sure that the recipient drinks alcohol and is comfortable receiving alcoholic drinks as gifts.

What Do You Give a Retiring Employee?

There are many possible gifts to share with a retiring employee, from flowers and gourmet gifts to the more personal items that reflect their personality, like travel bags and specific hobby accessories.

What Is an Appropriate Retirement Gift?

It depends on the person and their preferences. Popular retirement gifts include food and drinks, items of clothing, cookware, gardening gear, sporting accessories, jewelry, and gift baskets.