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50 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

50 Ways to Save Money on Halloween
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Halloween is just around the corner and, if you’ve done no preparations yet, maybe we can help! For starters, keep reading the article to find out more about these 50 ways to save money on Halloween, take notes and start planning a great party if that’s what you want!

Whatever you decide, there are a few tricks anyone should try when saving money on a big holiday like this one:

Spooky and Fun

1. Organize Your Own Scary Adventure

Save 100% on scary house adventures by organizing your own Treasure Haunt at home! You can bury a few details in your backyard and send your guests on a Murder Mystery kind of adventure!

2. It’s Better to Host the Party Than It Is to Be a Guest

Hosting a Halloween party can benefit you a lot! For starters, you can ask guests to pay an entry fee or to bring a bottle of wine, a dessert of their choice and so on! If you think about it, you may not even have to buy a single item if they are bringing everything; you just make your home available!

3. Watch Scary Movies on Netflix!

There are 10 great scary movies on Netflix you really shouldn’t miss! From Carrie to Rosemary’s Baby, you will definitely be scared! And don’t forget the popcorn, please!

50 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

Check this out for more info: 10 Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix ASAP!

4. Hold Your Party in a Cheap or Free Venue

You can ask a friend to let you organize your party in their backyard; you can choose the woods as your venue and so on.

5. Come Up with Games for Your Party!

This will not cost you a dime! You can ask people to play cards, you can bring in an old Ouija board or you can just for on a treasure hunt!

6. Ask for Help from Friends and Family!

When it comes to throwing a Halloween party, asking for help is a must! Also, you may want to use really cheap labor like kids (brownies and milk would make a great pay!), friends and family (you can help them out in return when the time comes).

7. Throw a Pumpkin-Carving Party

You can buy a bunch of pumpkins and ask people an entrance fee to cover the costs. At the end of the day, people will go home with their own pumpkins and you could even make some money if you play it right!

8. Organize a Kids’ Halloween Party

Adults want to have fun without their kids from time to time, but they still want their little kids to have fun! For this party, you will need to come up with a few interesting ideas (treasure hunt is one), some great snacks and drinks and really good food. YouTube will provide you with any recipe you need!

9. Read a Thematic Book!

Stephen King has a great selection of monsters, murderers and so on in his books, great for a Halloween night, if that’s what you’re into. And yes, books are even scarier than movies, so give it a try!

10. Go Trick or Treating Yourself!

Here’s the idea: beg a backpack, fill it with candies, then make a big cardboard box door and go trick-or-treating.

Here’s what’s going to happen: you will knock on the door, someone will open it and see…a door in front of their eyes! They will knock on it, you will ask “who is it?”, you will answer “Trick Or Treat!” and give them candies. It’s a fun prank and it saves you money on Halloween costumes!

11. Potluck Halloween Party

Organizing such a party shouldn’t be difficult, all you need is to bring all your friends and family together and tell each guest to bring a contribution to the party: food, drinks, snacks, decorations etc.

12. Midnight Picnic Halloween

If you’re feeling adventurous, how about trying a midnight picnic in a very spooky location? If the local graveyard is a bit too much for you, you can try the woods, an abandoned home and the list continues. Since the location is spooky enough, you can bring regular food and not try new recipes.

13. Find Free Events in Your Area

There are many free events in your area that you know nothing about, like pumpkin carving parties, Halloween ghost celebrations and so on. As long as you sign up to help out a little bit, you can have fun for free!

14. Plan a Tombstone Tour

If you don’t have any ghost stories and haunted graveyards in your area, you can use your own background to create a great Halloween attraction. You can come up with names and stories for the thombstones and even incorporate a few special effects (fog, creepy shadows etc.).

15. See a Play or a Musical at the Local School

Most schools have special celebrations for holidays like this one, so you can just go and attend the festivities, as long as you are allowed. Since a lot of schools have a strict policy against non-family members, it may be difficult to make this one happen, but it’s worth keeping in mind!

Gruesome Delicious Candies

16. Buy Really Affordable Candy!

There are two possibilities: you can buy them from the Oriental Trading Company or from The Dollar Store. Steer away from chocolate candies, since they are the priciest of all candies!

