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Losing Weight at Home: Top 10 YouTube Tutorials

Losing Weight at Home: Top 10 YouTube Tutorials
Written by Oana Schneider

Every year, a new exercise equipment sells like hotcakes in the market. Gym membership enrollments spike every start of the year because people feel that they indulged a bit too much during the holidays. However, not all of them achieve their weight loss goals in the end – so the fee is just wasted.

Diet programs and exercise programs also come and go. Some plans prove to be successful for others while there are those who are left with the extra pounds still remaining on their bodies because nothing seems to work.

Although you should not put pressure on yourself to shed the extra pounds in too short a time, there’s no need for you to spend so much money on exercise equipment, gym membership fees or paid-for diet programs, either. Your weight loss program can be done right in the comfort of your home. 

The Basics of Losing Weight at Home

The key to losing weight at home is finding little things that you can willingly do regularly – but will make a huge impact with your weight loss goals over the long run.

If you hate exercising, for example, why would you enrol in a pricey program at the gym and pay a trainer if you know that you’ll eventually quit simply because you don’t like it?

For people like these, it is better to go on a diet-based weight loss program. Meanwhile, those who do love sweating it out can simply make the right food choices, and combine it with the right exercises to do at home. For others, it’s a combination of diet and exercise. No matter which of these three categories you fall under, you are bound to find a routine that will work for you.

To give you an idea about the small things that you can do at home to keep the extra pounds off, take a look at the following list:

  • Instead of obsessively counting calories, take the easier route. Skip the entrée and order two appetizers instead; or cut back on the bread if you already orders pasta.
  • Stash dried fruit or nuts in your desk at work. You can munch on these when craving for junk food or chocolates.
  • Avoid sugary drinks like shakes, fancy frappes from the local coffee shop, lemonade or any flavored beverages. Instead, stick to water. If you want something which does not taste as plain, make one of those herb-infused water mixtures and add cucumber or mint slices – and drink a pitcher throughout the day.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. It will keep those hunger pangs down and make you less likely to snack throughout the day.
  • If you really don’t like exercising, try doing something easy while still keeping you physically active. For instance, while watching your favorite TV show, do jumping jacks or jog in place in your living room instead of munching away on a bag of potato chips.

The more you incorporate things like these in your daily routine, the easier you will achieve your weight loss goals

Top 10 YouTube Tutorials for Losing Weight at Home

Now, if you’d like a step-by-step tutorial on how to lose weight at home, why not head over to YouTube? There are hundreds of videos here on how you can achieve your weight loss goals without spending a lot. To get you started, here is a list of our top 10 YouTube tutorials for at-home weight loss:

1. “10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight”

Video uploaded by bubzbeauty

In this video, Bubz dishes out tips on how you can lose the extra pounds and live a generally healthier lifestyle. Her first tip is to eat until you’re 80% full. It will take about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that your stomach is actually full so if you don’t stop while you’re ahead, you would have already overeaten – a lot.

Not eating three hours before you sleep, avoiding fizzy drinks, drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal are other easy-to-follow tips from this YouTuber on how you can lose weight at home.

2. “Fun Beginner’s Dance Workout for Weight Loss – At Home Cardio Exercise Dance Routine”

Video uploaded by PsycheTruth

Uploaded by PsycheTruth, this fun workout video is exactly what the title says: cardio exercises that you can do at home using a basic dance routine. The initial steps serve as your warm-up exercises, although you can still do some stretching beforehand. Shoulder rolls, hip rolls, some basic dance moves – by the end of the video, you will be getting your groove on and sweating it out in the process!

3. “Zumba Dance: Easy for Beginners”

Video uploaded by Movee

Zumba is a dance fitness program introduced by Alberto Perez in the 1990s. It’s very popular right now and the choreography combines hip-hop, samba, soca, salsa, mambo, merengue, and even martial arts. Squats and lunges are also included.

If you’d like to try out this workout routine which is a lot of fun and very easy, simply watch and follow the video on YouTube.  All over the world, around 14 million people take weekly Zumba classes in 185 countries, so you’re in good company.

4. “Exercises to Lose Belly Fat – Best 2 Exercises to Lose Your Belly Fat!”

