20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Even if a couple’s love for each other cannot be measured by the size of a mineral rock on a finger, the ring is definitely a big issue that fuels a lot of gossip around Hollywood. A lot of attention has been paid by fans and media to the size, design, and most often, to the price of such engagement rings in Hollywood.

On the other hand, a recent study conducted by two renowned Economics professors at Emory University comes up with surprising results. After analyzing 3,000 married or formerly married heterosexual couples, the researchers have found that, in fact, relationships sealed with expensive engagement rings are 1.5 times more likely to end up in a divorce.

However, this is not due to some kind of obscure causality – it is simply a statistical fact based on correlation. If you want to find out which the most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood are, keep on reading!

The statistics have been confirmed by the experience of celebrities at Hollywood, from time to time, but it is still far from becoming a rule. While keeping that in mind as food for thought, let us take a look at the 20 boldest and shiniest engagement rings in Hollywood celebrities!

20. Angelina Jolie

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Angelina Jolie

After 7 years of dating Brad Pitt famously proposed to Angelina Jolie with a 16 carats flawless emerald-cut diamond ring of an estimated worth amounting to $500,000. The center stone only has 7 carats. To this, Pitt added some symbolic value because he had it custom designed, and he contributed a big deal to the final design!

The couple got engaged in April 2012. This beautiful ring brings Angelina the last place in our 20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood top. 

19. Hilary Duff

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Hilary Duff

When Mike Comrie popped the big question to Hilary Duff, he certainly did it with style! Namely, he proposed on a balcony at sunset in Hawaii with a 10 carats sophisticated brilliant-cut diamond ring evaluated to no less than $750,000.

They say diamond is forever, but it seems this is not always true – the couple split in January 2014. On the other hand, the two are still seen together on various occasions, so… let’s leave this chapter open. For more engagement rings in Hollywood, scroll down!

18. Catherine Zeta Jones

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Catherine Zeta Jones

Her 10 carat exquisite diamond ring designed by Fred Leighton with elegant simplicity is worth $1 million, but has cost the buyer well over $2 millions. Well, with a fiancé like Michael Douglas, anyone could have seen that something pricey coming! The center 10 carats stone is surrounded by no less than 28 other smaller ones.

Their marriage lasted for about 13 years; afterwards, they announced a shock split. Currently, rumor has it that things are on the right track again between the two. One thing is for sure – the age difference between them makes no sensation anymore. Cheers for a brand new start, with or without the diamonds! Engagement rings in Hollywood are not cheap, that’s for sure!

17. Jennifer Aniston

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston with a 10 carats gem set in white gold. All in all, the ring’s value is estimated at $1 million, as well. They god engaged in August 2012, but still linger upon the marriage date. There’s no rush, they say, and they both seem to enjoy what they call a lively and expansive relationship, despite a lot of media pressure. Isn’t this one of the most beautiful engagement rings in Hollywood?

16. Jennifer Lopez

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck’s proposal to Jennifer Lopez was accompanied by a $1.2 million-worth ring. That is quite something, isn’t it? Given that the diamond only has 4.5 carats… So, on number 16 on our most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood, we have Jennifer Lopez.

Their relation was subject to intensive media interest and it continued to do so after their wedding had been canceled only four days before the ceremony. He is currently married to Jennifer Garner, to whom he famously another expensive engagement diamond ring in 2004…

15. Katie Holmes

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Katie Holmes

14. Kim Kardashian

Tom Cruise’ fiancée said “Yes” over a 5 carats diamond estimated at $1.5 million. They had been married for 6 years when Katie Holmes and the Top Gun actor decided to go separate ways in 2012. After all, a diamond is not always a girl’s best friend…

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian proudly received a $2 million engagement ring with a sharply cut 16.2 carats diamond. Even if Kris Humphries surely knows how to ask a question, it seems that this didn’t keep them from divorcing after a $10 million wedding and only 72 days of marriage!

She filled up her divorce request motivating “irreconcilable differences”, thus entering the top of shortest celebrity marriages ever. Plus, this is not the only piece of jewelry Kim has on the most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood list!

13. Blake Lively

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Blake Lively

Remember Gossip Girl? Well, Ryan Reynolds certainly does, since he decided to ask Blake to be his wife by putting a 12 carats diamond ring on her finger. This incredibly elegant ring has a value estimated to no less than $2.5 million. I had to include this beautiful piece of jewelry in out most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood top.

