When you’re planning a wedding, it seems like everyone’s out to make a buck. And let’s face it, weddings are expensive occasions. Luckily, not everyone is looking at you as a walking dollar sign. There are some genuine no-strings-attached freebies, and certain vendors who’d like you to promote their stuff through your wedding registry will send you a gift in return if you do.

We’ve hunted down a whole slew of information for you, and we’ve done our very best to ensure that the offers are still valid. As a final tip that covers local businesses near you, why not ask about freebies? For example, if you book your reception at a specific venue, do they offer you any freebies in return? It pays to be cheeky sometimes, especially when you’re likely to be a big spender.

Free Wedding Stationery

Free Wedding Stationery

Printers make profits. It’s logical. They’ll charge you for design, even when using simple templates, and you can bet they profit on every drop of ink and every sheet of paper. What if you could get your wedding stationery designs for free? What can you get?

  • Engagement party invitations
  • Bridal shower invitations
  • Wedding invitations
  • Address labels
  • Table place markers
  • Menu designs
  • Thank you note stationery

Do a bit of your own hunting because there are more options than we can possibly list, or use these leads to get your free templates.

  1. Wedding Chicks: An all-out suite of all the stationery you’ll need in matching themes. Enter your custom text and hit print.
    See Wedding Chick’s free printables.
  2. CardsAndPockets: Great, customizable designs for your invitations.
    See CardsAndPockets’s free wedding invitation templates and more CardAndPocket deals.
  3. Avery: Easily customizable place cards and more.
    See Avery’s free templates and more Avery deals.
  4. Evermine: Gives you 120 free printed address stickers in return for a social media share. You just pay for the shipping. Or else use Avery’s templates and print your own.
    See more Evermine deals.
  5. The Knot: This is a great wedding website for getting all kinds of information, but one of its nicest features is the free wedding website you can get.
    See The Knot’s free wedding websites and more The Knot deals.
  6. eVite: eVite lets you skip printing altogether. Send e-invitations for free. Once again, you can customize them as you desire.
    See eVite’s free wedding invitations and other eVite deals.
  7. Venngage: A collection of free and beautiful DIY wedding invitation templates.
    See Venngage’s free wedding invitation templates.

Free Wedding Food Tasting

Not all bakeries offer free wedding cake tasting, but quite a few do, so you and your fiancé can go on a cake-eating spree without paying a cent. Plus, you’ll know that you’ve chosen the tastiest cake available when you place your order.

Some caterers are also obliging enough to let you taste their cuisine before deciding on a menu. This kind of offer isn’t all that common, but when calling around, ask whether you’ll be able to sample any dishes. Some may expect you to commit to supporting them first, but you never know; you might get a tasty feast for free.

  1. Publix: Located in multiple states across the US, Publix offers free wedding cake tastings with a wide selection of flavors and styles. Their cakes are known for their quality and affordability, making them a great choice for couples on a budget.
    Schedule a free tasting at Publix, or see more Publix deals.
  2. Patti’s Pasticceria: Located in White Oak, Pennsylvania, Patti’s Pasticceria specializes in custom cakes for weddings and special occasions. They offer free wedding cake tastings and consultations, with a wide selection of flavors and styles to choose from.
    Schedule a free cake tasting at Patti’s Pasticceria.

Free Wedding Dress

Shopping for a wedding dress can be the most exciting part of the wedding planning process, but also the most expensive. To help you find the perfect dress without breaking the bank, we’ve put together a list of free wedding dress resources that can help you look your best on your big day.
  1. Brides Across America: If your partner is in the military or is a first responder, you should investigate the possibility of getting a free wedding dress. Brides Across America gives away thousands of free dresses to military brides every year. Every now and then, they also host lucky draws for beneficiaries as well as lovely events, so keep an eye on the website if you qualify. If you don’t, remember this option to donate your wedding dress to a great cause.
  2. Preowned Wedding Dresses: Preowned Wedding Dresses offers a wide range of gently used wedding dresses at discounted prices of up to 95% off the original price, making them an excellent choice for brides looking for a free wedding dress.
  3. Kennedy Blue: Don’t miss your chance to win a free Kennedy Blue wedding dress, four Kennedy Blue bridesmaid dresses, and accessories valued at up to $2,340. This giveaway ends June 30, 2023. See more Kennedy Blue deals.

