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Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

If you are looking for ways to gift presents and save money at the same time or you are simply thinking about putting that craftiness of yours to work, you are going to need a few things. Aside from your courage, ambition and creativity, it’s also good to know where to purchase a few things like scissors, glue, glitter, beads, fabric and so on.

You can’t be a crafter until you know what the market has to offer. We’ve searched the world looking for the best craft stores and we really believe we did we great job. Just keep reading and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

1. Save-on-Crafts

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Weddings, Gifts, Sewing, and Apparel.

We like it because: Everybody loves weddings, of course! However, this website will provide you with so many great ideas, deals and offers that you won’t be able to resist them!

Prepare yourself for an avalanche of lace, burlap, exterior décor, wedding invites and so on! Just to give you an idea of what you can find on Save-on-Crafts, we’ve added a few pictures to guide you.

2. Oriental Trading

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Scrapbooks, Home Schooling, Kids’ Toys, Crafts

We like it because: It’s very colorful and offers a wide array of products, from Easter paper to Bible school accessories.

Look for beads, all kinds of paper, napkins, stationery supplies and anything you need. If you’re thinking about taking on a huge DIY project, like furniture remodeling, this website is probably not the one to go to. But if you are looking for some fun in the sun with your little ones, Oriental Trading is just what you need!

3. Blumchen

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Holiday Decorations, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Party Favors and Frills

We like it because: It’s for those of you who can’t wait for the holidays! So if you’re a huge Christmas freak, absolutely love Valentine’s Day and have your own routine for Thanksgiving, this is definitely the website to visit.

We like their Easter collection and their vintage touch, and so should you. Just check them out!

4. Plaid Online

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Shirting, Sewing, Drapery, Fabric Crafts

We like it because: It releases you inner southern girl/boy! There are so many things you can create using plaid, so get down to business! This website will teach you which pattern to use for every kind of DIY project, how to place it to your advantage and so on.

Plus, their prices are very competitive. In case you decide to make a large purchase, you can actually email them and ask for a substantial discount. Chances are you’re going to get it!

5. Purl Soho

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Knitting, Needle-pointing, Embroidery, Crafts, Gifts

We like it because: We are absolutely in love with their fabric collection! Whether you are looking to sew dresses or comforters, this website will come in handy. Plus, they also feature a series of knitting projects, alongside their pattern and all the steps you need to take in order to get the same result.

And don’t think that this is very old lady-like, because it isn’t! Their collections are always vibrant and upbeat! Who says young people don’t knit or crochet?

6. Paper Source

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Personalized Gifts, Kits and Crafting, Cards, Stationery Supplies

We like it because: They sure love Easter! And bunnies, let’s not forget bunnies. So if you’re looking for holiday decorations, personalized gifts, envelopes, greeting cards and so on, you could check this out.

They have a very nice and wide selection of paper products, if that’s what you’re interested in. As for the prices, although they are not the lowest, you could buy bulk and ask for a substantial discount.

7. JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Fabric, Scrapbooks, Crafts, Baking, Kids Activities, Home Decorations

We like it because: You can literally spend hours just browsing through all the fabric patterns they have! Plus, you can also find scrapbooks, little cameras to take photos with, sewing machines, yarn, baking tools, and decorating accessories and so on. You will never get tired of looking through their products!

Plus, if you are a crafter involved in some serious DIY projects, this website alone will be enough to fulfill your needs, so bookmark it!

8. Create for Less

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Sewing and Quilting, Beading, Crocheting, Kids Crafts

We like it because:  They have great prices! Although their selection is not the largest ever, they do have great prices and try to please every customer they have, which is a great thing for a store, online or walk in.

With almost 100 types of beads and endless quilting possibilities, Create for Less is a great place to start from when deciding to take on a DIY project. Check them out and see what best suits your needs!

