Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

Summer is almost here, so how about putting together a few floral arrangements for your home? Why do it? Well, flowers bring joy and happiness, are a great remedy for depression and can make any pessimist’s day in a few seconds! If you think floral arrangements only mean vases and flower pots, you are wrong. Here are 10 floral arrangements for summer that will make you fall in love with Mother Nature once more!

1. Faux flowers and wreaths

Not all people like faux flowers, but we think you should absolutely love them: they last way longer than natural flowers, make perfect wreaths, you can give them a good wash and they’ll be as good as new in a second, there’s no pollen involved, so they are safe for those suffering from allergies, they can be reorganized in different floral arrangements and the list goes on. There is one trick though: steer away from shiny-looking flowers because they look tacky and too artificial.

Feel the texture and only buy flowers that feel good to the touch. Also, make sure the colors are not far from those of natural flowers. And don’t worry, wreaths are pretty easy to make: you only need a circle, some faux flowers, ribbons and thread. Start adding the flowers one after another, leaving 5 inches between them. When you are done, add the smaller flowers between them, secure them in place, add some ribbons if you think that’s a good idea and you’re all set! Plus, here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

2. Vases

Vases are great, but you should use natural flowers for them. Faux flowers are cute and all, but they belong outside, so let’s look from some great natural flowers. A few rules when choosing a good vase: if you like tall flowers, go for tall vases to protect them and avoid breakage. If you are buying short flowers, choose something small, otherwise you risk making them look disproportional if the vase is too tall.

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

For colors, the only rule is not go for something that’s not too colorful that could compete with your flowers. You can choose a black and white design and pretty much anything that’s one color only. After doing some serious searching online, we chose our favorite vases and here they are:

3. Planters to last forever

Yes, you may have to water them every now and them, but these flowers will bring you so much joy for a long time! If you don’t really like to buy flowers all the day or just can’t afford it, you can use planters and place them strategically in your home. Plus, you can pretty much turn anything into a planter, from a plastic bottle to a tin can, as long as you make a hole on the bottom.

You can place your little planter on the dining table as long as you put a plate under the planter (for the water excess). Also, make sure there’s enough natural light for your little flowers (r they’ll turn yellow and die). No idea what we’re talking about? Here’s some inspiration for you:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

4. Sunflower frenzy

Nothing says summer like sunflower! There are so many things to do with it, from decorating your front door to placing it in vases and scatter them around the house, this flower is the absolute symbol of the warm season. You can’t really grow it yourself, because it’s very tall and needs a lot of sun. If you have a sunny backyard, that changes things. Otherwise, you can’t really plant it in a pot and decorate the table with it. Fortunately, sunflower is one of the least expensive decorative flowers, so if you decide to purchase it that’s not going to make a hole in your budget. And just to show you how cool and amazing it is to decorate your house with sunflowers, here are some examples:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

5. Garlands

Imagine a huge garland hugging your front entry! That would seriously make you never want to leave your home ever again. How to make a garland? Well, if you want to have it for a really long time, use faux flowers, and bind them together using some thread and you’re done. If you are using fresh flowers, things are a bit tricky and here’s why: if you tie the flowers too tight, they’ll break. If you don’t, they’ll slip and fall off the arrangement.

Plus, you’ll work for at least an hour to get them in shape during which they’ll most likely start to look really bad. If you ask us, garlands are only practical when they’re made using faux flowers. While looking for some good examples for you, we fell in love with these garlands:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

6. Prints

Who said you need actual flowers to feel good? If you have some floral prints added here and there, that makes up for everything! First of all, think about purchasing a floral dress, putting up some floral print curtains, go for a flowery tablecloth and so on. There are a few rules you have to keep in mind when choosing this kind of fabric: make sure the background is a nice and warm color and steer away from blacks, dark browns, navy blues etc.

Also, you may want to choose big prints, since the small ones tend to get lost in the decor. The advantage is that, if your home is pretty dull or desperately needs a paint job, the flowery curtains will distract anyone’s attention from that and make everything look fresh and new. As a matter of fact, we are totally in love with these floral prints right now:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

7. Flower crowns

If there’s a time to wear a bald flower crown, that time is summer! And no, you don’t have to live in the country side or a small town because flowers never go out of fashion. There are so many things you can do whether you are wearing fresh or faux flowers: braid them in your hair, place them around your high bun, low bun or just let your hair loose and accessorize it with a nice big flower crown place on the top of your head. Plus, flower crowns pretty much go well with anything, from colorful dresses to indie shirts, jeans and tank tops! No wonder so many brides go for that romantic look these days! Don’t believe us? Check out these great ideas!

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

8. Beautify your car/bike

If you love to cycle to work and back or if you have a cool looking car, it’s time to add some flowers here and there! If your car is fairly new, take a few flowers, bind them together and hang them to your mirror. If, on the contrary, the car is old, you can go with a floral wallpaper on the ceiling, small flower bouquets hanging from the mirror or even draw a few flowers on the hood, here and there.

In fact, you can actually purchase a few floral stickers online and place them onto your car. You can do the same thing for your bike, but having fresh flowers with you everywhere you go is way better! Here are a few ideas of what you could make:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

9. Patio Accents

Not all patios look like from a magazine, I think we can all agree on that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it! Now that summer is almost here, try a colorful area rug, some colorful pillows and flowers, whether they are vases or planters! Imagine what it would be like to drink your coffee and admire the sunset from your patio! For instance, what do you think about these examples?

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer

10. Passionate roses

Roses are probably the best flowers in the world! Just think about it: they are there for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, for declaring your love and saying you are sorry and dare we say it, they are there to fix things up for us. It doesn’t really matter if you are going with a big bald rose crown, a rose-inspired dress, rose bedding and the list goes on. The important thing here is to add them to your life. Check out these pictures and you’ll know what we mean:

Home Ideas: 10 Floral Arrangements for Summer