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6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies
Written by Oana Schneider

If you happen to have a bunch of old pennies just laying around the house or in a jar somewhere, you can use them to create something new and beautiful. Unless, of course, you want to put them in the bank. I’ve seen so many great things made out of old pennies that I had to share this with you. As you well know, at, we value every penny, especially when it makes our lives easier.

I’m imagining that the first person ever to use old pennies to make a nice kitchen floor was looking for kitchen tile and, seeing the prices, went: “Ha! I think I’m better off just gluing money to the floor!” bought some glue and got down to business.

If you have patience and enough pennies, you can take on a bigger project, like a whole wall, in which case you might have to require some assistance from your friends and neighbors (let’s hope you are the friendly type!).

If that really doesn’t sound like you, start with a small project and see how it goes.

1. Penny Table

Yes, you are going to need a lot of pennies for this one! Basically, what you need to do is: polish the pennies using a bowl and some Tarn-X. Move the pennies around until they become nice and shiny.

It’s up to you to polish all of them or just a few (for color variation). Then, use a glue gun to stick them onto the table and the difficult part is yet to come.

You will need some epoxy, so if you have some around the house, feel free to use it! Buying it may not be a good idea (it’s over $100, so it’s all up to you). First, place a large plastic sheet under the table, pour the epoxy and let it spread evenly.

Use a knife to remove the excess and let it dry for a couple of days. When working with epoxy, it’s crucial to do it in a room where no impurities are present: animal hair, dust and so on. Also, try closing your air ventilation, air conditioning to make sure the result is perfect.

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

2. Penny Floor

You will have to follow the same steps from tip #1 for this one. As you can imagine, you are going to need a lot of pennies! You could ask friends and family to donate them for this cause if you don’t have enough.

Plus, you don’t have to polish them at all if you don’t want to. But think about this: you could polish half of them and then create interesting patterns!

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

And just to give you an idea of what this would look like, we’ve added a few pictures. The bad thing is that it’s probably going to take about 2 weeks to put it together. If you’re friends help, that is. Otherwise, it might take over a month. We think it’s all worth it. Don’t you agree?

3. Penny Backsplash

You are probably not going to be able to use epoxy for this one, so look into purchasing some floor lacquer. Use a glue gun for every penny, let everything dry off and then apply the lacquer.

You may want to be gentle and careful about it and apply multiple layers of lacquer (one layer a day should do it). There are some thinks to keep in mind: don’t apply the coins on oil paint- it is best if you can do it on the dry wall directly and then paint around the backsplash.

You can also glue on spray paint, wallpaper (you may need to add a thin needle every here and there to make sure the wallpaper doesn’t peel off). The result should look a lot like this:

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

4. Penny Decorations

There are so many things you can make with old pennies: glue them onto an old vase, create words on a wood board and hang them on the wall and the list goes on.

Fortunately, you won’t need to deal with epoxy for these projects, which is great. You will need to be careful with the glue gun however. Make sure to only put the glue in the middle of the penny, using a small amount (1/2 pea). Here are a few ideas you could go with:

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

5. Penny Mirror

Start by polishing the mirror frame, making sure the surface is smooth and straight, add some spray paint, let it dry and then start gluing the pennies. It’s up to you to place them in order or random. Most people go for random and I honestly think it looks better.

Plus, creating just the mirror frame is going to require less pennies than a whole table or the entire kitchen surface! Take a look, isn’t it great?

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

6. Penny Jewelry

I saw online that a lady was able to reshape the pennies, making them concave and turning them into buttons, but that requires a lot of heat and patience, so let’s just stick to what we know.

According to the US laws, you are not allowed to damage the coins and bills issued by the American government, which is why we will talk about gluing pennies, mostly. Yes, drilling a hole in a penny is a federal offense.

You could glue pennies on a piece of wood, then cut out a round shape, drill a hole through the wood, add an earring handle (you can find them online, they are very cheap!) and you are good to go. You could also attach the penny to a bracelet or neck chain and call it a day.

However, here are a few ideas that we absolutely loved:

6 Easy DIY Ideas to Do with Old Pennies

You don’t have to be rich to use pennies: if you’re patient, handy and willing to give it a try, you could beautify your home in an unusual way. All you have to do is be brave enough to get started! Which one is your favorite?

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  • Wow! Incredible projects! I had a delightful time looking and thinking up of projects we could do. But we don’t have 1 cent coins here in AUS. We can use 5 cents. But the silver color will not have the same effect. Maybe pennies coins are now sold from eBay? Interesting!

    My children are interested to display at our Local National Day.

  • A penny backsplash actually sounds like an incredible idea, and I’m not sure why I like it as much as I do. You could probably use a few hundred dollars’ worth of pennies trying to make one, but it’s not like backsplashes are the cheapest things in the world otherwise. The project does sound a little challenging since you’re using pennies, of course.

  • I love these! Especially the frame around the mirror idea and table idea. It is funny how cool a penny could look in a DIY situation that is for sure. Very interesting!

  • Seeing all those pennies laid out like that is quite charming. I don’t know if I’d ever do it myself, but it has an aesthetic appeal that can’t be denied, especially if you like autumnal colors. Penny jewelry could look really nice on someone with a vintage/antique bent to their style, I can think of a few people I know who’d love to wear things like that. Great visuals!

  • I really love the look of the penny table, to the extent that I think I might try to do one in my own home. I actually have a jar of coins that I save during the course of the year, and I think that I could probably find enough in there to get it done. I could get a sheet of glass to fit over the top of it to keep all of the pennies in place and to make sure that the table would be waterproof. I am actually looking forward to making this now that I have the idea! Thank you very much, I will try to take some photos and post them when I have finished it – although it will probably take me a while as I don’t have as much spare time as I would like.

  • if you want to make jewellry, use Canadian pennies. They aren’t used anymore. No problem drilling holes. But I love everything. I’m in the process of making a penny-topped 3 tiered table.

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