13 Garden Gadgets That Will Wow Your Neighbors

13 Garden Gadgets That Will Wow Your Neighbors
Written by Oana Schneider

The best part about living in a house instead of an apartment is that you get the extra space to tend to a garden. It could be a small front lawn or a huge backyard where you can grow herbs for cooking, flowering plants, or basic grass to make the ground surrounding your home green.

Whatever plant you decide to grow, you would need to have the proper tools to tend to your garden. Here, we will be dishing out tips about the basic garden tools that you can use, as well as the hottest garden gadgets that will wow your neighbors.          

What Are the Basic Gardening Tools That You Need?

Your goal is to make your garden lush and green year-round. For this, you need to have the basic gardening tools to help you perform the most basic tasks.

The first thing that you should work on is keeping the soil healthy. A spade comes in handy when you turn the soil at least once a month. Turning makes the soil loose and light. If you live in an area where clay soil is abundant, you might want to top it with organic compost after turning. Otherbasic gardening tools that you need to have are:

  • Hand Pruner
  • Hand Trowel
  • Leaf Rake
  • Garden Rake
  • Hose with Sprayer
  • Mower
  • Shovel
  • String Trimmer
  • Utility Bucket
  • Watering Can
  • Work Gloves

A hand pruner helps remove dead branches from trees and shrubs, while a hand trowel can be used to dig holes in garden beds. A leaf rake is a tool for gathering leaves, mulch, branches, and lawn clippings while a string trimmer can be used to clip grass and weeds.

If you have these basic tools, you can already perform the most basic tasks required to keep your garden lush, green and healthy all year long.

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Top 13 Hot Garden Gadgets 

But what if you have the funds to spare and you would like to purchase the hottest garden gadgets that will wow your neighbor?

Aside from being impressive high-tech gadgets, there are plenty of products on the market right now that will make it easier than ever for you to maintain a gorgeous garden.

Check out our list of the top 13 hottest gadgets that you can use, not just to wow your neighbors, but to keep your garden in tiptop shape as well:

1. A robotic sprinkler

To keep the grass in your front lawn green, a sprinkler is needed. There are programmable models available in the market which you can time so that you can water the grass during the cooler hours of the day, helping you conserve water while keeping the leaves green.

There are also more modern robotic sprinklers which you can attach to a garden hose. You can ‘tell’ the sprinkler using your smartphone how to water the plants in your garden. Depending on the plant that you have as well as the soil sample data based on where you live, the sprinkler will splash the precise amount of water needed by each plant.

The latest models can spray water up to 30 feet towards any direction.

Exemple: ORBIT Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

2. A robotic lawnmower

Your neighbors will definitely heave a sigh of envy once they see that you are using a robotic lawnmower.

Look for ones made from trusted companies so that you can be assured of the quality of the product you’re getting.

Automatic or robotic lawnmowers do the same job that you are doing mowing the lawn using a manual or a driven mower. The only difference is that it can be set up to do the job automatically, without your having to lug a heavy equipment around.

Exemple: WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

3. A smart sprinkler system

A smart sprinkler system is different from an automatic sprinkler system in the sense that the latter uses the latest that technology has to offer.

With a smart sprinkling system, robotics and cloud computing are applied. You can configure the sprinkler system to be operated from anywhere, as long as you have Internet connection.

You can also set the system up to use the information provided by high-tech weather stations so that the plants can be hydrated without wasting water while keeping them healthy as well.

Exemple: RACHIO IRO Smart Irrigation Controller

4. A camera for your garden or your feathered visitors

If you really love nature, there’s no better and more high-tech way to pass the time than to watch the flowers grow using a garden camera. There are time-lapse digital cameras which can be programmed to take snapshots of your favorite blooms.

The interval can be anywhere from one minute to 24 hours. Since the camera will be set up outdoors, it is best to choose a waterproof model.

There are also motion-activated cameras for birdwatching, as well as models with adjustable flash to let you watch nocturnal animals.

Exemple: Bird Box Camera Kit

5. A plant sensor

Another hot garden gadget that you can invest in is a plant sensor. As the name implies, the device has sensors which measure the health and growth of plants.

If you have a plant species which is particularly sensitive to sunlight, for example, you can use a plant sensor to closely monitor its growth.

You can learn about factors like humidity, sunlight, temperature, soil quality, and the amount of fertilizer. You can even receive an e-mail notification when your plants need watering!

Exemple: PARROT Flower Power

6. A power rake

A power rake is an upgrade from your traditional garden rake. It eases the stress off your back so that you can rake soil, spread mulch, gather dried leaves, and perform other gardening tasks without having to exert too much effort.

