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10+ Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make

10 Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make

If you have acorns around your house, don’t throw them away! Here are 10 fun and affordable acorn crafts anyone can make, and that includes you! You will only need acorns, some paint, string, and glue and you can admire your work of art.

But the best part about it is that some of these crafts won’t cost you a single cent! Stay put, let’s craft something together!

1. Acorn Wreath

To make this wreath, you will need: craft wreath (or just a hula hoop ring), a lot of hot glue, spray paint and ribbon. First off, prepare your acorns! Rinse them to make sure there is no impurities or dirt left on them, remove the caps and place them on a piece of paper in one layer. If they are completely dried, you can start spray-painting them.

Let them dry for a few hours and then start gluing them onto your wreath. It doesn’t matter if you are following a pattern or just randomly gluing them, so don’t worry about that. Finish it off with a nice ribbon and hang it on your entry door for everyone to see! 

See the tutorial at! Other acorn wreaths are at and!

Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make
Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make
Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make

2. Picture Frame

For this DIY project, you will need some acorns, hot glue and an old picture frame. First of all, make sure your old picture frame is not glass or metal, so look for cardboard, wood or any kind of textile.

You can either use the whole acorn or just the cap. If the frame is big enough, use them whole. If not, remove the caps, apply hot glue and press them against the frame.

You can use the same procedure to create a mirror frame, for example. Or, you could decorate your window frame if you have enough acorns.

Check out for a picture frame tutorial and for a mirror frame tutorial!

Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make
Fun And Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make

3. Napkin Ring

If you are thinking of organizing a family dinner anytime soon, this is the acorn craft for you. You will only need some narrow ribbon, glue and acorns.

Start by preparing your acorns: give them a good wash, let them dry and then apply a coat of floor polish, to make them last longer. Then, grab your hot glue gun and glue one acorn to the end of every piece of ribbon.

Let everything dry and you can now show off those beautiful napkins! You can use the same technique to create a set of curtain holders.

The final result and more details can be seen on! Another napkin ring is at

Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make
Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make

4. Table Centerpiece

For this one, you will only need a few items and the good news is that you already have them around the house: some acorns, a few thick candles and a deep plate.

Start by placing your candles in the middle of your plate and then spill in the acorns. Very easy, right? You can use pine cones instead of acorns, leaves, and pine tree branches and so on.

You can also use a small vase instead of those candles if you wish. If you are going for a more elegant look, sprinkle some glitter on top of your acorns and add pearls.

The final result and more ideas can be found at! For cool centerpiece ideas, visit!

Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make
Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make

5. Floating Acorn Candles

You can start by gathering these materials: wax, Styrofoam, acorns and some twine. You will only be using the acorn caps, so remove them gently.

Place a short piece of string right in the center of each cap and pour a small amount of hot wax.

You may want to use pins to hold the caps in place on top of the Styrofoam, otherwise, they might spill.

When they acorn candles are dried, pour more hot wax on top of the Styrofoam until it looks like your candles are floating. After it dries, you can add another layer, if you choose to.

For a more detailed tutorial, visit!

Floating Acorn Candles

6. Acorn Cap Ornament

For this beautiful ornament, you will need acorn caps, some craft paint, a brush, a Styrofoam ball or an old tennis ball, twine, floral wire, glitter in the color of your choice, Mod Podge and a hot glue gun. You can start by painting your ball so that you don’t see the original color through the small cracks.

Now, press the acorn caps into your ball and secure them in place with some hot glue. Now, move on to your floral wire. Stab your ornament with it and make sure it goes from one side to the other, in order to provide a good balance. Bend the wire on both ends and add some tire on the upper end. Next, use Mod Podge to cover the caps and while the glue is still wet, sprinkle some sparkle.

You can also add a ribbon! See the tutorial on!

Acorn Cap Ornament

7. Glitter Acorns

This craft is perfect for you and your small children at home. You will need some acorns, hot glue, glitter and twine.

Start by preparing your acorns: wash them thoroughly and let them dry on the kitchen counter, where the temperature tends to be a little bit higher than in the rest of your house.

Then, apply a thin layer of hot glue on their caps, sprinkle the glitter (you can go for one color or use a different one for every acorn). The last step is to glue a piece of twine to the cap and tie every two acorns together, like in this picture.

For more details visit or you can buy them from!

Glitter Acorns

8. Acorn Earrings

Yes, you can now create your very own acorn earrings and we’ll tell you how. Start by using a pushpin to poke a hole through the acorn cap and then grab some floral wire.

Cut 1-1/2 inches and bring in your pierced beads. Run the wire through the bead and then the acorn cap and bend it into a loop on the upper end and into a knot on the lower end to secure it in place.

You can also use hot glue to make the knot more durable if you want to. You can choose any kind of beads, from fake pearls to amber beads and glow-in-the dark plastic beads. It’s up to you!

The entire tutorial can be found here:!

Acorn Earrings

9. Happy Acorn Necklaces

Here are your materials: a drill (or a pushpin), acrylic paint, string or twine, scissors, paint brush, a black sharpie, acorns, Mod Podge, E6000 adhesive.

Start by cleaning your acorns and don’t do anything to them until they are completely dry. Then, use a drill or a pushpin to poke a hole through the acorn caps.

Use the adhesive to glue the middle of a piece of string and then run the two ends through the acorn cap, but don’t connect the cap and the rest of the acorn just yet. Use acrylic paint to color the acorns, let it dry and then draw cute faces on them using a sharpie. Add some Mod Podge on the inside of the cap and then connect it with the rest of it.

Get more details at!

Happy Acorn Necklaces

10. Squirrel Artwork

For this cute piece, you will need: some cardboard, acorn caps, craft glue, a picture frame, some black paint and all your skills combined. Start by drawing your squirrel shape, and then fill it in with black paint.

When it’s completely dried off, start gluing the acorn caps inside the contour. And that’s pretty much it, now all you have to do is place your artwork inside the picture frame.

If it’s too thick for it, remove the glass and enjoy your acorn masterpiece as it is! You can create any other animal you want: a deer, a bear, a fox, etc.

See the entire tutorial at!

Squirrel Artwork

11. Driftwood and Acorn Wall Art

Looking to get creative on the cheap? All you need is an attractive piece of driftwood, colorful thread, beads, a few acorns and other bits and pieces you’ll find handy for crafting projects later on. It’s easy! Get your kids involved and use your arty wall hanging indoors or outdoors.

Alternatively, save it as a special gift for someone you love. Fall may only come once a year, but your acorn art will give pleasure all year round. Simply take your acorns out of the cups, spray paint them and glue them back. A wooden macramé bead hides the spot where your acorns are attached to the threads. Make any shape you like!

See the entire tutorial at!

Acorn Wall Art

12. Super Cute Acorn Pumpkins

Halloween, fall and acorn time coincide. Use this to your advantage by making oh-so-cute acorn pumpkins as a Halloween decoration. String them up or use them as a festive table decoration – they cost next to nothing to make, and you’ll have tons of fun in the process.

All you need is glue, some orange spray paint, black spray paint, glitter and a marker pen. Black spray paint, glue, and glitter make lovely “hats” for your pumpkin faces, and of course, you use the orange paint and a fine-tipped permanent marker for the faces.

This idea is inspired from Pinterest.

Acorn Pumpkins

Which one of these crafts did you like best? Are you a crafty person or would you rather buy your ornaments? How are you spending your free time?

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10 Fun and Affordable Acorn Crafts Anyone Can Make