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The Best Halloween Stores to Find Cheap Costumes, Decor and More

Halloween Costume

Do you know what’s even eerier than Halloween? Coming up with an impressive costume and organizing everything in time. This year is not going to be different — unless you know the best Halloween stores.

All you need to decide is whether you go for something cutesy and amaze your family or put up the most frightening costume ever. From zombie scare-crows to undead nuns, these collections are guaranteed to scare the pants off your friends and family. Not to mention their stunning props and decor!

Here are some of the best Halloween stores to find the spookiest Halloween costumes that cost next to nothing.

Department Stores

Halloween Masks


On the day of ghosts and goblins, make yourself distinctive with unique Halloween costumes available at Costco. Become a Teetot Skeleton Knight in a shining armor with black cape, skeleton-print chest, a black-crested sewn silver helmet, and sword belt with skull buckle to implant fear. You can get this deal at an exclusive price of $29.99.


Trick or treat features a wide variety of evil spirits from demons to skeletons. These unique and frightening outfits have been a part of celebrations from decades — which makes Kmart one of the best Halloween stores. Make yourself stand out of the crowd with the Phantom Halloween Costume which is easily obtainable from Kmart at an exclusive price of $21.96.

Sam’s Club

The variety of Halloween costumes and decors available at Sam’s club is huge. You can get everything from whole-head, mascot-style masks to famous inflatable dinosaur costumes that will blow away the contest (pun intended). The Classic Darth Vader Muscle-Chest Costume with padded jumpsuit, mask, and lightsaber available at just $20 makes it a real buy!


Target offers you a wide variety of sneak-peak into its Halloween costume collection and their selection is really hard to beat. Here you can easily come across a large range of men’s, women’s, group and family costumes, babies and toddlers’ costumes, pet’s costume, Halloween makeup, and costume accessories. You can get deals as cheap as $2.


On the day of Halloween the crazier you look the better you are! Walmart is one of the cheapest stores for Halloween which puts up all sort of styles, from cute and classy to truly terrifying at affordable prices. Here, you can easily get the complete vampire’s makeup kit at the modest price of just $1.95.


The biggest fun of trick or treat is to gear up with Halloween costumes, ring the doorbell, and wait for the treat. Now, treat yourself and your neighbors with Hershey’s assorted Halloween candy. This pack contains 170 exclusively wrapped pieces per bag at a price of $19.99 only. Time to send each ghoul, ghost, and goblin home with a (creepy) smile on their face!

Online Marketplaces

Halloween Decor


If you are searching for something a little bit extra alluring, then AliExpress is here with its wide range of cheeky costumes for women (nurses, princesses, cats, pirates, soldiers etc). Get yourself one of the best Halloween adult horror nurse bloody costumes at a starting price of $1.97.


Get that handcrafted stuff look without putting in any extra hard work. With Amazon, you can get literally everything — including an extraordinaire handcrafted lavender crochet topped Halloween Spiderweb kitchen towel. These towels are hand crocheted, edge sewn along the top with double sewn button. Grab this handcrafted spiderweb towel at a face value of $9.95.


Halloween is thrilling. Dressing up in spooky costumes, eating candies, going on mysterious and creepy haunted-house tours make it the best time. However, Halloween isn’t only for humans. Your pets and companions should also enjoy the night. Transform your dogs and cats into unicorns with unicorn headbands which are easily available at $9.95 at ETSY.


Jet also offers you a one-stop-shop kind of shopping experience for your Halloween outfit needs, one of the best Halloween stores. They have diverse costume options for babies and toddlers, girls, boys, women, men, and pets. One of their adorable kids’ costume choices is the Paw Patrol boys costume going for $17.97.

Light In The Box

Light In The Box, one of the best Halloween stores offers a wide range of Halloween costumes for every age. The most popular costume is the Witch Vampire Coat Cosplay Costume. For women, this is going to be the perfect choice for Halloween or for any party, really. To make you appear more mysterious, you can add a high collar to this costume at $20.99.

Sammy Dress

Shopping online for your costume is convenient and gives you the liberty to compare prices as well as options before committing. Sammy Dress is one of the sites you want to try out for some online Halloween costume shopping. Their product categories including costumes under $20 help a lot because you can easily find what you are looking for.