With a little push, the power rake will glide over grass or dried leaves. A pulling motion will prevent the item you are raking from being lost over the top so each effort will not be wasted.

Exemple: AGRI-FAB Push Lawn Sweeper

7. An automatic bird feeder

There’s nothing wrong with using the old fashioned, do-it-yourself bird feeder, but you can easily upgrade with an automatic, more high-tech model.

There are auto bird feeders that allow you to set how much seed to dispense along with the time. Most models can be set up for up to four feedings per day – which will let your feathered friends know exactly when to pay your garden a visit.

Exemple: WINGSCAPES AutoFeeder

8. Luscious garden lights

Let those luscious blooms in your garden become even more beautiful at night using a slew of garden lights. There are high efficiency LED bulbs with reflectors made from aluminum. The beam can be directed downwards. There are also especially designed outdoor floor lamps which cast a warm glow to the greenery surrounding your house at night.

For more eco-friendly garden lighting options, choose solar models so that you can conserve energy.

Below you can find some great ideas for outdoor lighting.

Exemple: KONSTSMIDE 5 Twinkling Solar Butterflys

9. A LED sprinkler

There are sprinklers with automatic watering systems, as well as sprinklers which can be used to double as a water-and-lights showcase.

The attachment has spouts which control the flow and pressure of the water, along with a colored lighting system. Every time water flows through the attachment in the hose, the color of the LEDs change from red to green, yellow to purple, or cyan to blue.

There are also different patterns and twists and once turned on, all your neighbors will watch with envy as your garden’s watering time turns into a mini-water and lights show.

Exemple: VIATEK LED Sprinkler

10. An automatic irrigation system

If you have a larger-than-usual garden where there are a variety of plants, you will experience utmost convenience by automating the irrigation system.

There are products available in the market where an attachment can be placed to a spigot, and the water will automatically flow or stop once turned on or off. Look for one with an LCD display that lets you set when the water will turn on and for how long.

Exemple: ORBIT Single-Dial Water Timer

11. A hedge trimmer with extra-long reach

For gardens where there are plenty of trees and shrubs which are always neatly trimmed, a high-tech hedge trimmer with an extra-long reach will come in handy.

Hedge trimmers let you prune hedges which are not supposed to be on the shrubs or trees – but these are sometimes hard to reach.

Looking for one with an extra-long handle, a head that you can easily tilt up to a certain degree, and a strong motor will make your job easier.

Exemple: BLACK & DECKER 40V Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer

12. A smart garden system

What about using a smart garden system?

One example is the Edyn System which is still in the process of being funded through Kickstarter. Once funded, this solar-powered system will allow you to track sunlight, temperature, humidity, the nutrition content of the soil, moisture, and other factors that will help the plants grow best.

You can also connect it to an existing water system to make the sprinkling time adjust to the weather forecast, thereby saving you water and energy.

Exemple: EDYN Garden Sensor

13. A slew of apps for maintaining your garden

Finally, there are plenty of apps that you can download on your smartphone or tablet computer which lets you do a slew of gardening tasks.

There are apps which recommend the proper spacing between plant beds, or what to plant depending on your area of residence.

There are also apps that give you tips on how to grow prime vegetable crops; apps where you can get the latest gardening and environmental news; a reference guide on thousands of plant species; and many more.

FREE Gardening Apps:

No matter which of these high-tech gadgets you end up buying, your neighbors are bound to go green with envy, and your garden will turn green as well because of the tools that you are using for its utmost care.

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13 Garden Gadgets That Will Wow Your Neighbors

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  • I will admit that I don’t really like gardening, but with these gadgets I should find that I have the time to do everything that I need to without struggling with it too much. Some of these look really cool, and I can imagine my neighbours being jealous! I like the hedge trimmer and will probably get one of those, because I do often struggle to reach the far end of the hedge because it is behind my shed. So, this should help me a lot!

  • Gardening ideas and practical problem-solver and money-saving. I’d love an automatic sprinkler system that my IT husband could architect and engineer for me. A seriously high-tech–enthusiastic about gardening would want these, or one of these devices and computerized gadgets. My son-in-law recently installed a computerized garden spinkler/irrigation. (I helped a bit with the digging and shoveling :-). I envy my daughter, in fact. But I’m glad that she’s got a garden and lawn she wants. She and her husband had it all planned out and saved up for their dream-garden. She would be needing a low-maintenance nice garden now that she’ll be having her second child soon. The computer system will remember to water her plants.:-D

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