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Top DIY TV Shows to Watch This Spring

Top DIY TV shows to watch this spring
Written by Oana Schneider

Spring is here and you probably need to change a few things around the house: maybe you don’t like the wall paint anymore, maybe you need to remodel the living room, who knows? Instead of watching those boring TV shows you’ve been watching the whole winter, how about you switch it to a few DIY TV shows? They are very fun and useful, so take them into consideration!

Dear Genevieve

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Genevieve Gorder
Number of seasons: 6
Watch it on: HGTV, Fine Living
Synopsis: Genevieve Gorder is a famous interior design who helps home owners fall in love once again with their homes: whether she’s dealing with a large space that looks too big to fill or a tiny kitchen that frustrates the family, she always finds a creative way to make things work. Plus, she has an entire team of carpenters, house painters and assistants ready to customize cabinets, tables, chairs and so on. Although a professional designer is doing all the hard work in this show, you will be provided with enough information about fabrics, textures, and lighting to decorate your own home. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Genevieve’s ideas and dynamic way of seeing things!

Kitchen Cousins

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Hosts: Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri
Number of seasons: 2
Watch it on: HGTV, Fine Living
Synopsis: John and Anthony moved back to New Jersey to help out with the family business and suddenly fell in love with kitchen remodeling. The series follows them as they take on different project, from the tiniest to the largest. They will also share their tips and tools for kitchen renovation, as well as where to buy the best items and what to ask from your contractor. In just 2 seasons you’ll be taught which paint is the best, what you should and shouldn’t o when it comes to tile and backsplash and you’ll get enough information to remodel your own kitchen! Plus, since this is a family business, get ready for some inside jokes, pranks and old secrets!

Desperate Landscapes

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Jason Cameron
Number of seasons: 13
Watch it on: DIY Network, Fine Living
Synopsis: When you live in a nice neighborhood where everybody’s front lawn is carefully taken care of and all you can grow on yours is weeds and random bushes, it’s time for Jason Cameron! He will bring his entire crew and give you a brand new front lawn packed with plants, small trees and anything else you need to wow the neighbors! Plus, it will all be done before they get back from work, so get ready for 8 hours of DIY tips and tricks, heavy lifting, and intensive work packed in only 40 minutes of DIY TV! If we think we can fix our own house, there’s a whole different thing with the lawn: where to start? If you want to find out, there are 8 seasons of nothing but excellent answers!

Rehab Addict

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Nicole Curtis
Number of seasons: 6
Watch it on: DIY Network, Fine Living
Synopsis: Single mother Nicole Curtis is in the business of bringing the lost glory to old homes across America. It doesn’t matter what time period they’re from, Nicole will always find a way to bring them to life by using proper materials, her own exquisite sense of style and a team of handy men. Get ready to find out which tile goes with which kind of paint, which fixer-upper to buy and which one to walk on buy and so on. As Nicole proves it, with a great team, determination and a lot of work, flipping houses could be a fun kind of work. Plus, she’ll tell you all her secrets on house renovation and electrical problems, so stay tuned!

10 Grand in Your Hand

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: John DeSilva
Number of seasons: 6
Watch it on: DIY Network, Fine Living
Synopsis: For those of you about to take on a serious remodeling project, John DeSilva have a few tips and tricks that could save you up to $10 000! Why pay the contractor for work that you can do yourself? Start saving money by applying the tile yourself, changing the appliances for half the retail price, putting up the kitchen cabinets yourself and so on! Plus, John know that renting a sanding machine is way cheaper than paying someone else to sand your hardwood floor, so why not save a few extra bucks? Of course, you have to watch out for injuries that could cost you a lot of money. All this and more on the show!

Craft Wars

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Tori Spelling
Number of seasons: 1
Watch it on: TLC
Synopsis: Famous actress Tori Spelling invites you to a competition that challenges people to be creative and unconventional. The prize? $10 000! There are two rounds and 3 contestants, but only one of them can be the winner. They are asked to make everyday objects from unconventional materials: a birdhouse out of zippers, a purse out of old magazines, a lamp out of barbed wire and the list goes on. Aside from enjoying the actual competition, you’ll find out more about crafting: how to use the hot glue, how to soften wooden edges, how to use chicken coop wire and so on. If crafting is one of your guilty pleasures, don’t miss Craft Wars on TLC!

Craft On

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Watch it on: ulive
Synopsis: Whether you need to create a Christmas wreath or a toy for your little one, there’s always someone to teach you how to make it. These short clips are simple yet educational for anybody who owns a cardboard box and a pair of scissors. Plus, the good thing is that you can watch them online anytime you have the chance. Learn how to fold paper, how to use glitter properly and make many cool objects.  

Dime Traveler

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Brandon
Watch it on: ulive
Synopsis: Brandon may look like your typical American, but he’s sure not what you expect! Unlike other young men his age, Brandon travels the world on a budget hoping to find the best discounts and deals, so be prepared to see him riding the train in India (and we know how crowded trains are in India!), bargain for a flight over a volcano, run with the bulls on the streets of Madrid and so on. He’s the absolute proof that traveling is not for the rich and that anyone can explore the world if they packed enough ambition and determination in their backpack.

The High Low Project

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Sabrina Soto
Number of seasons: 5
Watch it on: HGTV, Fine Living
Synopsis: Sabrina and her help Andrew are determined to give families the living rooms they were dreaming of, but at a much more affordable price. She will ask her clients to show her the room of their dreams and then she’ll search the stores looking for similar, but cheaper items to put together the desired look. In the process, she’ll tell you why trunk shows and floor models are a great deal and why shopping online can be a great idea when you can’t seem to find anything! In case they can’t find an item, Sabrina and Andrew will make it themselves and you get to see the whole process! Arm yourself with a big bowl of popcorn and get ready for a fun and creative TV show!

Handy Ma’am

top DIY TV shows to watch this spring

Host: Janell-Inez
Watch it on: ulive
Synopsis: Janell’s life is crazy: imagine having to bake brownies, fix the kitchen sink and do homework with your kids at the same time! Yes, if you think about it, your life is really not different from hers, but the difference is she keeps a positive attitude about all the challenges. No wonder she’ll tell you a great recipe one episode and present a whole kitchen table tutorial the next one. Plus, you’ll see that there is no perfect life and we all have to deal with PTA meetings, financial problems, and cracked tile and so on. However, Janell’s way of dealing with everything is quite…unique. Watch the show and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

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  • I’m glad I read this article. I watch a lot of HGTV and DIY Network, so am familiar with some of the shows and hosts, but I didn’t realize Sabrina Soto had a new show. I will definitely need to look for that, and set my DVR. I’m also into crafting, and will make sure I look into those shows, for new ideas and techniques I can try.

    • I love DVRing these types of shows because you often don’t need to see them right away, but it’s always nice to be able to watch them later on. I’m a fan of DIY Network, although I’m far less a fan of HGTV in comparison. What do you like most about HGTV?

  • I am a fan of The High Low Project more so than any other show on this list. In fact, I can’t stand four or five of the shows on this list, even though they do have a good message overall. Craft On is pretty decent, but I don’t really use much of the tips from the show because crafts aren’t my thing. I just find it entertaining and interesting.

  • Wow, I never really knew that diy shows are a thing on tv. I only get my diy tips and tricks from the internet on websites like Lifehacker. Good to know that there are still some informative and helpful shows that are worth watching and that I’m actually interested in.

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