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If the haunted house with fan-powered ghosts, cobwebs, and spooky soundtracks is too old-school for you, it’s time to revamp your haunted home with absolutely breathtaking and scary effects that come with the advantage of technology. At ThinkGeek, you will get AtmosFX Digital Decorations which will make your spooky decorations come alive for $19.99.

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If you want a costume that you could pretty much get away with wearing just about any other day Trendsgal has you sorted. They have several separates including tank tops as well as dresses and outerwear like hooded capes and cloaks. You can grab some pretty cool Halloween outfits from them at a steal with their zip-up bat hoodie going for $11.09.

Twinkle Deals

Twinkledeals offers an exhaustive selection of chic, trendy, and cosplay Halloween costumes. You’ll find bodycon dresses with bat wings, queen cosplay dresses, and everything dog-themed. Their pricing is also pretty reasonable and, for instance, their Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Print Dress goes for only $13.39.

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The first move at an outstanding Halloween party is enjoying the spine-chilling night with other horror-loving people. Let your visitors be aware of when and where the crawly and scary party will take place with Halloween Costume Party Invitation. These custom invitation will only cost you $1.90.

Costume Outlets

Halloween Costume

Are you trying to get a matchless look for your kids this Halloween? is the best place to get cool and comfortable outfits for babies and toddlers. Get costumes of superheroes, adorable animals, princesses, and much more than your little ones cherish. Dress them up at a moderate price of $8.99.

Costume Express

You’ll find the biggest collection of Halloween costumes, home decors, costume accessories, and decorations here. You can get a 60” posable skeleton body that will make your Halloween creepier by their realistic looks. All yours for $41.99.

Costume SuperCenter

The movie fan looking for the perfect movie or TV-themed Halloween outfit will find Costume SuperCenter highly resourceful. They also cater to the people looking for video game and nostalgic outfits. For instance, they have a child hippie 60s fringe costume going for $13.99.

Halloween Express

If you want to be an attention grabber this Halloween, then you should have the best pick of Halloween costume, masks, makeup, wigs, and much more in this store. Accessorize your Halloween costume with the perfect corroded adult mask. An accurate rotting clown mask with a permanent grin and bloody paint at just $10.19 will complete your list.

Party City

If you are looking for the most eye-catching Halloween costumes for yourself or for your kids, then Party city is going to be the perfect place for your hunt. The thing that makes a huge difference is that you can get the best Halloween costumes for your kids and toddlers at a price next to nothing, that’s just $9.99.


The reason why you should consider getting a Halloween cosplay outfit is because they are often very well-made. That means that you can get anime, game and movie costumes to keep for a considerable amount of time. Some of their popular Halloween outfits are their Tokyo Ghoul, Love Live, and Attack on Titan costumes.

Spirit Halloween

Do you want to create a defect less haunted home that will make your neighbors and friends stop by your house and stare in awe? Spirit Halloween will help you revolutionize your home into the spotlight. Halloween Fences and Tombstones can make your house look haunted with the starting price of $4.99.

DIY, Arts & Crafts

Halloween DIY Pet Costumes


Boxed costumes allow you to be practically anyone you want to be during Halloween. They are particularly fun options for kids and teens allowing them to dress up as packs of crayons or a boxed smartphone. They also work well as DIY Halloween costumes choices.

Hobby Lobby

A Halloween look isn’t complete without a couple of accompanying spooky accessories. Hobby Lobby has an impressive collection of them including wall decors, mugs, cauldron buckets, cushions, and spider-web themed candelabras. You can get Halloween-themed sticker sets from them for only $1.24.


If you are thinking about your child’s trick or treat costume, Michaels has dozens of Halloween costume ideas for that. Get the complete instructions to make your kid’s Halloween experience in the best possible way. The DIY will help you make your kids a witch Halloween costume, a zombie costume and much more.

Oriental Trading

The whole point of searching months in advance for the perfect costume is to end up with a truly unique one. That’s what you get from Oriental Trading along with some practical DIY ideas. They offer an array of kids, teens, and adult Halloween costumes providing something for everyone. Their selection of women’s superhero-themed costumes starts at just $17.98.

Clothing Stores & Boutiques

Mermaid Halloween Costume


Wouldn’t it be awesome to get all of your Halloween shopping done in one store? Well, that’s possible at BJ’s where you’ll get a selection of spooky merchandise at eerily competitive prices. They particularly have an impressive selection of girls’ costumes for just $19.99!


