Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card from DontPayFull!

Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card from

Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card from


Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card! It’s FUN and EASY!

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300 Responses to “Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card from DontPayFull!”

  1. Carol Smith

    I would buy birthday gifts for my grandchildren.

  2. Margaret Smith

    If I won, I’d like to get some new tires for our car.

  3. Sarah

    I would buy a blender with the giftcard

  4. Sherry Bracy

    I would buy a new laptop! this one has been to afghanistan and back, son gave it to me, and its literally falling apart!

  5. I would buy new clothes and a whole bunch of other things!
    Jenn recently posted…Wordless Wednesday

  6. Lauren S.

    I would buy an iPad for my dad for his 60th birthday

  7. RhondaP

    computer,ipad, tablet something of that nature. I’m way behind in the electronics world

  8. Leeanne Berntson

    I hope I win this!!

  9. Marissa M

    I would put the gift card toward textbooks for next semester!

  10. Janet

    I would buy a new laptop for my husband since his isn’t working very well anymore (it’s a couple years old).

  11. I would like to buy my grandchildren some Christmas presents and myself a print and some indoor plant.

  12. Amy Adams

    I can’t even begin to think what I would buy with a $500 gift card to Amazon; maybe more books for my granddaughters (ages 7 & 9). They are avid readers and we can’t seem to keep them in books!!

  13. Kathleen

    I would love to win because then I could get an iPod Touch.! It’s been on my wish list for a long time. Thank so much for this generous giveaway!

  14. Aleno

    If I win I would buy myself a new phone cause the current one’s broken and maybe a laptop for my younger brother

  15. MayaB

    i’d buy new laptop

  16. I would buy iPad mini.
    Rajan recently posted…Bloggers Wanted for Nike Gift Card Giveaway Event

  17. Eliana

    If I win it I would love to by me a christmas gift. I don’t know what I will choose, but for sure something amazing!

  18. Ghassan Alsaleh

    I would like to buy mini ipad air

  19. Kelly Kimmell

    I would buy Christmas gifts for my family!

  20. I’d buy something nice for the hubby.

  21. Jeanne

    I would buy an ipad.

  22. debra l.

    my son desperately needs a new laptop or chromebook for school homework. it is getting difficult only having 1 computer in the house for 4 people!!

  23. Ivana Jankovic

    I would buy Tablet PC and some gift for my daughter :)

  24. Diana

    I’d like to buy a coffee maker and some other household items

  25. Everything on my wish list, plus lots of books for our homeschool!
    Jennifer recently posted…Beauty in the Heart Bible Study Giveaway

  26. BeckyM

    I would finish my Christmas shopping!

  27. Michelle

    I’d buy a new phone!

  28. Cathy French

    I would buy a lot of housewares like new towels and dinnerware

  29. Kim

    i would buy new frye boots!

  30. Paula V

    I’d like to upgrade to a smart phone, maybe get a tablet or a laptop.

  31. Gloria Walshver

    I’d buy a Ipad with the gift card

  32. Jo

    I’d buy a juicer

  33. I would use it for gifts!
    Jasmine P recently posted…MY HOLIDAY WISH LIST & GIFT SHOPPING

  34. Lilian

    Christmas Gifts

  35. Mai

    I would love to buy an iPad mini with the giftcard.

  36. Kelley Galyen

    I would buy as much as I can from my Amazon Wish list.

  37. carla bonesteel

    I will buy a new TV for our bedroom. Yay!

  38. I’d buy Christmas presents for my impossible to buy for brothers.

  39. freda

    I would love to win We love amazon

  40. Kiera M.

    i would buy school books

  41. MaryAnne Hart

    I’d buy some Christmas presents!

  42. Chrystal D

    I’d get some clothes, a new microwave and some toys & treats for my dogs & cats!

  43. mimz

    I’d buy presents for all my friends and family!

