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The Best Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress (Before and After the Big Day)

The Best Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your entire life, and you want to look fabulous! At the same time, you don’t want to be one of the women who spends a fortune on a dress she will only wear once. After all, setting up the house with your new husband is going to be an expensive business, and you don’t want to be short of money as you start your life together.

The good news is that you can look incredible on the day and have a beautiful wedding dress without spending all your money, or worse still, ending up in debt.

Getting Your Dress

Go off-the-peg

If you’re clever with a sewing machine or have a friend who is, you can easily embellish an off-the-peg dress that wasn’t initially intended as a wedding dress, turning it into a unique designer item with a few crafty additions like lace or tulle overskirts.

Make your own dress

Talk about a labor of love! But if you can sew your own dress, it will be even more special than something from a store. The fabric may still be quite pricey, but if you shop around, you could get lucky with end-of-line fabrics.

Hunt down a stunning second-hand dress

You can save hundreds of dollars if you don’t mind buying a pre-loved wedding dress. Shop online and check local classified ads, and don’t settle for anything less than stunning.

Hire a dress

If you hunt around, you could find a dress for hire that you really love. You may even get a much nicer dress than you could otherwise have afforded.

Choose the perfect wedding dress.

Borrow a dress

Ask close friends or family members if you may borrow a wedding dress. That way, you could get a designer dress absolutely free (provided you like it and it fits).

Cut down on the details

Lace and beadwork are very expensive. If you have a fondness for ornamentation, limit it to the bodice area where it will have the most impact.

Choose a sleek silhouette

The more fabric your gown has, the more it will cost, so consider a sleeker silhouette instead of a full-skirted design.


A simple wedding dress can turn into a striking statement simply by adding a few accessories. A lacy top can transform a very basic dress into something special, or put the focus on your flowers or veil. Another handy tip is to save on hemline alterations by simply choosing the right pair of heels.

Get a good fit

Alterations cost a lot of money, so when buying a ready-made dress, ensure that it fits properly and that you like it just as it is. A corset back is a wise choice for a close-fitting bodice, since it won’t matter if you gain or lose a little weight in the run-up to your wedding day.

Choose the best size for your wedding dress.

Put it on your credit card

Just be sure you can pay it off super-fast, and you’ll get the benefit of credit card perks such as voyager miles that could help with your honeymoon costs.

Hit the sales

Most people prefer to get married in spring and summer. If you go shopping for a summer dress in autumn or winter, you could get some pretty deep discounts.

Ask for discounts

Yes, it may seem cheeky, but there’s no harm in asking. The worst that can happen is that you’re refused, but quite often, you’ll be able to negotiate a discount.

Sample dresses

Makers of bespoke wedding gowns usually have sample dresses in store, and when they change their line, they’ll sell them at a reduced price. Most sample dresses are size 8, so if that’s your size, you could get a wonderful dress at a huge discount.

At the Wedding

Keeping your dress clean is a priority. Obviously, you don’t want to go up the aisle with a grubby train, for example, and if your dress is smirched, cleaning fees can cost a lot depending on the fabric. One way to keep your dress perfect before you arrive at the church is to stand on an old sheet and cut a hole around your feet. Now simply lift your dress up using the sheet and pin it in place.

Once the main photo opportunities at the reception are over, slip into something a little more comfortable so that you can enjoy your wedding party without having to worry about your dress.

After the Wedding

After the wedding, many brides hang up their dresses and never wear them again. Of course, it is a beautiful memento, but if you can overcome sentiment and put your dress to good use, all the better.


When choosing a dress, think about what you will do with it when the wedding is over. If you talk to your friends, you’ll probably find that at least a few of them chose dresses that can be repurposed as evening wear or even smart daywear.

Repurpose your wedding dress.

If you’re clever with your sewing, you can repurpose fabric to make other clothes or décor items for your home. There are loads of fabulous ideas on Pinterest including:

  • Wedding quilts
  • Decorative pillows
  • Beautiful bags
  • Remade dresses
  • Lace framed as a wall decoration
  • Scarves
  • Baby dresses or christening gowns

Sell your dress

You will recover some of the cost of your dress if you sell it. Hire companies and consignment shops won’t pay you much, so try selling direct to another bride. Apart from local advertising platforms and Craigslist , you can look into online ones such as or

Donate your dress

You won’t save anything by donating your dress, but you will get the fuzzy feeling of having done something good. Brides Across America , Brides Against Breast Cancer and the Angel Gown Program are all worthy causes to support.

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The Best Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

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  • Irina – Thank you so much for sharing your tips on finding ways to make wedding dresses affordable. I especially liked the After The Wedding section. I honestly never thought to repurpose my old wedding dress into décor items. It’s a fantastic tip!

  • Great tips! I never thought of getting a corset back in case of weight loss/gain. And if I had the sewing skills, I would definitely make my own dress! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing such a nice tips for saving money on wedding for whom have not enough awareness for saving and smartly shopping wedding dress and other accessories. I think some of the other ways might be helpful for saving money like:

    1)Rent a dress

    2) Less meat on the menu:
    providing more vegetables, potatoes, and fruits can drastically cut costs.

    3)Use products that are in season

    whenever you are shopping for the wedding, make possibility to buy the product in season. Because Flowers and food should always be bought in-season.

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