17. Go for Affordable Party Favors!

For this, you can offer your guests glow in the dark shower get in tiny bottles, bloody cupcakes and other homemade goodies. Don’t spend more than $1 per guest!

18. Turn Regular Food into Halloween Treats

You can use regular food to create scary Halloween treats just by using your imagination. For example, if you add olive-carved eyes and hair to a broccoli, you can create your own Frankenstein’s monster! If your imagination is not helping you, try Pinterest!

19. Bake Your Own Halloween Cookies

You can use Youtube tutorials to help you bake really great Halloween-themed cookies, from bloody cupcakes to witch’s fingers! Your guests will be impressed!

50 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

Check this out for more info: 10 Cheap and Easy Halloween Recipes!

Creepy Costumes

20. Swap Costumes with a Friend!

If you have a family that you are really close to, you can swap costumes with them and save a lot of money for many years to come!

21. Sew Your Own Costume

You can also save money by sewing your own costumes! There are thousands of free patterns online that you can use! This way, you’ll save around 75% on your Halloween disguise!

22. Search Your Own Wardrobe for a Costume

Most people own clothes that can be matched into an interesting costume. If you have a black cape, a scarf and a pair of glasses, you could be Harry Potter. Put together a black and white ensemble for a Cruella De Vil impression and the list goes on!

23. Hit the Thrift Stores to Find a Costume!

You will be surprised what you can find at the thrift store! Anything from Sherlock Holmes-inspired clothes to really fancy Jessica Rabbit dresses! It’s worth looking, that’s for sure!

24. Do Your Own Makeup for Halloween

There are many tutorials to teach you how to look like a sexy zombie, a stylish fox or even Iron Man.

50 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

For more scary tutorials visit: 10 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials for Halloween!

Horribly Awesome Decor Ideas

25. Create Your Own Eyes That Glow in the Dark

You only need a few things to create them and then spook your entire family! One pair of glowing eyes will cost you around $2 to make, so why not try it?

26. Make Your Own Huge Eyeball

And put it in a tree outside to spook your visitors! You will need a big beach ball, some paint, paper and glue and you’re good to go!

27. DIY a Spider Web!

As long as you have garbage bags, a pairs of scissors and some tape in your home, you’re good to go! Fold the garbage bags multiple times then cut out to form a spider web, add some tape and you can place it on your entry door!

28. Add a Few Creepy Shadows!

Start by cutting out different shapes (black cats, spiders, bats, witches etc.) out of black paper and then glue them on your lampshade in order to project the shadows on your walls. Spooky, right?

29. Incorporate a Ghost Garland into Your Décor

If you have some old white cotton fabric and some starch, plus a few balloons and some string, you can go ahead and start! Use small balloons for the heads, wrap them in white fabric, draw eyes and mouths on them (or just eyes!) and them put them on a string. They are great for your chimney or entry door, for example!

30. Add a Few Bats on Your Walls

Just use some black paper and a pair of scissors to cut them out, then a little bit of glue to stick them to the exterior of the house.

31. Create a Set of Glass Jar Lights

Take a few mason jars and cover them in a thin coat of paint, then draw eyebrows, noses and mouths on them using a black marker. Add a candle in each and every one of them and you’re done!

32. Turn Your Door into a Frankenstein’s Monster

You can paint your entry door a light green color, add eyes and some dark hair and you’re ready to make an impression on your neighbors.

33. DIY a Creepy Door Mat

Buy a regular one and then paint a scary item or word on it (like Boo, Go Away, Gimme Your Candies etc.). Let them dry outside overnight and that’s it!

34. Create Your Own Halloween Cards

You can use glitter and colors to create your own Halloween cards and then send them to your friends and family! This will most likely save you up to 50% on cards alone!

35. Put a Twist on Your Christmas Decorations!

You don’t need to buy new decorations as long as you have a lot of Christmas decorations somewhere in your attic/ basement! First of all, you can use the Christmas lights to decorate your dining table, ceiling and patio. You can put a twist on things by spraying a thin coat of purple or green paint on the little lights to make them more adequate.

36. Preserve Your Pumpkin Longer

There is no need for you to throw away your pumpkin as long as you have enough room for it in your fridge. Place your piece of art in a plastic bag and then place it in the refrigerator. You can take it out in the morning and keep it in at night, or vice versa, it’s up to you.