  44. Gina F.

    I’d buy gifts for friends and family! :)

  45. I’d buy something nice
    sarit recently posted…Program 13 by Nicole Sobon

  46. Mandala

    I’d use it towards getting a new laptop. Thanks!

  47. I’d treat myself to something nice.
    Barbara recently posted…Win Amazon Gift Card

  48. Natalie

    I would buy a new microwave!

  49. Victoria Kabungulu

    I would buy my mom a laptop and myself a digital camera.

  50. Pamela Gurganus

    With this gift card I would buy a KitchenAid stand mixer.

  51. BlackAsphodel

    I’d like to buy clothes with this.

  52. I would buy my toddler Melissa & Doug Toys!

  53. Christine Waddell

    Oh my! It would come in handy for birthday over the next year!

  54. rebeka deleon

    i would use it for my son’s birthday and buy art for our home.

  55. karen medlin

    I would buy a nice table and load it with apps for our special needs little guy.

    • karen medlin

      I meant to say Tablet. Thank you

  56. Noreen Plantz

    I would use this to buy my hubby’s birthday gift.

  57. Miguel

    I would buy Bose Quiet Comfort QC15 headset!

  58. Tami Vollenweider

    My Husband wants a Laptop and I would give it to him

  59. Kimberly K,

    I would like to buy a new watch and/or laptop for my daughter.

  60. Heide

    Items for my art store

  61. Daniel M

    i need a computer upgrade, new mobo cpu mem ssd case

  62. Carly

    I’d use it to buy Christmas presents!

  63. Tari Lawson

    I would buy a Kitchenaid mixer and a Kindle.

  64. Shirley Smith

    I would buy toys and household goods that are needed.

  65. Robin Smith

    I think maybe a new computer and some ebooks.

  66. Paula Weintraut

    My Amazon Wish List is so long. I need lots of these cards to fill my dreams wish list!!

  67. j

    i’d like to buy a bunch of smaller gifts for my family…kitchenware, clothes ect..

  68. I will buy a new computer so i dont have to use my sons laptop
    Kathie Lanham recently posted…LIFE is Like Riding a Bicycle in Order to Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving

  69. Christy

    I’d like to buy a nice, wooden play kitchen set for my daughter for Christmas. They are very expensive and I don’t want plastic.

    RANDY FULGHAM recently posted…

  71. lisa lo

    A new laptop computer.

  72. Grace A

    I would buy more gifts for family

  73. Linda Meranda

    Amazon is my favorite especially since I’m at home a lot because of health. Thanks for the contest

  74. I would love a vacation.
    Julie recently posted…Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

  75. David Smith

    I would buy something for my son and fiance to go with their Christmas presents

  76. I really want a canon rebel slr
    Angie B. recently posted…12 Pearls of Christmas: Day 1: Chance To Win a Pearl Necklace

  77. I would save it to use for our family to slowly buy kindle books and cat food.

  78. Jennifer T

    I would buy a laptop with the giftcard.

  79. Melody

    I want to buy gifts for my friends with this gift card

  80. Ann Fantom

    If I won, I would buy an iPad Mini

  81. Melody

    I would get books.

  82. Alexa C

    I want to buy toys for the poor kids

  83. Cynthia C

    I could use a food processor. Mine is broken.

  84. I will buy upgrades for my PC if I win.

  85. Naomi

    I would buy gifts for my family

  86. kylee

    This would be amazing…I would probably just buy a bunch of gifts for my family!!

  87. Trisha W.

    We could use some running boards for our family van to make it easier to get in and out of.

  88. Seth

    I’d like to get some cleaning supplies for my car to keep it in nice shape.

  89. Wow! Great contest! Could use this for some new fashion :)
    Adam recently posted…Zombies & the Opportunity for a Sexual Reawakening

  90. Jen

    I would buy stuff for my baby due in March!

