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Throw the Best Party Ever Using These Affordable DIY Decorating Ideas

DIY Party Ideas

Throwing an awesome party doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. With a bit of creativity, imagination, and these cool tips, your friends will be talking about your party for years to come.

From DIY party invites to festive food and drinks displays and home-made confetti launchers, there’s no need to shell out a whole lot of cash in order to have all the fun party accessories.

What’s more, when your friends and family see how much love you’ve put into your party, they’ll be thrilled and inspired.

DIY Party Ideas

Getting your house ready for the influx of guests ready for laughter, good company and an all-round good time is easy and fun to do. Let your imagination go wild!

Need a few ideas to get you started? Try these party décor ideas, plus a few of your own. Once your home is properly dressed up for the party, getting into the vibe comes naturally – and remember, you can always store them away for the next event once the party’s over.

  1. Wood Birthday Banner via
  2. Tassel Garland via
  3. Ice Cream Garland via
    Tip: If you have time you can make your own Mini Honeycomb Balls by watching this tutorial.
  4. Confetti Balloon via
    Tip: You can fill the balloons quickly without helium by following these steps.
    Optional: For a cool lighting effect add leds or you can make a super cool garland

DIY Party Ideas

Don’t you just love those “got talent” moments when contestants are showered with sparkly confetti? Add that celebratory touch to your party by making your own confetti launchers.

You can make them out of pastry tubes or even empty toilet rolls! Yet again, a great project to involve your kids in, but you’ll have to let them make a few extra to play with right away.

All you need is pretty paper, glittery gift bag filler or gift paper to cut up into confetti, glue, and maybe some spray paint if you choose to use pastry tubes.

Get the tutorials:

  1. Pastry Tubes Popper via
  2. Toilet Rolls Popper via
  3. Paper Cup Popper via

DIY Party Ideas

Party hats add to the fun of a party, and even grownups let their inner child come out to play once they have one on. Making your own party hats and crowns is easy, economical, and (dare we say it?) the results are far prettier than anything you can get in a store.

Just one warning: your friends will be hanging onto those party hats as souvenirs of their fun time, so don’t expect to be able to reuse them! Need some ideas? Check out these creative party hat ideas:

  1. Party Hats for Grown Ups via
  2. Pom Pom Party Hat via
  3. Pipe Cleaner Crowns via
  4. Gold Fringe Party Hats via
  5. Colorful Ribbon Party Hats via

DIY Party Ideas

Sweet treats are tempting enough on their own: or are they? Add an extra dash of glamor that will have even the most dedicated dieter drooling for a taste of your sweet treats with these creative ideas. But beware, your own diet is about to be broken too! When you see these elegant sweet treat display ideas, you’ll be ready to splurge on cakes and candies.

Make a permanent cake stand using matched or mismatched crockery, choose plastic cups or inverted wine glasses as a base for plastic plates filled with goodies, or convert a wavy edged dish into a temporary cake stand with the help of a candlestick. You can even use cardboard!

  1. Wild Cake Stand via
    Alternative Ideas: Tiered Stand via | Temporary Cake Stand Ideas via | Tea Cups Stand via
  2. Candy Kabobs via
  3. Cake Pops Display via
  4. Sper Chic Macaron Display via
  5. Donuts Wall via
  6. Popcorn Cones via

DIY Party Ideas

Does the very thought of decorating cakes leave you feeling slightly intimidated? It needn’t! There are so many fun things you can do. From making balloon animals as playful cake toppers to producing elegant gold and white fondant feathers, it’s just a matter of knowing how to do it.

Make coated wire tie calligraphy skewers or top off skewers with clown head or a crepe paper butterfly. Print pretty cupcake tags with a special message for your guests, or make a ballerina’s washing line decoration for a little girl’s cake.

After checking out these ideas, you’re sure to come up with a few of your own. There’s so much you can do with paper, skewers, hot glue and a little ingenuity.

  1. Clown Cupcake Toppers via
  2. Caligraphy Cake Topper via
  3. Ballerina Tutu Cake Topper via
  4. Watercolor Label Cupcake Toppers via
  5. Crepe Butterflies via
  6. Ballon Animal Cake Topper via

Tip: You can also use many of these ideas to make decorations for wrapped gifts!

DIY Party Ideas

Party pictures are part of the fun. Let your friends (or your kids’ friends) get fun images with the help of a few photo booth props. Make emoji faces, turn your guests into super heroes, or give them a clear umbrella decorated with golden hearts for a model-style photo shoot. After all, they’re looking their very best today!

Get your imaginative juices flowing with these simple, low-cost and unforgettably cool ideas for photo booth props. Even if all you can afford is some cardboard and (optional) glue, you’re sure to make a big hit!

  1. Polaroid Photo Frame via
  2. Emoji Masks via
  3. Valentine Shooting Prop via
  4. Stick Props via

DIY Party Ideas

Why not turn your mini-bar into something spectacular? Convert a vintage TV into a stunning drinks display cabinet, serve up your bubbly with fruit and juice (plus matching décor), or invest a really cheap bar cart to add some zing to your drinks service.

Don’t forget to include some of the cool party décor ideas to your offering, and serve up your drinks with added panache.

DIY Party Ideas

Creative party invites already start building the buzz as your party approaches. Get your friends excited by giving them an old-fashioned paper invitation. Are you shuddering at the thought of printing costs? You can grab some great templates and print them out for yourself.

Here’s a list of amazing party invite sources that should spoil you for choice. Best of all, it’s free! You just pay for the paper, the ink, and possibly a few postage stamps to send them to friends living further away.

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