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Money-Saving Uses for Mason Jars (DIY Craft Tutorials Included)

Brilliant Money-Saving Uses for Mason Jars (Craft Tutorials Included)

Sometimes, the simplest inventions are the niftiest ones too. Just consider the humble mason jar. It’s the container with 101 money-saving uses and although these begin in the kitchen, they certainly don’t end there. We’ll kick off with some of the coolest kitchen uses for mason jars before segueing off into the creative world of mason jar crafts that can save you cash.

You’ll be surprised at some of the super-clever things you can do with jars, and we hope you’ll have fun with some of the genius ideas we tracked down.

Let’s Begin in the Kitchen!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your mason jars can help make your cuisine even heartier, saving time, preserving aroma and more. Apart from using them for jams and preserves, consider these kitchen uses that save you money and make your cuisine even more exciting:

  • Buy your spices in bulk from catering suppliers. Your mason jars will preserve the flavor like nothing else can.
  • Use them as vases for fresh herbs. Your bouquet garni literally becomes a fragrant kitchen bouquet that looks great and stays fresh.
  • Keep seeds and grains fresh and easy to select. You seal in the freshness, and there’ll be no “oops” moments when you grab the rice instead of the sunflower seeds.

Mason Jar Spice Containers

  • Prepping veg? It’s a bind, so while you’re busy with it, do a few extra and pop them into mason jars to keep them fresh.
  • Into healthy eating? Make your smoothie in the morning and take it along in a mason jar. No mess, no fuss.
  • Make flour last longer. It’s moisture-proof, it’s insect proof: yes! It’s a mason jar!
  • Tempt your family with jars of healthy trail mix. Your mason jars are perfect for storing them, and they look irresistibly tasty.

Mason Jars: The Final Frontier?

With so many kitchen uses, it’s hardly surprising that mason jars are a favorite with crafters too. Got a few extra jars hanging around? Here are some crafty ways to use them.

1. Photo Frame

Pop a photo in an upside-down mason jar and you have a fantastic way to display photos without the expense of a photo frame. Plus, it looks way more creative!

Mason Jar Photo Frame

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2. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are all the rage, and what could be better than your own wall of herbs? Simply decorate a piece of wood, make simple brackets for your jars, and get planting! It’s also great for growing succulents indoors without the mess.

Mason Jar Vertical Garden

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3. Snow Globe Soap Dispenser

Hand soap (or even dish soap) never looked this good before! The bubbles in the soap look like “snow” and you can add any ornament you like to add a touch of pizzazz. The soap pump itself is in an inexpensive extra you can get on Amazon, or you can get even craftier and make one yourself.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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4. Sewing Kit

Plastic store-bought sewing kits never last long. So why not make your own? Turn the lid of your jar into a handy pin cushion, and pack the jar with pins, needles, and mini-spools of thread. By the way, this is also a great gift idea, so make one for a friend while you’re at it.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

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5. Tumbler

Make gorgeous rustic tumblers for summer drinks in minutes. Your mason jar never looked so classy, and those drinks look very tempting indeed! A little paint and a few odds and ends, and your mason jar goes Hollywood!

Mason Jar Tumbler

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6. Piggy Bank

We’ve said mason jars save you money, but what about actually saving money in your mason jars? Everyone should have a change jar. How about three jars in a holder? One is for spending, one is for saving, and one is for giving. Mason jar savings just got even better.

Mason Jar Piggy Bank

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7. Desk Organizer

Some clear glue and a bunch of office supplies is all you need for a stacked mason jar desk organizer. Think laterally and use mason jars lying on their sides. That way, you can grab small items like elastic bands easily.

Mason Jar Desk Organizer

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8. Pendant Light

If you don’t have mason jars going begging you might just rush out to buy some when you see this cottage-style pendant light idea. Down-to-earth décor makes a statement, and your pendant lights will do so with unexpected elegance.

Mason Jar Pendant Light

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9. Fairy Lantern

Make a mini fairy garden in a jar. Some glitter, a cutout of a fairy, some bits of faux plants or bits of bromeliads and a flameless tea light are all you need to create a mini fantasy world that will enchant both young and old.

Mason Jar Fairy Lantern

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10. Welcome Sign

Welcome guests to your door with a jar of fresh flowers in a mason jar attached to your own artsy holder. Now that’s a nice touch for a summer welcome! In winter, you can add some sprigs of holly to give it a festive air.

Mason Jar Welcome Sign

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And That’s Just a Top 10!

There are so many uses for mason jars that we can hardly scratch the surface! All the same, we hope we’ve given you some fun, practical ideas that will help you to use your mason jars even more effectively, both in the kitchen and beyond. What other common household item preserves food, makes a fun basis for décor items, and lasts for years and years? Use your mason jars to the full!

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Brilliant Money-Saving Uses for Mason Jars (Craft Tutorials Included)