This Halloween go for the mermaid look and show off salty ocean vibes. With sparkly hair, be that perfect sea goddess while tricking and treating. Add some wigs to your glittering mermaid outfit and don’t shy away from body glitter, extra sparkle, or face gems to get the perfect mermaid vibes. Visit Claire’s and grab the best mermaid attire.


CVS is the focal point for cult beauty brands such as Ardell, Covergirl, and Almay. This is the best place to get Halloween makeup necessities at a slice of the price. 

Forever 21

Who said that you can’t find trendy and affordable pieces from a retail store that you can convert into Halloween costumes? Forever 21 is more known for their fashion-forward pieces, and a few of them like the bodysuits, leather jackets, and flowy dresses can work for Halloween pairings.

Hot Topic

Halloween is the day on which everyone tries to be as menacing as one can. Come across Hot Topic if you want to outshine everyone in the dark. Get your hands upon Skeleton glow in the dark hoodie at $35.92. If you want to make it even better, you can go for Glow-in-the-dark body and face paint for $3.92.


JCPenney carries selections of kids costumes including the Incredibles and Disney-themed Halloween costumes. They also have a decent range of women dress up costumes. Some of their women outfits are inspired by Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


Kohl’s had been running incredible discounts on their Halloween costumes throughout September, and you might just get a great deal from them. It’s the place where you want to buy your toy a Disney Frozen Elsa dress or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can get them for $13.99 or less with discounts.


If you wear plus-size attire and you are in search of Halloween costumes, then your search has come to an end with Torrid. This Halloween, turn yourself into Maleficent. This affordable costume with a wide range of plus size bodies is available at $70 only.


The best factor of Halloween is not just what you wear, it’s how you add up your makeup: from an eerie doll face to a candy corn inspired eye to a totally bewitching half skull. What makes it unique is that there is no need for body paint because these stunning looks can be achieved by using makeup essentials by Ulta.

Home Decor Stores

Halloween Decor

Big Lots

The joy of walking into stores, scanning the aisles for the glow of jack-o-lantern or a skeleton arm makes Halloween an adventure. Big Lots is here with their Haunted Hollow Haunted Light & Sound Grim Reaper Photo Frame. The creepy phrases will ensure your guests will tremble and it will make your house the scariest house in town.

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Pier 1

Pier 1 offers you a range of haunted elegance chic Halloween costume collection. The set includes a spider web-themed cape and an Italian Masquerade Mask. As one of the best Halloween stores, they also stock Halloween decorations including several witch-themed collections.

Pottery Barn Kids

For most of the kids, Halloween is one of the finest days. Selecting a costume is very crucial. Get something that is affordable, easy, and safe. With Pottery Barn Kids you can get a wide range of costumes that will please everyone. Get baby pumpkin costume on trick-or-treat night at just $20.

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The Home Depot

Being an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t have the thrill too on Halloween night. This Halloween, be ready to be the life of the party and make memories. The Home Depot is here with their vibrant colors and creative design to ensure you get noticed. Get Jailbird Halloween costume at a jailbird recent price of $19.99.

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$1 Shops and Thrift Stores

Halloween Decor

Dollar Tree

Just stop thinking about economical Halloween costumes because Dollar Tree has a wide choice of costume accessories at super cheap prices. Gear yourself with Fairy wings or black knight chest plates each priced just a dollar. Don’t wait more, shop the best with dirt cheap prices!


We all love a great deal and Goodwill is where you can get the best bargains on Halloween costumes. They carry selections of thrift as well as new costumes. Best yet, they have several websites offering limitless DIY costume ideas, and they also pair their donated stash with new accessories for a fresh take.

Salvation Army Halloween

Thrift stores like the Salvation Army make Halloween shopping a much affordable experience. They have discounted costumes in comparison with retail stores making them a popular Halloween shopping choice. If you are lucky, you might just also be able to snag yourself some discounted candy too.

Wholesale Party Supplies

It’s time to invite your kids’ costumed spooky friends over for a celebration that they will love. Wholesale Party Supplies includes spooky and humorous accessories that will turn your home into a haunted house in no time. Don’t miss out on the red blood splatter balloons (pack of 6) for $1.99 

So, when it comes to Halloween shopping, the aforementioned 45 options can be your go-to for cheap Halloween stores making the entire affair a budget-friendly one. It’s time you get ahead and start exploring already.

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