12. Mariah Carey

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon spent around $2.5 million to show his love to Mariah with a 10 carats precious diamond ring. However, it all ended up badly earlier this year and it seems like they are going to spend their winter holidays fighting over the custody of their two kids.

11. Grace Kelly

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Grace Kelly

Nobody will wonder that when a prince marries a Hollywood princess, the whole engagement affair gets rather pricey. Prince Rainier III of Monaco paid over $4 million for the engagement ring he gave to Grace Kelly.

Rumor has it that he was about to propose with a Cartier eternity band encrusted with rubies and diamonds; however, after seeing the precious stones on the other ladies’ fingers, he immediately returned the eternity band and changed it for a 12 carat diamond cut in emerald fashion. The diamond is flanked by two very stylish baguettes. Few engagement rings in Hollywood can hold a candle to this rock!

10. Jennifer Lopez

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Jennifer Lopez

Yes, you have just seen her before in this top; however, time has proved that the expensive ring she got from Ben Affleck was not enough to seal their love forever. This is how she got a 4 times more expensive one from her next husband, Mark Anthony!

The baroque-styled diamond is worth as much as $4.1 million, for the 8.5 carats of the gem. Even if they have been lifelong friends, their marriage only lasted for seven years. No wonder Ben bought one of the most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood for Jennifer!

9. Paris Hilton

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Paris Hilton

When Paris Latsis asked for Paris Hilton’s hand, he did not go stingy. He purchased a ring with an estimated value as high as $4.7 million. The price is easily explainable if we consider that the diamond used for crafting it has no less than 25 carats!

8. Jessica Biel

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake asked his longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel the big question with a vintage-style six carat diamond ring shaped in radiant cut. On the sides, it features a scrolling rope-style which adds up to its retro appearance. The ring might have worked its magic, since they are now expecting their first child! Apparently, expensive engagement rings in Hollywood lead to pregnancies!

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Sarah Jessica Parker

One of the longest standing marriages in Hollywood began when Matthew Broderick proposed to Sarah Jessica Parker with a beautifully designed yellow gold ring with an emerald cut diamond that would have made her jewelry-obsessed character in “Sex & the City” green with envy. Seems like she has found Mr. Big, after all!

6. Heidi Klum

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Heidi Klum

The English R&B singer Seal proposed to Heidi Klum on top of a glacier; can you think of anything more romantic than that? Yes: add to the proposal a 10 carat gorgeous golden engagement ring and you got the clear picture. Too bad they divorced 7 years later, in 2012.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Gwyneth Paltrow

Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin proposed to Gwyneth with a very refined 8-carat square-cut diamond ring which makes a great impression thanks to its micro pave frame and delicate double band. The Asscher cut and the 8 carats must have convinced her right away, because they got married in 2003. We are getting close to top 3 most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood!

4. Brooke Shields

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Brooke Shields

After being offered an impressive Neil Lane antique platinum and gold engagement ring, the actress finally said “yes” to Chris Henchy. And she was right to do so, since the couple has been happily married for more than a decade.

3. Beyoncé

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Beyonce

Number three and bronze in our most expensive egagement rings is Queen B. Jay Z doesn’t get engaged over cheap rings, either. When he proposed to Beyoncé, he spent $5 million only for an extremely stylish engagement ring, whose precious stone of 18 carats is cut in an emerald shape and is set for platinum. It seems that Jay Z didn’t just “put a ring on it”… he went above and beyond for his talented and beautiful future wife!

2. Kim Kardashian West

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Kim Kardashian West

Here’s a second Hollywood star that qualifies for a double entry in our top. After leaving Kris Humphries, she got engaged to Kanye West, who bought her an engagement ring rumored to be worth as much as $8 million, according to The Lorraine Schwartz. The diamond in the middle has 15 carats. Second place in our most expensive engagement rings in Hollywood is a huge achievement for Kim!

1. Elizabeth Taylor

20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood - Elizabeth Taylor

Our top ends with Liz Taylor, the indisputable queen of engagement rings in Hollywood. She got an $8.8 million worth ring from her famous fiance, the equally famous Richard Burton. It seems that he did not hesitate before investing in a 33.19 carats diamond. Their affair has begun on the set for “Cleopatra”, in a time when both were married to other spouses.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that this Hollywood beauty has been married eight times, with seven different men. Burton is the one whom she married twice, accounting for marriage #5 and #6 on her list.