37. Use Candles Instead of Lighting Systems

Using candles instead of lighting systems is a great idea, especially since you can use all your old candles and save 100% on Halloween electricity, which is great. If you don’t have any candles, you’re still better off buying them than you are using a lighting system.

Protect Your Money from the Scary Debt!

38. Buy in Advance

If you want to be ready for next year’s Halloween, you better buy your Halloween costume this year, at the beginning of November. You can save up to 90% on your costume by doing this!

39. Use Coupons as Much as You Can!

You can look online and use coupons to purchase everything you need, from candies to decorations and costumes. For this year’s Halloween deals, check out the Best Halloween Coupons And Offers For Smart Shopper!

40. Always Stick to Your Budget!

Before you start shopping, sit down and think of a budget, then write down all the things you need to buy! Whatever you do, stick to that budget! Look for coupons, DIY, borrow, but don’t exceed your calculations!

41. Skip the Party and Babysit for Others!

This will probably help you a lot of money, especially if you are willing to take care of about 10 kids for a few hours! This means at least $20 per hour, times 10 kids, times at least 2 hours…that’s $400 right there! You will need to buy food for all of them and rent DVDs to keep them occupied, which shouldn’t cost you more than $100.

In the end, you make at least $300, which is not bad at all!

42. Buy Your Party Supplies from the Dollar Store

This is the cheapest place to buy supplies, so don’t miss it! Here you can buy cups, plastic plates, candies, hats and everything you need!

43. Offer to Babysit Someone Else’s Dog

You can also make money by taking care of other people’s pets. You have to have food for them and make sure they don’t fight, but other than that, you could save a lot of money while other people are out there celebrating Halloween!

44. Don’t Overbuy!

Think about the number of people you’ll have over and the number of items you need to purchase! Don’t buy more than you need or you may have to throw away the leftovers!

45. Bake Cookies and Sell Them

Here’ a great idea for those of you who can bake and have some time on their hands: you can ask your friends to hire you for their Halloween parties. You will supply the goodies, they will supply the money. It’s a win-win situation!

46. Create and Sell Pet Costumes

Americans love their pets, especially when it comes to dressing up. If you’re no stranger to quilting and can work a sewing machine, how about you try making a few cute costumes, like jackets and sweaters for pets? You can then sell them to your friends, family and their acquaintances.

47. Do Halloween Makeovers to Make Money

If you know your makeup, you can also use your skill to makeup other people. If you charge around $25 per person, the supplies will cost you less than $5, which means a $20 profit for just one client!

48. Skip Halloween Altogether!

Yes, by going about your day like you do about any other day and watching a scary movie before going to bed, you will save at least $500, which is a great thing! With this money, you can go on a vacation!

49. Star Saving Money Ahead of Time

If you really love Halloween and just have to have it all, you may want to start saving money for it in July. And remember: every penny counts. This way, you’ll be able to splurge on your Halloween props. But if you’re pretty sure you can’t save money, just come up with a budget and stick to it!

50. Look Out for Halloween Apps

There are many apps you can use to make your Halloween costume or as an inspiration for your party and decor, like Martha Stewart Craft Studio or Make A Zombie. They are also pretty good if you just get bored, so keep that in mind!

How do you usually save money on Halloween? Is this your favorite holiday or just something other people do?

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50 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

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  • I always save money by stocking up on sweets that are in the supermarkets a few weeks before the big day – because many places will raise the price just because they know that people are going to want to buy them all at the same time, no matter what price they are at that moment. So I always make sure that I have everything that I need well in advance. Would you believe it, though, we had nobody knock on our door all night long this year, so we have had to keep all of the sweets that we bought for ourselves!

  • Hi Irina

    Thanks for sharing such informative post on saving money from Halloween. Specially watching scary movies is the best one to celebrate Halloween and I liked it so much. I’m always a keen of watching scary movies which scares me so much. Also, we should bake own Halloween cookies rather than buying from market, will help to save money.

    We must concentrate to follow these fifty things to celebrate Halloween on budget. Each one is useful and informative for everyone. We spend lot money on celebrating Halloween therefore, we must go through this ways. You have written very well as time need and I’m so glad to found this post useful for me.
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