Launched back in 1999, Snapfish has become one of the world’s favorite photo-sharing and photo-printing platforms. It’s a great site for people who want to print off their vacation photos, wedding photos, or other kinds of photos. You can use it to print snaps in various sizes, or in the form of a wide range of gifts.

Snapfish is a very user-friendly platform too, perfect for making everything from photo books to canvas prints. You can also use it to make gifts for family and friends like keyrings and mouse mats.

And the site is well-known for having low prices, with prints available for less than 10 cents in some cases and affordable gifts as well. With Snapfish coupons, you can cut down the cost of your order even further. However, Snapfish shipping costs are generally seen as being pretty high.

Paying for shipping at Snapfish can add a lot of extra cash onto the total value of your order, up to $100 in some cases. You’ll have to pay a lot of Snapfish shipping fees if you’re placing a big order for lots of large items like canvases and photo books.

You’ll also need to pay a Snapfish shipping premium if you want to have your order shipped out to you as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save on Snapfish shipping or even get free shipping at Snapfish. This guide will show you how.

Ways to Get Snapfish Free Shipping

A good way to save some money on your next Snapfish order is to try and obtain free shipping. There are a few different ways in which you can do this.

👍 Make Use of a Snapfish Free Shipping Coupon Code

One of the best and simplest ways to get free shipping on your next Snapfish order is to make use of a coupon code or promo code for Snapfish free shipping. These kinds of coupon codes work just like any other Snapfish promo code. So you can apply them directly on the Snapfish site before confirming and paying for your order.

With a Snapfish free shipping promo code, you’ll usually qualify for free standard shipping. This means that your order will have the usual three-day processing time before delivery. It can then take up to five extra business days to arrive at your address.

However, your products may arrive sooner in some cases. It all depends on how busy the company is and what sorts of items you’re ordering, as well as the location of your delivery address. In general, you’ll get your order within five to eight days of placing it.

Snapfish Free Shipping Coupon

Snapfish is offering free shipping on orders over $29 with code FREESHIP29 until February 29, 2024.

Note: Based on our past observations, Snapfish is known to extend the life of this promotion after the initial expiry date.

How to Use a Free Shipping Coupon Code

So, how do you actually use a Snapfish free shipping coupon code and enjoy free Snapfish shipping on your next photo prints or gift order? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create Your Snapfish Account: If you haven’t got one already, you’ll need to make a Snapfish account. This is a very simple process. All you have to do to start is head to the official site and click on the “Join” button in the top right. You’ll need to provide an email address, as well as your name, and make a password.
  1. Upload Your Photos: Once you’ve made your account, you’ll need to start uploading some photos that you want to have printed. You can choose to order individual prints or get your photos in another form, like photo books, mugs, etc. Snapfish will automatically prompt you to do this after making your account or selecting an item you’d like to buy. You can upload photos straight from your device. Or you can share directly from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
snapfish upload photos
  1. Make Your Order: Once you’ve added some photos to your account, you’ll be able to start creating your order. Snapfish has a really simple design tool that even beginners can use to create custom prints or gifts like T-shirts, pillows, and calendars. You can use the different buttons like “Make a Canvas” or “Make a Book” to make the different items you’d like to order.
snapfish photo library
  1. Review Your Order and Use the Coupon Code: Once you’re satisfied with how your order is looking and you’re ready to pay, you can proceed. We recommend opening your Snapfish shopping cart first to check that all the items you want are there. Make sure that your shipping address is right before proceeding. On this screen, you’ll also see a coupon code box. This is where you can copy and paste your free shipping coupon code and press “Apply” to activate it.
snapfish cart
  1. Checkout: After activating the code, you should see on the order summary that your shipping costs are zero. Afterward, you can click the “Checkout” button and enter your payment information to complete your order. You’ll also get to see the estimated date of arrival.
snapfish billing

👍 Take Advantage of Snapfish Free Shipping During Sales and Special Events

Another good method for getting free shipping at Snapfish is to make the most of the company’s own sales and special events. The company regularly runs different sales and deals to offer discounts and savings to its customers. During these promos, you can sometimes find free shipping offers to help you save big bucks.

