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10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party
Written by Oana Schneider

We are so close to the final countdown, which means you really need to hurry up and get ready! If you are throwing a New Year’s Eve party, there are a few rules to keep in mind if you don’t want to break the bank and we will help you save money without compromising on quality. Stick around, we have some great tips for you:

1. Bring Your Own Appetizer

Ask people to bring their own appetizer so that you won’t have to cook or buy them. You can send them a few recipes to help them out, like deviled eggs, glazed carrots, finger size sandwiches, mini pizza, roasted pecans and the list continues.

You can use Pinterest to talk to your guests about this and offer a few ideas at the same time. If you have vegetarians or vegan people coming to the party, get ready for them with one of these recipes: 15 Frugal Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Ready in Under 30 Minutes.

10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

2. Create Your Own Champagne Sangria

If you really want to wow your guests, serve delicious champagne sangria. It won’t be more expensive than regular drinks since you just mix together a few types of alcohol that you were going to purchase anyway.

So here are the ingredients: 3 oz triple sec, 3 oz brandy, 2 oz rum, 2 oz vodka, 1 cup of blended strawberries, chopped up fruit (mango, pears, tangerines etc) and a bottle of sparkling wine. 

In a large bowl, mix all your ingredients together, prepare plenty of glasses and straws ad you are ready for your guests. Don’t forget to offer water as well, because alcohol dehydrates.

3. Write Down Predictions for the New Year

A great way to entertain yourselves without watching the TV, which would be a lame idea anyway, is to write down predictions for the New Year. If you only have a few guests, ask them to make a prediction for everybody at the party. If there are a lot of people, ask them to make a prediction per person.

You will have a lot of fun with predictions like “Jenny will win the lottery and then marry Jude Law” or “This year, we will all get incredibly rich and buy a whole town for ourselves” and so on. You will have a great time guaranteed!

10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

4. Buy or Create an Affordable Outfit

If you have the budget, hit the stores in search of an interesting outfit. You may want to stop at the thrift store first and look for a great dress or a cool blazer. If that doesn’t work for you, just combine pieces from your wardrobe to put together a great look.

Start by sorting your most flattering clothes from your dingy looking ones. Then, start trying on variations of shirts, blouses and so on until you get the perfect combination.

Another idea would be to borrow your outfit from a friend who’s going to a different party, for example. Of course, you can also rent, but that may not be worth the money!

5. Take Lots of Pictures

Set a special décor just for selfies and other pictures; decorate with numbers, confetti, balloons and other fun elements. Ask people to take pictures here and around the party, then use a certain hashtag when posting these photos online (for example, they can use something like #happynyparty101). 

If you can afford it, you can hire a photographer, but we don’t think that’s necessary if you follow our instructions. You can also create special props to have fun with when taking photos, like fake mustaches, red lips, top hats, clown nose and so on.

Just have fun with it and make sure everybody else is having the time of their lives!

10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

6. Fun and Games Are All the Rage

If you don’t want any awkward silence at your party, we suggest you make a list of games to play, from Pictionary to Karaoke, Poker, Monopoly, Catan and the list continues. Plan ahead, make sure you have the props and don’t get too competitive. Ask everybody to relax and not get too serious about it.

If you play Poker, don’t play for money; choose buttons or cookies instead, for example. Keeping scores is only a matter of math, but if you want, you can offer small rewards to the champions, like paper crowns. It doesn’t have to be a competition, the point is to have fun, so don’t forget that. Also, check out this game from The Idea Room!

7. Decorate Like a Pro Who Just Went Bankrupt

How does a pro who just went bankrupt decorate? Fast, easy and wisely, meaning there will be a lot of improvising. You can start by folding paper to create an amazing backdrop for your photos; you can recycle paper and newspapers to make beautiful napkins, table centerpieces and even some of the photo props.

Just add some glue and glitter and you’ll take it up a notch in an instant! Push the furniture to the wall to make room for dancing and don’t forget to create small treat tables: drinks’ corner, snacks’ corner, appetizers and so on. This way, your guests will know where to go instead of just stepping on each other’s feet around the same table.

10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

8. Prepare an Oscar-Worthy Speech

As a host, you will have to welcome your guests and offer a speech when the time comes. Make it a nice and meaningful toast and remember to thank everyone for coming to your party, tell them what it means to step into a new year next to them and remember to e humble no matter what.

This is what makes a great host! And whatever you do, be optimistic about the future and everything else. Nobody likes a downer and you know it!

9. How to Be the Heart and Soul of the Party

Someone will have to be the heart and soul of the party. And this doesn’t mean you’ll give everyone a reason to pull up their phones and start recording your crazy dance moves! But if nobody is dancing, you can be the first one to do it.

You can also talk to everyone without being intrusive, invite people to dance, say a joke here and there, do your best Justin Bieber impression and even sing if you have to.

After all, you are the host and the entertainment part falls under your responsibilities anyway. And here’s one final tip: make sure not to drink too much alcohol. Have one glass of sangria and then drink water. There is nothing worse than a drunken host.

10. Make the Countdown Memorable, but Not Expensive

If you don’t have fireworks, there are other ways to prepare for the final countdown. You can go with confetti, champagne, a big cake or a group selfie taken at 00:00! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s special and unique enough to impress your guests.

You can also go outside in the middle of the road and watch your neighbor’s fireworks (he might be paying for them, but watching the show is not illegal!).

Have a great party, save money and may this New Year be the best one ever! Be wiser about your finances, make good investment decisions and don’t forget to read our blog! Happy New Year!

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10 Rules for an Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

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  • I very much agree about the games being a fun and cheap way to have a great evening. There are so many people who try to entertain their guests by using expensive activities and there isn’t any need to do this at all, because they would be just as happy to play a short game instead, as it would be very fun to play with friends and family. This is what I do at all of my parties, anyway!

  • Decorate like a pro is one of the best tips. If you want to go all out on the party, it should be on a New Year’s party. I also think it’s important to have fun games that everyone can have a good time with. There’s nothing more boring than sitting around watching television on the day that you’re supposed to be celebrating. Games can be very affordable as well and is much safer than going out.

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