Money Saving Tips

30-Day Money Saving Challenge

30-Day Money Saving Challenge

Join us for the 30-day money saving challenge! Together, we can make saving fun. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 30 money-saving tips and tricks to apply.

You may already be implementing some of them, and if so, you’re already ahead of the pack. If not, you’ll find out how easy it is to save money with a few simple changes.

Our challenge? Save just $1 a day, but if you can save more, do tell us about it, and feel free to add to our list of saving tips – it helps everyone!

Bolster up your emergency fund, pay down your debt faster, or put your savings towards something you really need but would prefer to pay cash for. Are you ready? Let’s go!

30-Day Money Saving Challenge

Day #1 Try a spending tracker like Mint

Knowing where your money actually goes is the first step toward better budgeting and greater savings. There are many spending trackers out there, but we think we’ve pinpointed one of the best.

Day #2 Brew your own coffee

The cheapest Starbucks coffee will set you back $1,85, and espresso is around $3.45. So why not brew your own instead? If you already have the necessary equipment, you could save your dollar a day with ease! The average cup of home-brewed coffee costs $ 0.08, according to USA today.

Day #3 Walk and bike when possible

Save on gas, save on gym fees and enjoy a walk or bike ride whenever you can. Plus, you get the feel-good knowledge that you’re contributing to the reduction of air pollution and global warming – at least a little bit!

Day #4 Take short showers

OK. Indulge yourself now and then, but make the short shower the rule rather than the exception. Seriously, how long does it take to get clean? Save the first bit of water you use when getting the temperature right in a bucket to water your plants or for cleaning tasks.

Day #5 Use coupons

Using coupons doesn’t make you a skinflint. It makes you a savvy consumer who doesn’t pay more than necessary. Check out the DontPayfull selection to get started.

Day #6 Watch a free workout video

Ditch your personal trainer and track down your favorite YouTube fitness guru. Hint: try body weight training exercises because you don’t need any expensive equipment to get ripped!

Day #7 Buy seasonal produce

Seriously. This is no hardship! The world’s top chefs agree that eating fresh produce in season is way yummier than buying tasteless out-of-season stuff that’s been in cold storage. It’s healthier too…

Day #8 Quit cable

Cable? Come on! Do you really need that when there are so many cheap (and even free) streaming options? Cut that cable. Sports fans can always visit a friend to watch the big game. It’s way more sociable.

Day #9 Eat a vegetarian meal

No, you do not really need meat every day, and you certainly don’t need meat at every meal. Cut your food bills with tasty vegetarian meals.

Day #10 Stop smoking

Cigarettes are expensive and useless: that is, provided that getting lung cancer isn’t on your bucket list. It isn’t? We thought not. How much you save immediately depends on how much you smoke, but the healthcare issues you’ll prevent also have to go into that bottom line.

Day #11 Go shopping on a full stomach to buy less food

Fact: hungry consumers buy more unnecessary food items. Make your shopping list, have a good meal and hit the supermarket.

Day #12 Invest in aerators

Aerators fit on the end of your household faucets, and believe it or not, mixing air with your water translates into big savings! They reduce splashing and increase the velocity of water giving you a better water-pressure. This means you use less water. Fit an aerating shower head, and you’ll enjoy a great shower while using less hot water – and that helps reduce your energy bill.

Day #13 Get a roommate to split costs

Living alone is seriously a whole lot more expensive than living in a shared space with shared costs. If you aren’t married yet, consider getting a roommate.

Day #14 Sell your clutter on ebay for extra cash

What’s not to love about decluttering? Apart from having a clearer living space, you can even make money from junk. Try it!

Day #15 Host a swap party

Maybe you can combine this with your potluck dinner? Ask everyone to bring clothes they don’t use, and have yours ready. You and your friends can revamp your wardrobes with a little swopping.

Day #16 Unplug unused appliances

If you’re not going to use it, why let it eat power? Appliances use electricity even when they are on standby. Shut down. Power down. Unplug. Save!

Day #17 Opt for store brands products

Guess what? Most store brands are made by regular suppliers who agree to use the store’s packaging. So that unbranded jar of peanut butter is EXACTLY THE SAME as its more expensive, branded brother.

Day #18 Drink more water instead of expensive drinks

Apart from saving you the cost of a juice or soft drink, you’ll also be doing your health a favor. You’ll even be able to see it in your skin texture. Look great. Feel good.

Day #19 Pack light to avoid baggage fees

Apart from the savings, travelling light is just so much easier. How often do you pack a whole lot of stuff that you never use on your trip? Pack only what you need.

Day #20 Brown bag your lunch

We challenge you to test your creativity in coming up with appetizing home-made pack lunches. You’ll eat better food for less. Guaranteed! Why not share your favorite pack lunch combo with this community?

Day #21 Start carpooling

Shared costs are reduced costs. So why not get carpooling today? Share the school run with other moms, catch a lift with colleagues, and get a carpooling app to save on other trips you need to make.

Tip: for long roads, Facebook can be very useful for carpooling, and Carma is a great app for your regular rides.

Day #22 Reuse, reduce, recycle

Save empty jars and bottles for food storage. Turn yoghurt containers into plant pots. Your garbage may be more useful than you know. Whatever you do, don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Avoid the impulse buy and think it through first.

Day #23 Pay your bills on time to avoid late payment fees

This one’s a no-brainer. Mint can help you with payment reminders, otherwise, set up your own, and always pay ahead of deadline. It’s great for your credit rating too.

Day #24 Skip dessert at the restaurant

By the way, you should consider skipping the restaurant altogether, but if you love eating out go ahead! Order a main: no starter, no dessert. We promise you won’t starve.

Day #25 Throw a potluck dinner

Go on! Invite your friends. Who’ll bring the starter? Who’ll make the salad? Anyone for mains? You can have an absolute feast for the price of one of the dishes – and so can your friends.

Day #26 Have a no spend day

Does the thought of leaving your wallet at home terrify you? All the more reason to try it! You really do not have to spend money every single day, and leaving your cash and cards at home will prove it.

Day #27 Invite friends at home instead of going out

Apart from not having to spend on a meal, a movie, or other entertainment options, you’ll get overdue chores done as you prepare for your guests.

Day #28 Switch to LED lights

Not only do LED light globes save energy, they also last a whole lot longer than incandescent bulbs. It’s a golden opportunity to save.

Day #29 Master the 30-day rule

You’ve seen it. You grab it. You take it home. You hardly ever use it. A lot of things that seem like a good idea at the time, aren’t. Instead, think it over for 30 days. Still want it? Go for it!

Day #30 Save $30 this month

With so many ideas to save, you should be able to meet the modest target of $30 saved during this month. Bank it! If you can keep this months’ habits for a year, you’ll have saved $360. That can make a bigger difference than you ever realized!