Video uploaded by pettqq

One of the most difficult parts of the body where a lot of fat is stored is the stomach. In this YouTube video, you will be taught the ‘How to Be Happy with Your Lower Belly Hip Lift’ which includes keeping your head on the floor, exhaling as you lift your hips then inhaling as you lower your hips which can be repeated 20 times. The second exercise includes variations of the plank which allows you to work out your core muscles to lose the belly fat.

5. “Cardio Belly Dance Workout with Music: The Hip-hop Mix Workout for Beginners”

Video uploaded by Tiazza Wilson

With Tiazza Wilson as the trainer, this video gives you a variation workout to do at home – belly dancing. The routine starts with stretching exercises, then moves on to some belly dancing basics. What’s good about belly dancing is that it allows you to use your core muscles in the stomach so if you have excess belly fat, this is perfect. It’s also a lot of fun to do and all you need is to put on some music at home. The belly dancer’s outfit is optional.

6. “Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout”

Video uploaded by BeFIT

If you’re ready to pump things up, do it with esteemed trainer Jillian Michaels. Her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout is intense, calorie-blasting and includes total body-sculpting. In it, there are seven cardio strength training circuits which are all designed to build lean muscle, obliterate fat and push your weight loss potential.

Instead of paying a local trainer lots of money, why don’t you follow the instructions of one of the toughest in the world – Jillian Michaels – and enjoy great results later on.

7. “7 Minute Workout: Full Body Fat-Burning Cardio”

Video uploaded by BeFIT

Another at-home workout that you can do is pretty basic. It really takes just seven minutes of your time. There are 12 exercises all in all, 30 second on, 10 second off – and doing this routine on a regular basis will allow you to shed those excess pounds without slaving away your hours in the gym. The exercises are pretty basic: jumping jacks, air squats, push-ups, one-legged squats, and some abs exercises.

8. “Lift & Tone Booty Routine with Katrina – Tone It Up Tuesdays”

Video uploaded by LivestrongWoman

 Next, if you would like to work on your booty, check out this LiveStrongWoman video. The beginning exercise involves back lunges. While doing them, the trainer gives tips on the proper way to do it so that you will not put undue force on your toes. There are also exercises for toning the back muscles just right above your booty. The exercises are pretty easy to follow, and the video was shot on the beach so you will definitely get inspired to sweat it out. 

9. “Total Body Toning for Beginners – Pilates Bootcamp with Cassey Ho”

Video uploaded by LivestrongWoman

Next, there’s the Pilates Bootcamp with Cassey Ho. All you need is an exercise mat and the trainer will walk you through the steps of how you can do Pilates exercises. They’re pretty simple, fun to follow and will give you the best results.

10. “Chair Workout for Legs – Leg Exercises with Natalie Jill”

Video uploaded by Natalie Jill Fitness

Finally, with this workout video, all you need is a low chair and your own body weight. The legs and the glutes are worked out in this routine. Natalie Jill is a licensed master sports nutritionist, functional fitness trainer and weight loss expert.

YouTube is an excellent source of exercise videos that you can follow to lose weight at home. What’s great about watching a video is that you can follow the steps right at home, and once you have mastered them, you can do them outdoors. All in all, losing weight should not be a burden but should be considered a challenge on how to change your lifestyle for the better. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better, too!

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  • Be careful with youtube workout videos. If you are not accustomed to doing those particular moves, it may not be a good idea to go all out, even if you are in pretty good overall shape. I was in decent shape and did a Bob Harper cardio workout and pulled a muscle because it was too intense doing moves I was not used to. Took 6 months to get that muscle fully back to normal.

  • That is one thing I plan to start is walking regularly again and doing cardio workouts at home since I really can’t afford a gym membership. Which is fine though at home I would feel more confident I guess. I came across some of these videos already but glad to see this list with the others. I will be checking a lot of these out.

  • I think that’s great and we need to be careful as DancingLady said because we just need to get to sources that are trusted, I think these ones are trusted. I think it all depends on the shape of your body and how hard you do the exercise.

  • I like that the article is upbeat and points out easy ways to cut back on eating, without shaming readers, which seems to be pretty common in these types of articles. There’s also a nice selection on the work out videos. I’m going to watch a few of them, and see if I’ll be able to do the moves.

