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10 Free Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

Free Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight
Written by Oana Schneider

Did you know that losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution? If you decided to lose weight this year, you may need some help. Don’t pay for what you can get for free! These weight loss apps will help you to lose weight and stay focused on your goal.


Pact AppAndroid

With Pact, your commitment to lose weight is backed with real money. The app itself is free, and if you stick to your promises, track your workouts and eat the right foods, you can make up to $5 per week.

But, if you backslide, you will pay penalties based on the money you backed yourself for. It’s a great way to stay motivated, and if you stick to your pact, you actually gain money!


MyFitnessPal App

iPhone | Android

This app has a huge following, and it covers food intake tracking and your exercise goals. You can connect with a variety of fitness apps through MyFitnessPal, and you can get your Facebook friends involved in your weight loss goals.

Lose It

Lose It AppiPhone | Android

Get a personalized weight loss plan diet for free with this app and its matching website that can be accessed from your PC. Track your calories easily and connect with fitness apps like RunKeeper or Nike+.

Add a social element by inviting your friends so that you can give each other support and new challenges. Dieting can be easy and fun.

Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training club App

iPhone | Android

Exercise is one of the keys to weight loss, but you might not know how to start. Instead of buying books or hiring a personal trainer, get this app.

It will help you to prepare a four-week workout, and you can be a raw beginner or choose a more advanced option. With free access to 100 workouts, this app will get you started and keep you going! You can also attach it to your TV for easier viewing while you work out.

Google Fit

Google Fit App


Google Fit only works on Android, but it is also absolutely free. As the name implies, Google Fit focuses on tracking your workout. 

It integrates well with several other fitness platforms and keeps a record of your progress towards your fitness goals – and the fitter you get, the more weight you’ll lose.

7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout App

iPhone | Android

You’ve made all the right decisions food-wise, but you know that you’ll have to get moving to optimize your weight loss. But who has time to drive to a gym for a 40-minute workout several times a week? It’s a common problem.

The 7-minute workout can be accessed for Android or iOS devices as well as your PC and takes you through 7-minute beginner to advanced workouts to get you moving with high-intensity exercise and keep you losing weight.

Diet Assistant

Diet Assistance App


Get a diet plan, plan your grocery shopping list and keep track of your weight. The free version doesn’t let you export your records via email, but the interface is easy to use and to read, so that shouldn’t be strictly necessary.

Tailor your own diet plan with this nifty free app. You also get a free BMI calculator and diet tips. The Diet Assistance app works on Android.


Fooducate App

iPhone | Android

What’s the healthiest breakfast cereal for people who want to lose weight? Just what is the nutritional value of your yoghurt, and could you be making a better choice?

Fooducate helps you to find out more about the foods you buy by simply scanning the barcode, makes suggestions for healthier options and provides you with plenty of weight loss tips and tricks. Healthier eating results in weight loss. Sweet and simple!

Pedometer and Weight Loss Coach

Pedometer App

iPhone | Android

Get this free app from Pacer Health and take weight loss back to the basics by taking a walk every day. Measure your paces, track your history and your progress and walk your way to weight loss and better health.

Diet Point Weight Loss

Diet Point Weight Loss App

iPhone | Android

Dieting doesn’t have to be depressing. Diet Point Weight loss allows you to choose from over 130 diet plans packed with yummy foods that still help you to lose weight.

It prepares your shopping lists for you and estimates your weight loss. And you get a reminder before each meal so that you don’t have to remember what you’re supposed to be eating today.

Overall, it’s a great meal planning app, and you might want to keep it even once you’ve reached your goal weight.

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10 Free Apps That Will Help You Lose Weight

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  • Great work Oana, and very timely! I’m just learning the ropes with this type of app. I downloaded Pact a few days ago actually, but didn’t input my payment info yet. I wanted a little time to be sure I understand how it all works before I make the monetary commitments.

    As it turns out to use Pact, I have also needed to download MyFitnessPal to log meals. After that, I downloaded Pacer, and connected that to MyFitnessPal for the step counter. A little complicated to begin, but now that it’s all up and running (no pun intended), I think it’s great!

    The thing I love most about MyFitnessPal so far is the ability to scan barcodes on the foods I eat. It automatically knows all the nutrient values (and not just on name brand items either)! Pacer uses the motion sensor in my phone, so no special fitness bracelet is required. It keeps tracking even when not connected to the internet, so my steps are counted all day. I think I could really get into this!

    • Good for you! I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time now, but thins year I’m serious about it! I have apps that tell me to move around more, calculate my calories and so on. So I have no excuse: goodbye, extra lbs!

  • Thanks for the list of apps. Out of all of them PACT is the only one I heard of previously so its nice to find more now. I have heard good things about PACT and some people seem to be making money while losing weight with it. I wonder out of them all which is the best though.

  • I can vouch for MyFitnessPal, as I have used it to lose more than 140lbs myself over the past few years. Counting calories is amazingly easy with it, and although I do believe it overestimates the amount of exercise that you do, it does give you a relatively good idea of how much you’ve eaten, and how much you can still eat without hindering your progress. I cannot believe that the app is free; it’s that good!

  • The first one ‘Pact’ sounds really interesting, the fact that you can actually make some money while you are getting in shape and losing weight seems like a win win situation!

  • Great resources for weight loss. What about if you just want to keep track of your fitness and sleep? I have used Rem-fit for years. Is there something better?

  • I was told by someone who works for my phone carrier that fooducate is not an app that you want on your phone. It can cause problems with your system on your phone.

    • You should always check and see if you really agree with the privacy statement of any app before installing it on your phone. This is how you are sure your privacy is safe.

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