  91. Suzanne K

    I’d get a Fit Desk and maybe a Recumbent exercise bike

  92. Kiki Bacaro

    Vitamix and natural products

  93. steve weber

    Id put it towards a new Sony Vaio laptop.

  94. Carissa

    Lots of presents for my daughters 3nd birthday!

  95. Wehaf

    I would use this to pay for my upcoming subscribe and save grocery orders.

  96. awesome This would be amazing…

  97. Sarah

    I would buy a new camera to take pictures of my little girls!

  98. Firdaus

    A smartphone.

  99. I want a new laptop. And the printer performance.
    CipBtRO recently posted…Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Makeup #Giveaway

  100. I would like to buy a tablet!

  101. Melissa W

    This would help towards a compact laptop for my masters degree next year.

  102. Doreen Lamoureux

    I wish to buy a massage chair

  103. Helga

    I would love this to get a new kennel for my dogs.

  104. I’d buy a Kindle Fire HD and some stuff to go with. =0)
    Thanks for the chance.
    Kim recently posted…Handmade Soaps Make Lovely Holiday Gifts

  105. I would be a new smartphone or ipad

  106. Jung

    Books and more books!

  107. As a busy Lifestyle blogger. Social Media Consultant and Life/Career Coach I have a new DSLR and the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet on my wish list this year!
    Tracy recently posted…{#Review} @PerlierUSA Imperial Honey Body Butter #iFabboShop #PerlierOnHSN #bbloggers

  108. jane jakins

    would love to be tv or smartphone, thanks

  109. Fatjola Memishaj

    I need to buy a tablet!!!!!!

  110. Selene M.

    I’d like to get my husband a new laptop with this prize

  111. Melanie

    I want it!

  112. sandra

    i’d love to get the kids a nintendo 3ds

  113. Hello, if I were to win the Amazon gc I would get a 50 mm f1.4 lens for my canon dslr. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  114. crystal moyer

    I would probably buy a family gift for us all to enjoy like a PS4

  115. Michael B

    I would buy a new laptop

  116. Lenora

    Hmmm….I would love to buy some books, some crafting supplies, and some techie stuff for my dear husband:)

  117. Cyn thia P

    I would purchase a powerful, large capacity food processor!

  118. ellen chevarie

    there are several things I would buy.a birthday present for my granddaughter grace who will be 4 January 8th and then I wish to use mostly on myself. im not trying to be selfish,but I really,really never get myself anything, EVER. since all my children are grown and the last one out the door ,I truly just would like to get a few much needed things for myself.cothes for one and well , I have a long list

  119. Sweta Sonulkar

    Lovely giveaway and lovley forum,had lovely experience with the blog ,If i win $500 Amazon gift card I would purchase all of my wishlist category like Rayban Sunglasses for my husband, road track for my son and gucci watch for myself

  120. Piroska

    I would put it towards Christmas presents, and I would buy myself a Kindle.

  121. I’d buy a new tablet or laptop.
    Amanda C recently posted…Shacking Up, Living in Sin & Other Cliches

  122. I could get something for everyone

  123. Birdiebee

    I would like a Breville juicer for Christmas.

  124. Cindi Decker

    I would put it towards a new sewing machine.

  125. I would love to purchase a new television for our bedroom! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!
    Vicki W recently posted…Comment on $100 PayPal Cash Giveaway!! Open Worldwide! by Ashley C

  126. Antonio

    Nexus 5 or Moto G + Nexus

  127. Lauren Becker

    This would be fantastic. I’d love to get a NutriBullet. I’ve been wanting one for awhile now!

  128. Phaltu Kachra

    Christmas Gifts!

  129. I would buy a new computer as mine is terrible. :)
    dina recently posted…$50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway from Herbal Essences Naked Hair Care Kit

  130. Terry Maigi

    I would love to win this giveaway so I can surprise my husband with an iPad!

  131. Christmas Gifts
    Ali Aslam recently posted…LIFE is Like Riding a Bicycle in Order to Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving

  132. Misty

    II would buy a few things for my children and a nice gift for my husband.

