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10+ Cheap and Spooktacular Halloween Sweets Recipes

10 Cheap and Easy Halloween Cookie Recipes

Hello, money-savers! If you are getting ready for the Halloween, but feel like there’s something missing, you might be thinking about some themed recipes. If that is the case, have no fear because we made a list of 10+ spooky, but incredibly cheap and easy Halloween sweets recipes. Which one gives you the creeps, muhahaha?

1. Halloween Mini Jar Cake Recipe

How cool is this? Make a little Frankenstein jar cake, a jack o lantern design, or a scary-cute little mummy cake. Once you’ve baked your cupcakes in the jars, it’s all down to the decoration. Colored frosting for the “hair”, googly eyes glued onto the jar and a length of bandage to wrap up your mummy are the basics you’ll need for a dessert that will make kids of all ages smile!

Check out this tutorial to find out how it’s done!

2. Halloween Bloody Apple

It’s cute, it’s seasonally appropriate and it’s absolutely delicious! Make deathly pale white chocolate coated apples covered with oozing rivulets of delicious caramel “blood”. Your kids are going to love their scary Halloween apples, so be sure to make a big batch especially for Halloween.

Tips: add a little oil to your melted chocolate for an even coating and don’t make your caramel too dark, since you want a nice, rich-red “bloody” color.

3. Bat Cookies

Don’t they just look adorable? Plus, this is a no-bake recipe, so anyone can do it!

You will need: a few Oreo cookies, melted white and yellow chocolate, some licorice and a handful of small red candy.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than an hour, but the impression it will make on your guests it will last forever.

Check out this tutorial to find out how it’s done!

4. Halloween Creepy Spiders Cookies

If you have children at home that love a good scary story, you could try making these spider cookies.

For this, you will need some cookie dough (pick whichever flavor you like), a handful of round candy to make the spider’s body, you can either use candy eyes or some white icing, melted chocolate and a zip bag to help you create the slim legs.

Watch the tutorial for all the instructions and have fun baking!

5. Devil’s Food Cupcakes

If you really want to knock your friends’ socks off this Halloween, you just have to make Devil’s food cupcakes for your party. They look so devilishly good, they won’t go unnoticed! But first things first!

Here are the ingredients: cocoa powder, some boiling water, sour cream, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, granulated sugar, butter, eggs and a little bit of vanilla extract.

Would you give it a try?

6. Halloween Black Cat Cookie

These cookies are perfect to place on the rim of your coffee cup! There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than by drinking coffee and eating black cat cookies, people! Plus, you really don’t need a lot of ingredients: butter, egg yolks, flour, black cocoa, sugar and milk!

Follow the instructions in the video, look for a cat-shaped cookie cutter and let the fun begin!

7. Jack Skellington Cookies

For those of you planning a black and white party, we have the Jack Skellington cookies! Plus, they are also no-bake, in case you’re afraid of the oven.

Just make sure you have two handfuls of your favorite rolled sugar cookies, Americolor black gel food coloring, a fine brush, a piping bag or a zip bag, plus white icing.

Follow the steps, step up your drawing game and your cookies will look spooky, but hard to resist!

8. Witches’ Fingers

They look so gruesome, but we guarantee you that the flavor is to die for! Oops!

For those of you interested in making these cookies, these are the ingredients: flour, vegetable shortening, butter, powdered sugar, salt, eggs, almond extract, green food coloring, a handful of whole almonds, chocolate chips and some cherry flavored chips.

Watch the tutorial for more information and bon appétit!

9. Scary Eyeball Cookies

This recipe is so easy it’s presented by a couple of kids! If they can do it, so can you!

For starters, you will need: butter, plain flour, sugar, food coloring, a cookie cutter, a pair of gloves (to avoid stains), baking tray, baking paper, large candy eyes or black and white icing. Then, you have to make the cookies, bake them, put the icing and voila, you’re done.

Or you could watch the video and follow those steps, it’s more accurate!

10. Bloody Cupcakes

They might look scary, but they are delicious! Pair them with a few candles and a creepy laughter and your friends will be impressed, to say the least!

If you want to simplify the process, buy a few naked cupcakes and make your own icing using: corn syrup, chocolate sauce, red gel paste and white buttercream.

Would you give them a go?

11. Owl Cookies

If you are truly skilled and looking for a challenge, here you have it! These owls will require a lot of attention and precision, but the result will wow everybody!

Here are the ingredients: buy some cookie dough, an owl cookie cutter, some royal icing in various colors (pink, purple, blue, yellow and black or whichever colors you like) and a thin brush.

Don’t they look cute?

12. Gingerbread Witches

You can’t have a Halloween party without gingerbread! So why not try these witch gingerbread cookies?

You will need some all-purpose flour, some baking soda, a little bit of ground ginger, butter, brown sugar, one big egg and some golden syrup. Don’t forget to buy some green and black icing, a pair of gloves, a piping bag, and a thin brush.

Have fun making your delicious witches!

What are you making for Halloween? Are there any recipes you’d like to share with us?