Three-day weekends are always a big deal for bargain hunters. With retailers taking advantage of the extra free day to lure shoppers with discounts and promos, these long weekends offer lots of opportunities to save money. On the first long weekend this year, we’re raring to see just how much we could save at MLK Day sales.

We’ve rounded up some info to help smart shoppers like you get the most value out of your money. Here is a list of what to buy and where to score the best MLK Day deals online and in-store.

When Do the MLK Day Sales Start?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the first federal holiday in 2022. Aside from free entrance fees and parking fees at public lands across the United States, you can look forward to amazing deals and promos from your favorite shops.

This year, MLK Day falls on January 17, but you can expect shops to start putting up sale signs even before the long weekend starts on January 15. MLK Day isn’t a major shopping event, so don’t look for “MLK Day sales.” Instead, watch out for “three-day sale”, “winter clearance”, or “weekend sale” signs.

While looking for MLK Day coupons, you might come across stores that have ongoing end-of-year sales. Soon, many others will also start marking down-home goods and winter clothing to offload last season’s stocks. So, now is the best time to start your hunt for deals.


Tip: To rake in the most savings and get the best value for your money, use our shopping sales calendar to schedule your shopping sprees. We’ve already listed the best dates to make specific purchases, so you can maximize your money’s worth.

What to Buy During MLK Day Weekend Sales?

products to buy during MLK day

Were you eyeing some Christmas décors or holiday-themed linens last month but couldn’t fit them in the budget? Grab them at the MLK Day weekend sales at much lower prices and save them for the next holiday.

Aside from holiday knickknacks and MLK Day freebies, here are some of the things you ought to consider buying during the MLK weekend. 

👍 Winter Clothing

To prep for a new season, retailers mark down the previous season’s apparel to offload their remaining stocks. As shops get ready for spring shopping, winter fashion and footwear will be on sale for as high as 40%. You might even score clearance items with huge discounts of up to 70 to 90% off.

MLK Sales: Saks Fifth Avenue offers up to 70% off designer sale items. You can also check out clearance sales at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Aeropostale.

👍 Home Deals and Linen

MLK Day sales coincide with the traditional white sales where you can find linens, bed and bath items, and other home goods at discounted prices. You can get around 20 to 60% off on pillows, towels, beddings, and other linen, so MLK weekend is a great time to grab new ones.

As the first long weekend of the year, MLK Day is a great chance to start DIY projects or fix things around the house that you overlooked during the busy holiday season. So, home improvement stores also offer promos over the weekend.

MLK Sales: Check out deals at Home DepotTarget, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Bath and beddings are up to 20% off at the Pottery Barn.

👍 Sports and Fitness Gear

More likely than not, you’ve also made a resolution to get fit and buff this year—just like almost everybody else. There are people who are highly motivated to get fit at the start of the year, so sports and fitness retailers offer deals that are hard to turn down. You’ll find huge discounts on home gym equipment, athletic shoes, athleisure apparel, yoga mats, and other fitness gear.

MLK Sales: Save up to 50% on clothing, shoes, and equipment at Dick’s Sporting Goods and GNC. Get more savings by using coupons at Bass Pro ShopsHigh Sierra, and Academy Sports.

👍 Health and Beauty Products

Just like how we all want to be fitter, many people also include health and beauty in their new year’s resolutions. Brands know this and make it easier for us to start our new beauty routines and healthy lifestyles. You’ll find many skincare products at 50% off in major department stores. Boutiques also offer MLK Day freebies along with other promotions.

MLK Sales: Bath & Body Works has an ongoing semi-annual sale both online and in-store. You can get as much as 75% off on your fave products. Stack coupons and save more at UltaSephoraGNC, and MAC.

👍 Television

Electronic deals don’t really come around until Prime Day in July, but there are some retailers that offer deals on television as early as January. These television deals usually target sports buffs who are getting ready for Super Bowl Friday in February.

MLK Sales: Watch out for deals on flat-screen TVs at WalmartBest Buy, or Costco on MLK Day weekend sales.

❌ Items to Skip during MLK Weekend

While almost all types of goods are put on sale on MLK weekend, there are some items that you may want to put off buying for a few more weeks.

For instance, it is better to buy jewelry after February 14 when stores start coming out with their Valentine’s Day deals. Mattresses and small appliances are at their lowest prices on Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day Sales. It is also better to buy electronics in July when stores offer irresistible deals on Prime Day.

What Stores Offer the Best MLK Day Deals?

best stores that offer MLK day deals

Almost all small boutique shops, big-box retailers, and department stores have MLK Day deals online and in-store. Here are the best deals from the most popular stores:


Where Can I Get MLK Weekend Sales Coupons?

For one of the most comprehensive lists of stores and coupons, you can use for MLK weekend shopping, head on over to Easily find your favorite brand from our vast database. Use filters to make your selection faster and find the coupons that can give you the most savings.

Does Amazon Fulfill Deliveries on MLK Day?

MLK Day is one of the seven paid holidays that Amazon grants to its employees, so the company itself won’t be handling deliveries on this day. However, UPS or FedEx handle some Amazon packages on MLK Day. So, go ahead and find MLK deals using our Amazon Discount Finder.

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