  133. Angela SC

    We are in dire need of a new laptop :(

  134. Robin Bouza

    I really can’t say at the moment. There are so may things I could use. Thanks for tge opportunity to win!! Hooe I do just that!!

  135. I love this giveaway, I wish i win this so that i can buy my santa’s wish which i am praying since childhood.

  136. Marie Stuver

    I would buy one or two more presents for everyone on our gift list since we weren’t able to do much this year.

  137. Deborah Stinson

    I would buy my son and daughter some nice presents.

  138. Rebecca LaBine

    A new childrens table for my boys….


    I would share with my family

  140. barbra

    I would love to buy Avengers Assemble Phase 1 Collectible and a new digital camera :)

  141. cheryl mansfield

    I would buy a new camera

  142. I’d buy something nice for my little boys!
    megan vandeventer recently posted…SNEAK PEAK of the New Giveaway I am hosting with Rural King and Dazzle Me Deals!

  143. I would buy household items. (towels, sheets, etc.)


    I`d buy a new smartphone

  145. Annette Cruz

    I would use it towards a tablet or a laptop.

  146. Christa Z.

    Subscribe & Save grocery items, books from my wishlist (we homeschool) and pet items for our bunnies (and soon-to-be chickens) :-)

  147. Kelly Kriefall

    I would order the most fabulous Ice Cream Maker ever, or maybe a Cotton Candy Maker.

  148. Ellen Thompson

    I am sure I would use it to get stuff that my kids need. Being a single mom with 3 kids makes it difficult to get everything for everybody.

  149. Carla

    I’d buy a blu ray player, DVDs, blu rays, books, & a peacoat.

  150. Gina Nungay

    If I won.. I would buy a new Desktop Computer for my family and PSVita for my sister.. That would be an awesome gift for all of us.. I really hope I would win this.. Thanks for this giveaway @DontPayFull ^_^

  151. I would love to buy my hubby an iPad! He has worked so hard the last 18 months while I have been at home and unable to work due to health issues. He has supported me through so much and has been amazing in helping me to accept some massive life changes as well. I am 22 and had to have my bowel removed a few months ago due to bowel cancer and not only have things been hard financially because of medical bills and expenses but he really deserves something for being the most amazing husband ever! Things have been so hard and he has continued to support and love me and I wouldn’t have gotten through this year without his support. so i would love to make his xmas special.

  152. Chrystal Thurston

    I am exactly $500 short of paying my rent on the 1st, this would make my Christmas so much nicer with this weight off my shoulders!

  153. I’d love to get a new car seat! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    Ashley recently posted…What I Wore: Easy Holiday Dress from Karen Kane

  154. Plesa Maria

    Maybe I would buy an IPhone.

  155. Jen S.

    I would put it toward a DSLR camera (on sale of course!).

  156. LYNN


  157. Colleen Boudreau

    A new vacuum cleaner.

  158. Jeanine

    I’d buy a new set of pots

  159. Kitty Iecvan

    I’d buy some books.

  160. Nadine L

    I would put it towards the Pellet Stove I have been saving up for

  161. Karim

    A SSD Drive for my PC

  162. iPad or lots and lots of e-books!

  163. sandy weinstein

    i would buy a new vac cleaner and weed eater

  164. Lucie Payment

    Jewels, clothes, book, agenda and others :)

  165. Bethy GM

    I would buy clothes because my clothes are old.

  166. C Brave

    I would like to buy a more than decent pair of headphones and a couple of ebooks

  167. I would buy household items

  168. Candice Dyer

    I’d buy a much needed bathroom set and some clothes! :D

    • Ashley

      I would buy underwear

  169. Bellina Jacobs

    I cannot even imagine having the option. My first thought is to get something for my son. Maybe a good lsptop for school and games.