Sometimes, for example, Snapfish offers free shipping on a certain category of products. They might offer free shipping on all canvases, for example, or give you free delivery on all prints of a certain size. But there may be some limitations to these offers. So be sure to read the small print and make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before you buy.

In terms of when these sorts of deals are available, it’s best to check in with Snapfish during big holidays and sales events. Check the site around times like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Christmas, and so on. Snapfish regularly hosts sales and specials around these key times of the year. You can also check their own Deals page to learn more about the latest offers.

👍 Choose to Collect Your Snapfish Orders Instead of Having Them Delivered

One final method of getting free shipping with Snapfish is to actually choose to not have your orders shipped to your home at all. How does this work? Well, Snapfish offers a retail store pick-up service. This allows customers to collect orders from local CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart stores.

It’s important to note that the retail store pick-up option doesn’t apply to all Snapfish products. It only usually works for prints, cards, calendars, photo panels, and magnets. What’s more, different stores have different sets of products they can provide. For example, Walgreens will let you collect calendars, but Walmart only offers prints and cards at the time of writing.

Here’s how to use this service:

  1. Choose Pick Up: After adding items to your cart and getting ready to confirm your order. Choose the “Pick Up in Store” button on the cart page beneath the items you’d like to collect. If the button isn’t there, it means your item is not eligible.
  2. Find a Store: Enter your zip code and choose a store near you from the list provided. You can then checkout and pay for your order.
  3. Collect: After placing your order, you’ll receive an email with the estimated date and time for collection. Head to the retailer on that date to collect your order (you may want to call in advance to be sure they have it).

Snapfish Delivery Options

Shipping Method
Shipping Carrier
Shipping Cost

Delivery Time
Lowest PriceVariousStarting from $4.09Up to 8 business days
GroundUPSStarting from $7.09Up to 6 business days
ExpeditedUPSStarting from $9.99Up to 5 business days
RushUPSStarting from $14.99Up to 4 business days

For more details, check Snapfish shipping costs per product category and Snapfish delivery options.


Why Is Shipping with Snapfish so Expensive?

Shipping with Snapfish may seem pricey in comparison with the company’s low product prices. The costs of prints and gifts are pretty low in general at Snapfish. So the company has to charge for shipping to make a good profit on each transaction. Snapfish also works with trusted carriers who can charge a premium for their services, like UPS. This also explains why costs are quite high.

Is Snapfish Delivery Free?

No, outside of coupon codes, special offers, and sales, shipping is not usually free at Snapfish. The company can add varying amounts to the cost of your order for shipping services. The cost depends on how many items you’ve ordered and the total size of your order. In some cases, you may have to pay up to $100 extra in shipping costs when placing an order with Snapfish.

How Does Snapfish Shipping Work?

Snapfish offers four different shipping types: Lowest Price, Ground, Expedited, and Rush. Lowest Price is the cheapest option but takes the longest and can involve the use of different carriers. The other options cost progressively more, with Rush being the most expensive, and they all make use of UPS as the primary carrier for your items.

How Long Does It Take for a Snapfish Order to Arrive?

It depends on the method of shipping chosen at the time of order. All orders at Snapfish typically take three days to prepare. This is because it takes some time for the printing of photos and manufacture of gifts. Then, they get sent out for delivery. The delivery process takes up to four business days. The fastest option (Rush) delivers in one day, but the slowest (Lowest Price) takes up to four.

Is Snapfish Shipping Reliable?

Yes, Snapfish shipping is generally seen as very reliable. If you choose Ground, Expedited, or Rush delivery, your order ships with UPS. You’ll receive a tracking number to keep track of where it is and when it should arrive. Even if you choose the Lowest Price variant, you’ll still have updates on your order and it should arrive without any problems.