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10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

Whether you live in the country or a big city, there is one thing you can use to decorate your home and we bet you didn’t even think about it: chicken coop wire. There are many shapes, sizes and so on, so it shouldn’t be hard to incorporate it into your crafts.

Plus, their retail value is somewhere around $4/yard. For those who choose to buy bulk, they can actually get it for $1 a yard, which is great! As we are going to show you, there are so many things you can do with the amazing chicken coop wire, whether you’re going for a southern chic look or an industrial one. Stick around and check out our 10 ways to use chicken coop wire!

1. Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

Neat and Sweet Cabinets!

Time to say goodbye to that old glass that did nothing for your kitchen cabinets! If choosing shelves instead of cabinets is too bald of a move for you, how about some chicken coop wire to open up the space?

Plus, think about what a great conversation piece this would be! All you have to do is take out the glass and replace it with wire. You can staple it in place after you made sure to tighten it thoroughly. If you have no idea how it would look like, here are a few ideas:

2. Picture Frame

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

Frame All Your Beloved Memories Like This!

Instead of keeping all your pictures in photo albums, how about you put them on display? Just take an old picture frame, add some chicken coop wire just like in these pictures and you’re good to go. This way, you can change the pictures or add more every day!

It’s really a fun and cheap way to decorate your walls and admire your pictures as often as you want! Try not to let any loose end that could scratch your wall. Bend them backwards until the edge is nice and smooth.

Also, you may want to keep these decorative items away from small children. Their curiosity might encourage them to untie the wire and hurt their tiny fingers.

3. Multiple Hangers

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

Make Room for All Your Important Things!

If you haven’t thought of this yet, you’re welcome! You can use a picture frame to hang your clothes and small everyday items, like your keys, hair accessories, napkins, oven mitts etc. all you need to do is hang a chicken coop wire frame in the hallway, where you pass by every day and you are all set!

You’ll no longer have to look for your keys and you’ll see everything before leaving the house, which gives you one last chance to grab something you might need.

4. Small Decorations

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

In Case You Needed Some Inspiration for Your Home, There You Go!

Yes, you can pretty much bend the wire in any shape you want, so get creative! For starters, you could wrap some of it around your perfumed candles, create a fruit bowl and so on.

The idea is to have something small to go with the other chicken coop wire items in your home. For example, if you went for a wire lampshade, you have to have at least two other similar decorations in the same room.

5. Buckets and Vases

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

A Very Chic and Easy Way to Store Your Things!

Yes, you can bend this wire to create almost any kind of shape you want, so why not try something elegant? Basically, you have to follow the same set of rules when creating both a bucket and a vase.

First, cut a round shape and then a rectangular one. One of the sides has to be wide enough to circle the round piece. Choose yarn, thread of thin wire to unite the two pieces. Tuck in the rough and pointy edges and you are good to go! Maybe you can’t envision it now, which is why we have a few pictures for you!

6. Southern Chicness

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

You Can’t Be a Southern Belle without Some Chicken Coop Wire!

One can’t be country chic without some good old chicken coop wire! First, you should know that many people believe southern chicness to be an actual style, so pay attention!

How to be country chic? Easy! Just use wire, plaid and burlap to create house decorations and you are all set! Try creating Independence Day decorations using these items or just everyday Americana reminders- the confederate flag, cowboy hat, chicken coop wire and wheat plants decorations etc. it’s actually a lot easier than you think! Plus, you’ll find this wire to be more useful than you thought!

7. Jewelry Stand

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

What a Lovely Home for Your Beloved Jewelry!

Who needs chunky jewelry boxes anyway? Get rid of them and choose a chicken coop wire stand instead! You have so many options, but we’ll only guide you through a couple of them.

First: cut out a wire shape, smoothen the edges, ad a tiny handler and secure it in place on your wall, above your makeup table. The other idea would be to create a wire picture frame (you want it to be big enough for all your jewelry though!) and display all your precious accessories in your bedroom.

The second idea appeals to more people since it is cleaner and more elegant, but naked wire can look cute too, as you can see in these pictures! 

8. Lighting Ideas

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

How About a Very Cool Chandelier?

Yes, lampshades and chandeliers can be made out of pretty much anything, including chicken coop wire, so check this out! If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, create a wire bucket like we told you to at number 5, turn it upside down and there you have it!

All you have to do now is add the light bulb and the wire and let there be light! However, make sure to properly insulate the electrical part in order to avoid all accidents! 

9. An Actual Chicken Coop Door

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

With This Wire, You’ll Be Able to See the Chickens 24/7!

For those who have a backyard only! Try not to keep the poor chickens in your house! But if you have a large backyard and are thinking about fresh eggs every morning, maybe you should buy a few chicks and raise them!

In this case, you’ll need a lot more chicken wire, so look up deals and discounts online, on and other websites. Choose a thicker kind of wire to make sure the chicks don’t run away and that’s about it! Only use the wire for the door and lateral walls and install a proper roof to protect the tiny creatures.

Also, this wire will not protect them from cold and hot temperatures, so pay attention to that as well. Here are a few examples of what you can achieve

10. Halloween Silhouettes

10 Ways to Use Chicken Coop Wire

So Strange and Scary: Perfect for Halloween!

Talk about scaring your neighbors! Here’s what to do! If you happen to have a plastic torso around the house, you can wrap the wire around it, create tubular shapes for arms and legs and then place your wire sculpture in the backyard.

You can also use your own body to shape the wire! To make the silhouettes even scarier, place mason jar candles on the ground and wait to everybody to be spooked! Just to give you an idea, here are a few examples!