  170. tls simms

    desktop computer would be nice 9 year old would need this for school work…thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  171. Jessica

    I would buy a ipad or lots of kindle books :)

  172. Danielle

    I really want a tablet – I’d either go all out and get a full ipad 4…or I’d just get a mini or even a Kindle Fire hd and use the rest of the money for something else. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  173. I would get my mom a new laptop!
    Misty Battle recently posted…Molly McButter $50 Visa Card

  174. Lori

    I would buy new computer.. Need new one I had this computer since 2000. Money is tight, I can really use it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  175. I’d buy groceries and a pressure canner!

  176. Pam H.

    I would like to buy a new computer.

  177. lauren engbrock

    really need a new dishwasher & king mattress

  178. Michelle H

    I would get some family games, farm equipment, and brewing supplies for my husband.

  179. Erin Collins

    A new phone.

  180. Chris Headley

    I would get some stuff for upcoming addition to family.

  181. Gabriel Chow

    I’ll be buying a Sony PS4.

  182. Vanessa

    I would buy my whole family gifts because that’s something I’ve not been able to do in a VERY long time :(

  183. i would buy a exercise bike to help me achieve my goal to loose weight
    kristen johnson recently posted…Check Out BzzAgent

  184. Daraya

    I would buy my family bigger presents for Christmas! :)

    • Lisa Kerr

      I would buy a new laptop!

  185. I hope to win
    Mayokun Ogungbola recently posted…M.I.A.

  186. christina moore

    I would buy a Kindle Fire HD

  187. Cynthia Cover

    I would put this money towards things we need on a daily basis and thus more money could go to a vaca!

  188. I would buy a digital camera.

  189. Charlene

    I could really use a new laptop. The one I have is 8 years old, has missing keys and the keys that are there are all worn out.

  190. Danalee Davis

    I would love to buy some homeschool supplies for my kids, and also household needs. :)

  191. sania wasif

    some new clothes and makeup

  192. Deborah Caudill

    I could certainly use a new microwave and my son could use some clothes and shoes.

  193. I would useet things for my family tht we need
    Tricia W. recently posted…Sample Of Finish “Power & Free”

  194. bianca roman

    I would love to buy a kate spade beau bag with this gift card! I’ve been drooling over them since they came out!!!

  195. Christine Herrera

    Would buy a new winter wardrobe

  196. Ashley Trail

    I would buy new tires!!!

  197. Rhonda A

    This would get us some well needed supplies for the home

  198. Tina

    I would it to my daughter to use for school. She needs scrubs and other clothes and a new laptop.

  199. Christine P

    I would buy stuff for the house

  200. Lici Lee

    I would love to buy gifts for my husband who makes numerous sacrifices.

  201. Ana Lara

    I would buy an Ice cream maker and a KitchenAid stand mixer to make desserts and ice creams to my family! They love when I cook!

  202. darlene bohannon

    new winter tires for my car.

  203. mistysauro

    Winning a gift card would be awesome Id be able to help a couple of needy kids in the neighbor hood,theres a family of 5little ones that are always in need id love to be able to help

  204. Brian Kautz

    I’d buy a new laptop

  205. carolina ramos

    A new laptop computer.

  206. Rajee P Pandi

    batteries and toys

  207. Melissa Kitley Potter

    I would buy coats and snow pants for my girls

  208. Sarah

    I would put this gift card toward my textbooks for 2014-15. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway! :)

  209. Barbara B

    I would buy a new laptop for my husband.

  210. I would buy a new computer or an iPad mini.

  211. Jaime Brown

    I would buy a bunch of baby stuff for my daughter’s young friend, she is young and is going to need everything for baby. thank you:)

  212. Anita

    I’d probably buy something for my laptop like some extra ram, and I would tell my brother and dad to pick out something also. Both have been really helpful and especially caring to me this year.

