Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Taking on a home renovation project is no easy task, especially if you are a newbie. However, hiring a professional to do everything for you could be a lot more expensive than you thought and we don’t recommend that you do that anyway.

All you need now is to look for inspiration online, and this is why we’ve prepared a list of blogs that could really come in handy for any homeowner willing to make the most of their home. Keep reading and tell us which blog is your favorite!

 Kelly Rae Roberts from

Kelly describes herself as being an “accidental artist” who started playing with paint at the age of 30. Since she discovered that she’s quite gifted, Kelly tried all kinds of art, from painting to home renovation and small crafts.

We love her blog because of her ingenious methods, creativity and ability to turn lifeless objects into true architectural wonders. Just to give you a glimpse of her work, we decided to post pictures of her work. Enjoy!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Indeed it is! And Liz knows this best! After renovating her own home, she decided to start doing this for a living. So far, she flipped 10 houses and is planning on changing the face of many more! Just click to see the adventures of this serial home improver, the obstacles she faced, her design ideas and all the work that goes into a home renovation project. Just to show you what she’s capable of, we’ve added some pictures!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

This is where things get serious. This Old House is actually a very successful blog that has an entire editorial team behind it, eager to find new and interesting ways to improve your home.

In case you just bought a fixer-upper and have no idea where to start from, this blog is what you’ve been waiting for. They know everything: from the best paint to the cheapest tiles on the market. We love their ideas and think you will too!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Anna from

The lovely lady behind this blog is Anna. She works as a cover book designer and, in her spare time, takes on home improvement projects. She also has a shop where she sells posters.

What we like about her blog is that it’s unconventional, beautifully messed up, torn and smooth, silky and rugged. If you’re the artistic type, you’ll love her blog and her ideas just as much as we do. Oh and here’s a sneak peak:

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Emily from

Emily started blogging about home renovation projects in 2009, when she and her husband bought a house that needed some work done. At the same time, their friends needed some help with theirs, so why not type everything and let the world know about their progress?

Although their progress is quite slow due to the fact that they are trying to save money and wait for the best bargains when it comes to tiles, wood panels, kitchen cabinets and so on. However, it’s fascinating to see how far they’ve come from buying a foreclosure fixer-upper!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

This is probably our favorite home renovation blog ever (yes, guilty as charged!) because it has everything you could possibly want: tips and tricks on how to improve your home, funny stories about demolition, laughing people, miles, a lot of wine and kitchen utensils.

Based on which room you’re looking to remodel, this blog will give you a hand with your bedroom, bathroom, living room or even that tiny pantry, if you will.

It’s best to browse through their articles before hiring a specialist to decorate your home (which we really advise against!). The truth is that if you take some time to read a few articles, you’ll be able to rely on your own abilities 100% of the times. And that’s something!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

For Amanda and Corey home renovation is a way of living. After purchasing an old house, ideas started to pour, so they rolled up their sleeves and gave their best. The birth of their son turned everything upside down and made them rethink a few ideas and come up with new ones, to make the baby’s life easier and a lot safer. This being said, they are still working on their house, but so far it’s looking great!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

If you are looking for professional advice but don’t want to hire a specialist, you better check out this blog. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the technical problems (the electrical system, the pipes and so on), how to place your couch in the living room and how to make your backyard safe for your children.

Plus, they are offering a wide range of ideas on how to decorate your home based on your style and personality. Isn’t that great?

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Kim Woodward writes passionately about what it’s like to renovate two houses and then move in a barn and start it all over. She and her family are the proof that, when it comes to home renovation, you need a lot of patience, some money, creativity and back rubs. However, the results can be breathtaking!

If you are interested in finding out how to renovate a foreclosed property, this is the blog to read! If you don’t believe that Kim and her husband are miracle workers, just take a look at these pictures:

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

A few years ago, Sarah bought her house from a nice old lady and didn’t realize how much work she was going to put in it. After taking on this home renovation project, she was not happy to notice that she was sleep deprived, had paint in her hair, cats all over the place and it looked like this would be a never ending job.

However, she started blogging about her struggles and shared her tips and tricks with everyone going through the same situation. Read her Lessons Learned section to find out what not to do, take a tour of the house and borrow some of her ideas on cleaning and cooking. And most important, let her know what you think!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Sherry and John from

These guys are serious! In the past 7 years, they fixed 3 houses, had 2 babies, became published authors and furniture designers and somehow managed to publish about 3000 post on their blog in the meanwhile. Talk about being productive!

We’ve been reading their blog and ideas for more than a year now and strongly recommend that you do the same. Take a tour of their house and see all the renovation work they’ve done, along with their decorating ideas. Plus, you get an inside scoop on happiness, family life and coping with everything while juggling the paint job, the fireplace challenge and many other house-related issues.

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

Stacey from

Like many other people who started being interested in home renovation projects, Stacey had to do something about her own home. Although she admits to not having any kind of training when it comes to interior design, her work is quite impressive and we have a feeling that she knows it.

If you are interested in following her work step by step, you can do so: just check out her Room by Room category, her Exterior-Landscape solutions or just browse through her entire gallery to find something that fits your style. You’ll have a fun time reading her blogs too, as she is very funny and witty!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

You are going to love Tanya! This turquoise-loving lady is very interested in artwork and home renovation. Actually, she loves changing things so much that her home renovation projects are never one hundred percent completed! Anyway, there’s always room for improvement, right?

Plus, she has her Handy Hubby by her side. He’s responsible for pretty much the entire wood work in the house and has been ever since they met as teens. The hard work paid off because the pictures are stunning. Read about their ideas and see what not to do when it comes to turning a fixer-upper into the jewel on the block!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

The nice ladies at

This one-of-a-kind interior design blog made us fall in love again with drawing. Their website is so colorful and vintage-like that you have got to read at least a blog or two about home renovation, while you’re at it.

All the wonderful ladies at are quite successful in their careers, most of them having specialized training or a very popular business, so we’d recommend that you take them seriously.

Our favorite thing is if their Furniture Friday category: just look at it like an endless source of interior design possibilities. They also know how to use your space efficiently, how to make the best of your natural lighting and so on. Just check out their blog!

Most Helpful Home Renovation Blogs

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