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10 Super Easy & Affordable Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

10 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

Hello, money-savers! If you’re looking for a cheap way to play dressup this Halloween, forget all about clothes and go for a spectacular makeup! It will cost you about $4 total and it will make a huge impression on your friends and family! Read on to see our favorite makeup tutorials for Halloween!

1. Snapchat Rainbow

Are you hoping to do something different for Halloween? How about puking up a rainbow? We’re not kidding, and it’s actually really pretty.

All you need is face paint, some regular eye make-up and a touch of creativity to recreate the snapchat rainbow. Voila! One sparkling rainbow trickling over your lips, down your chin, and down onto your neck, complete with sparkles. If people don’t get it, ask them where they’ve been before explaining!

2. Spider Web 

If you’re improvising a last-minute Halloween costume and don’t want to spend a fortune, all you need is the right makeup. You should be able to do most of this spider web by adapting cosmetics you already have.

Don’t forget to use lots of foundation for that spooky look before creating your eye pencil and shadow spider webs. Add a touch of glamour with false eyelashes and a twist of body-glitter.

It’s scary, it’s cool, and it’s actually rather sexy! Team it up with a black dress and heels, and you’re as scary as can be.

3. Candy Look

Most of have several associations with Halloween: some are scary, but some are really sweet. Yes, we’re talking about candy!

Be different this Halloween and go sweet as sweet can be with these candy costume ideas. They’re perfect for little girls (and their moms). From sprinkle-laden shades to candy mouths and candy dresses, dressing up as candy really is an option this Halloween.

Now for that make-up! Use theatrical glue that’s safe for the skin to glue the ends of sweet wrappers to either corner of your mouth and paint your lips the same color. Glue some jelly beans onto the frames of some cheap toyshop sunglasses as a cute accessory.

For cupcake lips use a pink lipstick on your lower lip and paint lighter streaks for that cupcake holder effect. Paint your top lip white and add some streaks of color to look like sprinkles. Cute!

4. Sexy Cat

If you’re going for a sexy look this Halloween, this is the tutorial to watch! First of all, going for glamorous instead of scary could make you stand out and even meet a few interesting guys. We love this video because it’s basically an everyday look, but just a little bit exaggerated here and there.

For this tutorial you will need foundation, powder, a set of dark eyeshadow shades, a bald red lipstick and a black pencil.

Follow the steps in the video, add a pair of DIY cat-ears and a black ensemble (plus a tail, of course!) and you’re ready to enjoy your Halloween party!

5. Iron Man

Maybe not the Iron Man you were looking for, but just so hilarious! If you want to show up at the party as an everyday superhero, this is the way to do it!

You will only need a stencil, a red pencil and some pink eyeshadow.

Ask your girlfriend to help you out with the stencil (or she could strike you with the iron for a more realistic effect, but we don’t recommend that!), color everything with the red pencil, add a couple of dark circles around your eyes and you are ready!

6. Vampire Lady

If you are really into The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and so on, you’ve come to the right place! This video will help you turn into a very sexy vampire in less than 20 minutes!

For this, you will need foundation, powder, a full set of makeup, a red lip pencil (for the blood, but that’s optional) and it would be really cool if you could get your hands of a set of vampire contact lenses.

Watch the video, follow the steps and enjoy the result!

7. Fester Addams

This is one of the easiest makeup tutorials for guys!

First of all, you only need a really light foundation, a black pencil and some dark eyeshadow. Add a black ensemble and you’re pretty much ready to go!

This video may look complicated, but you don’t need to follow all those steps. As long as you cover the basics, you’ll be more than fine!

8. Morticia Addams

Oh, the famous Morticia Addams! If you have long, black hair or just a very cool wig, you only need to focus on your makeup.

So look for a very light foundation and face powder, some dark eyeshadow, a black pencil and a red lipstick. Also, you may want to purchase a black eyebrow pencil if your eyebrows are not dark enough.

We love this tutorial because it’s very easy, it offers great explanations and it’s not very technical. Remember to wear a black dress to go with the makeup. If the dress isn’t covering your arms and neck, apply foundations on these areas as well.

9. The Joker

Hit the thrift store and look for a purple blazer, first of all! Then, we can move on and talk about makeup. It’s not very complicated, but if you’ve never put makeup on your face, you may want to ask a friend to watch this video with you and help you out.

Basically, this look consists of three major ingredients: the white face that is not supposed to look blended or even, the dark eyes with smeared eyeshadow and the big cuts and redness around the lips.

Our advice is to buy a waterproof red pencil for those scars, if possible (it only costs $5 at Target).

10. Fox Makeup

This is probably our favorite tutorial and here’s why: as long as you paint your face like this, it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. However, the ears are a must, so create them yourself at home using some paper and paint or a piece of orange faux leather from the thrift store, then follow the steps in this video and you’re good to go out!

11. Batman

This kind of makeup works for both boys and girls. Basically, what you have to do is cutout a stencil with the batman logo that’s big enough to cover your eyes and then draw around it. Fill it in with some dark eyeshadow, put on your superhero cape and let’s catch us some villains tonight!

12. Stitched Mouth

This tutorial works on pretty much anybody! You will need some makeup, glue, and thread. For the instructions, watch the video and follow Promise’s steps. She has great Halloween ideas every year, from zombies to princesses and superheroes. The good thing is that you can wear a tank top and a pair of jeans with this makeup, so you will save money on costume. What do you think?

13. Sexy Zombie

This one is too trendy not to try it right now! Plus, it’s not the kind that scares you for life…it’s more of a sexy zombie, if a decomposing body can ever be sexy… but moving on!

You will need to acquire some green foundation. If you can’t find it, just apply your regular foundation and then, using your powder brush, apply a thin layer of green eyeshadow all over your face.

You’ll have to watch this tutorial to find out what to do next. So good luck, we’re sure you’ll make a great impression!

How are you celebrating Halloween? Which one of these tutorials did you like the most?

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10 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials for Halloween