  • Great post! I definitely think healthy habits and fitness can and should start at home, especially as not all of us can afford to go to the gym or hire a nutritionist. The workout videos look like some great ways to start a routine, or mix up an already established one. I’ll definitely have to try out the Zumba and belly dance tutorials.

  • For excercise I love to walk and squats, I don’t have money for a gym membership soI walk every day for at least half hour. I some times do aerobics from my TV free exercise channel.

  • Whew! Wow! This is a very tiring post! LOL! But so worth it. Thank you. I have subscribed to BeFit with Jillian Michaels “Fat Boost Metabolism Workout Complete” from YouTube. Her training workouts have the elements of kick boxing, self-defense exercises. I fully recommend this to myself to doing this. I’m very excited. I did the complete workouts… panting all the way through :-D.

  • Blogilates with Cassey Ho is my ultimate workout video. After I am done with a video I can genuinely feel it (in a good way!). For neary every move she shows if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced the different ways to do it so you can choose what level suits you and try to aim to continue on to the next level. At the moment I don’t have the time or money to join a gym so I know at least I will have a half hour workout whenever I want one ! I have to say I have found something that works for me so I tend not to look at other channels but I don’t feel super inclined to start watching 20 other techniques and I feel like Cassey’s methods really work for me !

    • I have heard of some of these instructors on these videos, but Cassey Ho is new to me. I recently decided to make a move to lower impact exercises due to some minor joint issues and an overall decrease in activity. I hope to one day be able to run again, but need to address joint mobility first.

      I am so impressed with Cassey Ho. She has a great personality. I borrowed Turbo Fire from a friend and had to turn it off 10 minutes in because the lady was a little too peppy for me. I enjoy Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner videos but love the cost of You Tube! Freeeee!

      Thank you for posting your comment about Cassey Ho’s Blogliates! I’m definitely going to check that out.

  • I recommend you check out Blogilates. That is my favorite workout video. She also makes Calendar workout to help you throughout the month. She also makes videos about healthy foods and diys. Really great channel.

  • Losing weight at home just might be your savior. It’s fairly easy and it’ll have you save some money since you’re not spending so much on gym subscriptions. Also what I found effective for me was to really follow a diet. I exercised so much before but then I’d eat everything unhealthy which resulted to my exercise being useless. Diet is important as well and what better way to diet than to get some delicious recipes and try them out in the comfort of your own home!

  • Thank you for the videos! I’ve been trying to work out more and more lately. I’ve taken a liking to that planking routine that’s been going around. It’s been very intense on my abs and I can definitely see it working quite quickly! The Total Toning video was really helpful though. I’ve always found toning quite difficult to do without any sort of equipment :<

  • I love YouTube videos that you can do at home, as it means that you don’t have to go anywhere, and you don’t have to pay to join a gym either, which is a great thing indeed. I particularly like the Zumba one that you have linked to in this article, and this is one that I have tried. I like dancing, and this type is so fun that I find myself looking forward to doing it rather than having to force myself to exercise as I would have done in the past, which of course is a great thing!

  • Watching fitness videos is a great way of getting inspired and motivated when it comes to losing weight, but what happens to those who live in countries where they are unable to have access to such tools? It’s my view that inspiration to tackle a serious subject like weight loss should cover people from all walks of life.

    I personally got fed up of looking at myself in the mirror 5 years ago because I did not like what I saw, I was a size 16 and getting bigger. So without any videos or exercising buddy I decided to cut down on unhealthy foods, snacking in between meals, eating late at night and having excuses for generous portions. I had no meat, heavy carbohydrates, fizzy drinks or refined processed foods and I ate only fruits and vegetables and 2 slices of wholemeal bread daily.

    In a space of 4 – 6 months, I came from an unhappy size 16 woman to a trendy, jolly, happy size 8 lady, much to the delight of my darling husband who had to change a complete wardrobe. It was a very expensive decision but I’m so glad that I took that sheer determination to do it. I now get up in the morning full of energy and ready to face the day as am light on my feet. All it takes is the desire to get fit and there’s nothing absolutely impossible once you put your mind to it.

  • I found this site 3 days ago. I’m currently 220 and I have really bad knee problems. Yesterday while watching the video I decided to sign up for the gym and I went last night for 2 hours! My knees were going thru hell but when I go out I felt so energized . Thank u for motivating and Sharing this post & motivating me to get up and do my healthier life!!

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