Red alert for hopeless romantics, Valentine’s Day is coming right up! And we all know love is for free, but if you still want to show your appreciation and surprise your loved one, it doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve curated some of the best Valentine’s Day deals and coupons for essential gifts such as flowers, jewelry, food, chocolate and sweets, so you can have all the tools to put together a very special day, on a budget.

Why and When Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a worldwide known celebration of love on the 14th of February. Its history runs deep, as it originated as a feast day for Saint Valentine and became throughout the years a commemoration of affection and relationships.

Although it has various interpretations, the most common activities to be enjoyed during this day are romantic dates, gift-giving, and sending cards with thoughtful messages. It’s going to fall on Monday this year, so what better day to enjoy a day of relaxation with good food, good company, and good offers?

When to Do Your Valentine’s Day Shopping?

We know you want this to be extra special. And planning ahead so that everything will be perfect is doable, too. All relevant retailers start early with promotions, discounts, and special menus for Valentine’s Day, even before February starts.

Some deliveries can also be scheduled. If you are planning on getting that big flower bouquet, for example, you can choose and pay for it now and then program the delivery right at the door on the 14th. Regardless of your time preference, we’ll make sure that Cupid strikes an arrow on the deal you love most!

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Our Best Valentines Day Deals 2022


Note: We will add more Valentine’s Day deals and offers once we get closer to the event date.

Valentine’s Day Restaurant and Food Deals

couple toasting on valentine's day

Considering the pandemic context, dining out in a good restaurant will hardly be an option this year, and even if it is in certain areas it’s probably safer to go for an alternative option.

Deliveries, takeaways, or preparing a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home are still great ways to feel the love that goes through the stomach.

There are some delicious discounts from Chicago Steak Company and Jimmy John’s which you can top off with some wine gifts from Naked Wines and Hickory Farms, who are running special offers with this occasion.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Deals

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But if you can’t afford breaking the bank to buy her a precious gemstone, don’t despair.

If you choose a ring you could go for gold (white, yellow or rose), if it’s a necklace or a bracelet it could be made out of silver, and if it’s earrings you could choose some lovely crystal earrings.

There’s a handful of stores such as Brook & York, Eve’s Addiction, or Ritani that have already been running special discounts and promotions on select items for any budget and preferences.

  • Brook & York: 20% Off $100+ Orders + Free Shipping with code VAL20 (until February 14th)
  • Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry: Up to 50% Off Valentine’s Day Sale (until February 14th)
  • Eve’s Addiction: 40% Off $100+ Orders + Free Shipping with code LOVE40 (until February 14th)
  • Get Name Necklace: 15% Off Sitewide on Valentine’s Day Sale with code LOVE15 (until February 16th)
  • Karma and Luck: 20% Off Karma and Luck’s V-Day Collection with code LOVE20 (until February 15th)
  • Ritani: Extra 15% Off Fashion Jewelry with code BEMINE (until March 1st)
  • The Lovery: 25% Off The Valentine’s Day Collection (until February 14th)

Valentine’s Day Flowers Deals

valentine's day flowers deals

Flowers are the absolute must for a perfect present and you simply can’t go wrong with them no matter the occasion. You could either go for the classic red rose or a lavish 20-flower bouquet, plenty of options to choose from as any flower shop is well prepared around this time of the year.

If you’re planning this ahead, you could even score a deal for a bi-weekly or monthly flower subscription from EnjoyFlowers as an extra surprise for your soulmate. Why stick to only one day to show your love when you could do it regularly?

  • Click and Grow: 25% Off Smart Gardens & Bundles on Valentine’s Day Sale with code VDAY25 (between February 3rd and February 13th)
  • Calyx Flowers: 20% Off Valentine’s Flowers & Plants with code VDAY22 (between February 5th and February 14th)
  • Enjoy Flowers: 30% Off Your First Delivery + Free Shipping with code FOOL4U (until February 14th)
  • Floraqueen: 10% Off The Perfect Bouquet (until February 14th)
  • FromYouFlowers: 20% Off Sitewide on Valentine’s Day Sale with code AF20 (until February 14th)
  • FTD Flowers: 15% Off Valentine’s Day Gifts (until February 14th)

Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Other Sweets Deals

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s sweet, it radiates love and it’s also an aphrodisiac.

Furthermore, it’s not just a treat that gives people a smile; it’s also one of the main symbols of Valentine’s Day. For this very reason, you could snatch various discounts on chocolate gifts, heart-shaped cookies, or even cupcake packs from Cheryl’s, Godiva, and more stores.

  • Cheryl’s: Valentine’s Day Cookies from only $24.99 (until February 14th)
  • Ethel M: Valentine’s Day Chocolate As Low As $5 + Free Shipping on $50+ Orders with code LOVE22 (until February 4th)
  • Fruit Bouquets: 15% Off Valentine’s Day Orders with code EARLYFB (until February 4th). Can be purchased only with delivery no earlier than February 7th until February 14th.
  • GiftTree: 20% Off XOXO Treasured Valentine Wine & Chocolate Gift Box + Free Shipping
  • Godiva: Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts As Low As $6 + Free Standard Shipping on $39+ Orders with code FREESHIP39 (until February 14th)
  • M&M’s: 15% Off Bulk Candy Bags with code STOCKUP15 (between February 9th and February 12th)
  • Vosges Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Gifts As Low As $18 (until February 14th)

Other Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

valentine's day greeting card

If physical gifts tend to be a little overwhelming and you only want to show your affection to close people you cherish, you can simply send the classic Valentine’s Day cards.

Various stores have some discounts in place at the moment for custom cards and personalized photobooks. Or if you are rather looking for an experience to create unforgettable memories, Xcaret Experiencias are having a sale on various tours, plenty to choose from. 

  • AMI Clubwear: 60% Off Sitewide on Valentine’s Sale with code PRE60 (until February 28th)
  • BanilaCo: 20% Off Sitewide on Valentine’s Day Sale with code LOVE20 (between February 7th and February 14th)
  • Bellesa Boutique: 30% Off Sitewide on Valentine’s Day Sale with code VDAY (until February 17th)
  • 25% Off Sitewide with code XOXOCHI (until February 14th)
  • CurrentBody: $50 Off Skin LED Mask + Free Shipping with code DPF50 (until March 31st)
  • JoyJolt: 20% Off Wine Glasses on Valentine’s Day Sale with code V20 (until February 15th)
  • Mpow: Up to 80% Off Valentine’s Day Pre-Sale + Extra 15% Off Sitewide for the First 1000 Customers with code LOVE15 (until February 15th)
  • Raycon: BOGO 40% Off Sitewide on Valentine’s Day Sale with code BOGOLOVE (until February 9th)
  • Rose Inc: $14 Off $50+ Purchases (between February 8th and February 14th)
  • Shinesty: $10 Off $30+ Orders with code VDAY10 (until February 21st)
  • Spongelle: 25% Off Valentine’s Day Collection on Valentine’s Day Sale with code VDAY2022 (until February 8th)
  • Try Snow: 30% Off Sitewide with code VIP3092469
  • Xcaret Experiencias: 15% Off Xenotes Tour Bookings on Valentine’s Day Sale with code LOVE2022 (until February 14th)

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on February 7, 2019, and has been updated for accuracy and freshness.

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