  213. Paula Ball

    I would buy supplies for my pet rescue

  214. I’m not sure what I’d buy (yet). I’d have to look through my Amazon wish lists.

  215. Marilyn Nawara

    Surround Sound for my TV

  216. barbara corbitt

    i would buy an accu quilt fabric cutter. i hand piece and hand quilt and donate them all to charity. i have severe arthritis that is so bad in my back that i go to an acute pain doctor to get 16 shots, 8 on each side of my spine monthly. i cant stand and use a rotary cutter. thank you for a fantastic giveaway.

  217. Georgia Beckman

    We have 3 grandchildren’s birthdays in January so this would be a huge help with that. AND, my birthday too, so I might even get something!

  218. Wendy R.

    I would buy a Silhouette Cameo!

  219. I’d love to buy an iPad, otherwise a whole lot of beading tools and supplies. I SO want to win this!

  220. Leigh-Ann Murphy

    pots and pans!

  221. I would purchase wood working tools for my 17 year old son.

  222. I would get school shoes and uniforms for my kids
    Colette S recently posted…You Are Awesome! – 4Ms #Musical Christmas

  223. Julie Hoag

    I would spend it on my boyfriend

  224. I’d love to buy a Kindle Fire HDX and a heating pad.
    Amy Mullholand recently posted…Copy-Kids Giveaway

  225. kat

    baby gear.

  226. Emilie Proctor

    I would buy my son’s birthday gifts and a bed for my baby-to-be (January).

  227. NP320

    I would buy a tablet.

  228. RaymondCrisostomo

    I wanted to buy a new gadget maybe a phone or tablet and toy for my niece :)

  229. If my wife and I won, we would buy things for our baby (we’re 19 & 20 and expecting), basic things we need for the house as a newly wed couple (toiletries, kitchen things, a shelf) and some very needed clothing for ourselves.

  230. Blossom

    I would buy some books,both real ones and some for my kindle.

  231. I would buy birthday gifts for my kids, and study books for nursing school
    Leanne Kihl recently posted…LIFE is Like Riding a Bicycle in Order to Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving

  232. There is a jewlery armoire that I have my eye on for quiet sometime and I need some kitchen towels and bathe towels
    Crystal Rogers Walker recently posted…LIFE is Like Riding a Bicycle in Order to Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving

  233. kathy f

    I would love a electric pressure cooker from Cuisinart.

  234. Ella B

    Hi! I wish to buy a tablets for my mom & family (i.e. me)

  235. Karen Propes

    Get some quilting supplies for my Craft room. My daughter and I need some new rulers and fabric. Also get something for my hubby .

  236. I wish to buy some household items
    Bex Smith recently posted…Blogging Goals for 2014

  237. Jacob

    We would like to get some health stuff – Exercise DVDs, workout clothes, related stuff like that!

  238. Gwen B.

    Oh – I would be responsible and pay a few bills, then I’d buy some decent winter boots.

  239. Lisa V.

    I need some new light weight hiking gear.

  240. Wendy Mastin

    I would put toward a laptop computer

  241. tim

    I would buy one or two more presents for everyone on our gift list since we weren’t able to do much this year.

  242. DeAnna Keller

    computer,ipad, tablet or something like that

  243. Randi Nemeroff

    I would put it towards parts to repair my car, some items we couldn’t otherwise afford, like a replacement laptop.

  244. JoeyfromSC

    I would use it for a new laptop:) thanks for the chance!!

    Joey J.

  245. Wehaf

    With $500, I could get a lot of stuff. I would get some dog toys, some books for me, some books for my nieces and nephews, and a new external drive for my machine.

  246. I would like to buy a tablet.

  247. Lynda Thomas

    I would get a really cool globe, and seasons of Doctor Who! :)

  248. Elaine

    I would use gift card to buy a telephone

  249. Jessica

    I would buy myself a new camera lens. We are expecting a new baby in 2014 and I plan on taking lots of pictures!