Wedding Registry Freebies

What if you could get free stuff when people buy the gifts you’ve listed on your wedding registry? It’s no fantasy. There are plenty of companies offering freebies when you encourage your friends and family to help outfit your home with things you really need.

  1. Amazon: Amazon’s wedding registry offer is tops, and your choices are virtually limitless! You can get a 20% off coupon code after your wedding date, free shipping, plus you get a free record of who bought what, making it easy to send out those thank-you notes.
    Create an Amazon Wedding Registry or see more Amazon deals.
  2. Target: Again, wedding registry items bought by your guests qualify you for tons of great freebies. As a bonus, you get a 15% off registry coupon on everything left on your registry after the big day.
    Create a Target Wedding Registry or see more Target deals.
  3. Crate & Barrel: There’s plenty of brilliant loot for free with completions. You’re guaranteed to be spoiled for choice, and you can get all the kitchenware you need from guests who browse your registry.
    Create a Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry or see more Crate & Barrel deals.
  4. Bed Bath & Beyond: The registry incentives listed in Bed Bath & Beyond’s Freebook are just fantastic. You have to send a redemption form to claim your gift, but that’s easily done. Again, cool discounts are yours for anything you listed that wasn’t bought by your guests. The in-store and online coupons are valid for three months. We’ve also seen mentions of free gifts just for creating your registry, but these seem to change a lot, and there doesn’t seem to be anything right now.
    Create a Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry or see more Bed Bath & Beyond deals.
  5. Sur la Table: Just for registering, you could get some amazing giveaways. Once your guests start buying gifts from the registry, things get even better, so be sure to load your registry with this in mind.
    Create a Sur la Table Wedding Registry or see more Sur la Table deals.
  6. Macy’s: Macy’s is offering a 10-20% newlywed completion discount on gifts remaining on your registry.
    Create a Macy’s Wedding Registry or see more Macy’s deals.
  7. Dillard’s: Receive up to a 20% completion discount on the remaining home, beauty, and furniture items on your registry.
    Create a Dillard’s Wedding Registry or see more Dillard’s deals.

Tip: Set up a wedding registry with the retailer that offers the best free gifts for you. Check your favorite retailers and ask them about free offers, then weigh your options and go with the best one. Hey, your wedding registry sends companies lots of business, so be as mercenary as you like! This is your best chance to get really valuable wedding freebies.

Free Wedding Sweepstakes

Free Wedding Sweepstakes

There are many competitions and lucky draws open to brides planning their weddings. Look out for them in bridal magazines or on bridal websites. All you have to do is sign up, choose the freebies you’d like to win and wait for one of the regular draw dates.

  1. Wedding Vibe: Wedding Vibe is running multiple giveaways. You could win anything from a free honeymoon to a free wedding photo and video session.
    Enter the Wedding Vibe giveaways.
  2. Emmaline Bride: Emmaline Bride offers giveaways with various terms and conditions, so follow the blog and look out for lucky draws.
    Enter the Emmaline Bride giveaways.
  3. Hallmark Channel: Enter for a chance to win the ultimate Greek getaway. This ends on June 30, 2023.
    Enter the Hallmark Channel giveaway or see more Hallmark deals.
  4. Oriental Trading: Enter for a chance to win a $200 shopping spree. This ends on December 31, 2023.
    Enter the Oriental Trading Your Big Day Giveaway or see more Oriental Trading deals.

Tip: The more you enter, the better your chances of winning.

Other Wedding Freebies

  • Wedding Expo Freebies: If there are wedding expo events in your area, you’re in luck! You stand to get free samples galore while you’re shopping around for ideas. Some vendors will happily give you treats and refreshments when you show an interest in their wares, so get in there and enjoy yourself.
  • Free Mag Subscriptions, Catalogs, and More: These offers come and go, and some of them are local mags only covering specific towns or areas, so keep your eyes open. You’ll get lots of great ideas for your wedding, but if you’re worried about all that paper and its effect on the environment, simply check any one of the many wedding websites out there or look at Pinterest.

Wedding Freebies FAQ

What Are Wedding Freebies?

Wedding freebies are free items and services that couples can receive from wedding professionals as part of their packages. These can range from discounts on photography and videography to free wedding planning advice or even a free wedding cake-tasting session.

Where to Get Wedding Freebies?

There are a variety of sources where you can find wedding freebies. Some include websites such as The Knot, Avery, and Publix. Each website offers a range of free samples and products, including wedding favors, decorations, stationery, and even free wedding cake tastings.

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