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Top Cash Back Apps to Get Paid for Shopping

Top 10 Must-Have Cash Back Apps to Get Paid for Shopping

Almost everybody loves to shop! Even those who don’t still find that they have to shop. After all, everybody needs to be properly fed and decently clothed. So, what if we told you that you can actually get PAID to shop? You can! Assuming you were going to buy everything you shopped for anyway, any rebate or cash back bonus counts as money in your pocket.

In our series of tips for saving at specific stores, we always tell you to check advertised specials. Store apps can help you do that, but you might not want to have multiple store apps on your phone. Some of these apps will do an all-in-one check for you, and even when they don’t, they’ll give you rebates on selected products, which is just like getting free moneyif it’s something that you would buy anyway.

Check out these cool cash back apps and then get the ones you like best onto your smartphone today.


Ibotta App

IOS | Android

We rate this cash back app as being among the best of the best. It was the first of its kind to be developed, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s so popular. After all, Ibotta has had plenty of time to fine-tune and improve its app.

How does it work? Ibotta offers you a shopping list of rebate items. You can save as much as $1 on a single item if you get lucky. Bet of all, most of the items it lists are must-have groceries that you have to buy fresh every week. You do have to choose the stores that Ibotta recommends, but it has a good network of retailers to choose from.

Once you’ve done your shopping, simply scan your receipt and send it in. You get credited, and as soon as you have a $5 balance, you can claim your cash, or you can choose gift cards instead. Of course, you can let your credit pile up beyond that if you prefer. Your money goes to your PayPal or Venmo account, so your banking details are safe.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 App

IOS | Android

This choice in cash back apps may yet turn out to be even more popular than Ibotta. It works in much the same way, with new offers appearing every week, but you can use it wherever you like to shop. That makes it a whole lot more flexible than Ibotta, but you will have to wait until you have $20 credited to your account before you can claim your bucks.


Shopkick App

IOS | Android

Here’s an app you’ll really get a kick out of using. Imagine getting a rebate for just walking into a store. Just check in with your GPS location when you enter a Shopkick retailer, and shazam! You get kick points that you can turn into money in the form of gift cards later.

Now that you’re in the store, you can simply scan selected product bar codes for even more kicks. Guess what? You don’t even have to buy them to get those kicks. However, if you do, you get another round of kicks when you pay with a linked credit card. And then there is the receipt, with Shopkick offering you even more points when you scan receipts for purchases that include selected products.


BerryCart App

Note: This app is no longer available.

If you’re into healthy living and healthy eating, in particular, you’ll know that finding real health foods at a good price can be pretty tough. As soon as something is gluten-free or organic, the price goes up! BerryCart is here to make you a happy shopper. Find out which stores stock the items you’re looking for, and get cash back when you scan your receipt.


ReceiptHog App

IOS | Android 

Gamify your shopping experience with RecieptHog – it’s fun, and you earn real money back! Best of all you can scan any, yes any, store receipt. You can enter free shopping spree competitions, play ReceiptHog slots, or simply claim your money back without the gaming. PS: You’ll also get a chance to complete paid surveys for even more credits.


ReceiptPal App

IOS | Android

So, you don’t want to browse through lists of product rebates before you shop, but you still want an app that will let you scan and save. No problem. ReceiptPal will credit you for every receipt you scan when buying goods in the US. The only problem is that you don’t get cash back. Instead, you get “rewards” in the form of things like gift cards. But, you do get entered into a lucky draw every week, and if you win, it’s a cash prize.


Punchcard App

IOS | Android

Punchcard is relatively new on the scene and has both pros and cons. You need to shop at partner stores, but it has deals with most big retailers in the US. When you scan a receipt, you get a chance to “punch” and get a random bonus. This can range from discounts to rewards from the stores you shop at. Hey, it’s free stuff in return for very little effort. Give it a try.

Cashback App

Cashback App

IOS | Android

Did you know you don’t even have to have a Cashback card with you to get Cashback rebates? All you need is the app. Browse for Cashback stores and deals on specific products, select the offers that suit you best and simply let the cashier scan the barcode from your phone. This is the perfect app for people who would like to go in for couponing but don’t have the time to get organized.

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Top 10 Must-Have Cash Back Apps to Get Paid for Shopping