  250. Dianna Thomas

    I would really like to get some new clothing for my family mainly jeans– ours are getting pretty ratty looking, and my husband could really use a new pair of tennis shoes

  251. Lorena Keech

    Maybe a Kindle HD or just lots of ebooks for the Kindle I have.

  252. Sky Sparkle

    I’d buy new books.

  253. Susan Smith

    I would buy a new vacuumn

  254. Maegan Morin

    I would use it to buy my husband a nice new cd player for his truck!

  255. kelly mcgrew

    i’d save most of my gift card for upcoming birthdays and my 5 year anniversary. however, i’d use some of it for amazon instant video rentals! love them!

  256. Lisa Kubin

    I would buy something for each person in my family!
    Lisa K.

  257. sherry butcher

    I would get a dishwasher, then the pourch painted.

  258. Robin Ritter

    Would love to get a new laptop!

  259. amy

    one thing i would buy is amazon prime…or maybe a kindle which i think comes with prime

  260. I would buy a roof rack for my van

  261. I would buy a new laptop battery….no wait, a new laptop!

  262. I’d love a new computer!

  263. Dawn Rader

    I would buy myself some new stuff for my kitchen

  264. Stephanie

    If I won the $500 gift card, I’d like to get a Samsung LED television. My family (boyfriend and our daughter) would like to move, but the HDTV we have now is about 400lbs and isn’t going anywhere with us!

  265. Joannie

    I would purchase BOOKS!! Love to read, love to give books as gifts!!

  266. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    we need a new coffee maker

  267. Patrick Siu

    i want to buy a table

  268. vanessa foster

    Ipad for school. laptop for the family and new camera

  269. Holly Storm-Burge

    A PS4 for my husband!

  270. Kristine Ewald

    I would buy some books, elf on the shelf and gifts for my hubby

  271. Carl G

    I would buy items on my wish list that have been there a long time,yes!

  272. April V.

    I’d use it to buy gifts for everyone that I couldn’t give a gift to this year.

  273. Michelle L

    I would just get some things for the house if I win

  274. Jovita Vytasek

    I would buy some books for school

  275. Ronnie Schwartz

    a new laptop!

  276. Michelle L

    I want a new watch

  277. cool stuff

  278. Michelle B

    If I won I’d buy my Kids an E Reader!

  279. Michelle B

    I’d buy my kids an E Reader.

  280. Mary Dailey

    Would love a new camera!

  281. Traci Lynn Butler

    I’d get The Walking Dead seasons 2 & 3 on bluray

  282. Cheryl Grandy

    I’d buy a kindle and gifts for my kids.

  283. Breanne

    I’d buy an Xbox one

  284. Carolyn Colley

    wow, there are so many things to choose from on Amazon, I’m not really for sure what I would get, I would spend it wisely

  285. I would wish to buy Uggs Boots, a new computer and Keurig K- cups.

  286. Lawanna

    I’d buy some music, movies, and maybe a power tool or two.

  287. Richard Hicks

    would use it this spring on a nice vacation!

  288. rene chartier

    My printer just went out and I use Amazon to rent my textbooks. I’m in medical school so this would be such a help.

  289. rene chartier

    This would be such a help. My printer just went out and I use Amazon to rent my textbooks. I’m in medical school so this would be such a help.

  290. Sarah L

    I’d like a tablet.
    Thanks for the contest.

  291. Judy Thomas

    I think I would buy a laptop with it :)

  292. Bonnie C.

    Hmmm, I don’t know yet, probably either an iPad Mini or iPad Air for my mother, or possibly a handbag. :-)

    Thanks for having this giveaway! :-)

  293. I’d buy Lady GaGa’s cds! :3

  294. Thomas Murphy

    I would buy a kindle.

  295. This is awesome! Bummer i missed it! Jen

  296. Would like this to make more purchases

  297. Florinda Langham

    Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absense of fear. ~Mark Twain

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