9. Hobby Lobby

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Frames, Home Accents, Jewelry, Needle Art, Paper crafting, Wearables

We like it because: Their wedding accessories selection is a good start in case you are thinking about handcrafting some part of your most important day. Here, you can find pretty much anything you want, like candles, picture frames, lace, burlap, glass jars, beads, tulle and the list goes on.

If you’re already married or don’t really care much for this subject, can we interest you in some baking and party supplies? Well, you’ve come to the right place, then! Here you’ll find personalized cups, gift ideas, home decorations etc.

10. AC Moore

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Scrapbooking, Seasonal and Holiday Décor, Fashion Crafts, Yarn and Needlecraft

We like it because: This website is not only interested in making your life easier, but also in saving you big bucks, so you better keep reading! First of all, they are willing to give people discounts as long as they are regular customers or buy bulk. Plus, we absolutely love food, so it was really nice to see how many accessories they featured online.

In case you are interested in personalizing your kitchen but don’t know where to start looking, you can give AC Moore a try. What else can you find? Paper, fabric, plastic of all kinds, glitter, vintage boxes and décor items, bed sheets and almost anything that comes to your mind right now. We strongly recommend that you get in touch with them and ask more about their pricing policy.

11. Mister Art

Recommended for: Furniture, Photography, Framing, Storage, Tools, Ceramics, Books and Media

We like it because: We just love how “75% OFF” sounds like! Plus, we admire the fact that they thought of everything, from adhesives to glass and tile art, storage and scrapbooking to airbrushing and architecture. They guarantee for the quality of their products, the return policy is pretty good and they are very friendly and helpful: in fact, you can email them and ask for details about a certain product, price or delivery at any hour.

Somebody will get back to you within a day, which is great! With their low prices and your appetite for saving money, I think that all you have to do is roll up your sleeves and get down to work!

12. Ornamentea

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: DIY Jewelry, Tutorials and Project Ideas, Repairs

We like it because: Aside from the fact that you have a lot of items to choose from in order to complete your projects, Ornamentea offers you an Events Calendar just to keep you updated on the most important days of the year, a blog to guide you through the easiest choices and get in touch with you and even classes to teach you how to become a DIY master! You don’t have to choose a difficult project if you’re a beginner!

Take it slow and the fine people at Ornamentea will help you step by step: if you encounter difficulties, they will get in touch with you and give their expert advice. One thing you may not like is the fact that they only do discounts if you’re buying bulk. However, it’s best to call and ask them about their pricing policy before placing an order.

13. Online Fabric Store

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Décor, Apparel, General Purpose Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Craft Fabric

We like it because: This website is like Heaven for any fashionista. Imagine that you could purchase fabric that was used to produce those fancy Givenchy dresses and craft your own clothes for less money than you would’ve paid to buy it from a high end store!

Although their prices are really not that great, they are much cheaper than designer clothes. Plus, you can always check out their sales and purchase those items!

14. M&J Trimming

Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Rhinestones, Trims, Ribbons, Buttons, Accessories, DIY Jewelry

We like it because: They have everything you need to bring some sparkle into your life! However, if you are looking for wooden boards, adhesives, paint and so on, this is not the place for you. In a word, this website is for beginners and for spending some quality time with your kids making beads necklaces and that’s about it.

M&J Trimming has a seasonal clearance that you can take advantage of. Since their merchandise is not very varied, the prices are decent. It’s up to you to buy every item you need from a different store or to go for huge retailers that offer you everything. Take some time to look up these websites and see what suits you best!


Best Craft Stores That Will Save You Money

Recommended for: Fashion, Clearance, Knitting and Crochet, Patterns, Quilting, Clearance, Home Decor

We like it because: Of their pricing! Of all the fabric stores that one could find online, this is definitely our number 1! First of all, although they get many requests and questions, they somehow manage to please everybody. Plus, the store features different kinds of fabric, so you may want to purchase all the items you need at one time.

This way, you’ll benefit from their discount. Also, don’t miss out on their sales! You can even buy fabric at $1 per yard!